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Changes in laws on political funding have serious repercussion EC to SC

first_imgNew Delhi: The Election Commission informed the Supreme Court on Wednesday that it had written to the Centre saying the changes made in several laws relating to political funding will have “serious repercussions” on transparency.It also said that the changes in the FCRA 2010, will allow unchecked foreign funding of political parties which could lead to Indian policies being influenced by foreign companies. EC, which has filed affidavit in the apex court, said that on May 26, 2017 it had written to the Ministry of Law and Justice about its views that the changes made in the Income Tax Act, the Representation of People Act and the Finance Act would be against the endeavour to have transparency in funding to political parties. Also Read – Uddhav bats for ‘Sena CM’The affidavit, filed by Director (Law) of the EC Vijay Kumar Pandey, said the EC had informed the ministry that “certain provisions of the Finance Act, 2017 and the corresponding amendments carried out in the Income Tax Act, the RP Act, 1951 and the Companies Act, 2013 will have serious repercussions/impact on the transparency aspect of political finance/funding of political parties”. The reply was filed in petitions challenging the issuance of electoral bonds by the government. Also Read – Farooq demands unconditional release of all detainees in J&KReferring to its communication with the ministry, it said: “It is evident that any donation received by political party through an electoral bond has been taken out of the ambit of reporting under the contribution report as prescribed under section 29 C of the RPA. “In a situation where electoral bonds were not reported, it cannot be ascertained whether the political party has taken any donation from government companies and foreign sources.” On changes to the Foreign Regulation Contribution Act (FCRA) 2010, it said they allowed donations to be received from foreign companies having majority stake in Indian companies provided that they follow the guidelines pertaining to foreign investment in the sector in which they operate. “This was a change from the existing law barred donations from all foreign sources as defined under the FCRA. This would allow unchecked foreign funding of political parties which could lead to Indian policies being influenced by foreign companies,” it added. In response to ADR’s plea which also sought directions that no political party should accept any donation in cash, ECI said that the Income Tax Act has been amended with a new clause stating that no cash donation exceeding Rs 2000 was received by such political party. “ECI has been relentlessly working towards curbing the abuse of power during elections for which purpose it has time and again issued several instructions in the past to candidates as well as to political parties for furnishing the correct information relating to donations received and expenditure,” it said.last_img read more

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Quebec 2 CanadianMoroccans Elected to Parliament

Rabat- Two Canadians of Moroccan descent have been elected to the Canadian Parliament in Canada’s latest provincial elections on October 1. Both represent the Canadian Liberal Party and won landslide victories in their respective electoral districts.Born in Marrakech, Moncef Derraji grew up in Morocco. Like many Moroccans, he left the country to seek greener pastures abroad. In Quebec, Canada’s francophone province, Derraji’s civic engagement quickly earned him recognition in his neighborhood and among his colleagues.Derraji, who worked in the private sector for nearly 14 years on the executive board of pharmaceutical companies between Canada and Morocco, made his political debut only in 2015. He was elected as chairman of the Quebec Rally of Young Chambers of Commerce (RJCCQ).Although a new-comer to Canadian politics, Derraji is a well-known figure in Moroccan elite circles, having conducted many economic missions in Morocco under the auspices of CGEM, the leading conglomerate of Moroccan business owners.Born and raised in Canada to Moroccan parents, Marwah Rizqy, the second newly-elected MP, is a more obscure name in Moroccan business circles. In Quebec, however, the tax law professor is not new to the political scene. She ran twice for office before her triumph on October 1. She spent the bulk of her life in Montreal but has also lived in Florida, in the US, where she earned a master’s degree and a doctorate in fiscal law. Currently a tax law professor at the Sherbrook University, Rizqy presented herself during her campaign as an “ardent fighter for employment and fiscal equity in Canada.” Over the years, Rizqy has received numerous accolades for her professional, academic, and civil efforts. Derraji will represent Montreal’s Nelligan electoral district, and Rizqy will represent Montreal’s Saint-Laurent district. read more

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