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Minister of Justice Denies Rumors He Will Prosecute Facebook Users Who

Rabat – Moroccan Minister of Justice, Mustapha Ramid, denied rumors that he intends to prosecute Moroccan Facebook users who “like” terrorist-related content on the internet. An article published Thursday by news website Hespress suggested that Moroccan Minister of Justice and Freedoms, Mustapha Ramid has threatened to pursue anyone who “likes” terrorist-related content on the internet.The article was quoted by several online media outlets and was widely shared and commented on social media. The office of the Minister of Justice and Freedoms denied on Friday the news categorically, saying that the Hespress journalist who reported the news was not present during the discussions of the committee for Justice, Freedoms and Human Rights in the House of Representatives on Wednesday.In a statement, the office of the Justice and Freedoms Minister said hitting the like button on terrorist-related content cannot be considered as an expression of terrorist leanings. Nevertheless, it cannot be considered the opposite as well, pointing out that evidence is what reveals the truth regarding someone’s terrorist affiliations.The statement went on to add that unlike a true terrorist who would deliberately “likes” terrorist-related content online, the “like” button can also be accidentally hit by someone without prior intention.The news that the Moroccan authorities would pursue anyone who “likes” terrorist-related content online stirred quite a controversy, with social media users commenting widely this news regarded by some as “weird” and if true, a “crack down on the freedom of expression.”Others rushed in to demand the Justice Minister to provide more explanations of what is exactly terrorist-related content, asking if publishing articles about terrorism will lead one to serve time in prison. read more

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