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Trump Applauds King Mohammed VIs Efforts to Promote Religious Tolerance

Rabat – US President Donald Trump has joined the list of world leaders who sent their congratulations to King Mohammed VI on the 19th anniversary of his accession to the throne.In his message, Trump lauded King Mohammed VI’s leadership in “international efforts to promote religious tolerance and fight against extremism.”The US President also welcomed the friendship between Morocco and the US, a relationship “based on an interest to promote peace, stability and economic opportunities.” Morocco deliberately works to prevent and control radicalism by ensuring that the practice of Islam remains unified, moderate, and stable throughout the country.Trump also expressed determination to continue to work with the King to reinforce ties between the two nations and to continue bilateral collaboration for a safer and more prosperous African continent.Trump’s congratulatory message came through US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who said that his country “is proud to work with Morocco in the areas of security cooperation, culture and educational exchanges.”Pompeo also said that the US is interested in promoting economic opportunities in favor of both peoples.“We look forward to further deepening our strong relationship that has lasted for more than two centuries,” Pompeo added.The US secretary of state also reaffirmed the strategic Moroccan-American partnership, expressing interest in working together to “advance the vision” both countries share “for a secure North Africa and Middle East.”The two countries work together in multiple fields, including security.On June 29, Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita welcomed US Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan in Rabat, and both agreed to reinforce bilateral ties.The US official said that Morocco is a key partner in counterterrorism, expressing more interest in preserving the diplomatic ties to safeguard national security interests in the two countries.On Monday, King Mohammed VI chaired a reception ceremony for Throne Day in Tangier’s royal palace. Several former and current officials from different countries attended the ceremony. read more

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