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Province Withdraws One Vaccine Lot

first_imgNova Scotia has not used, and has withdrawn from potential use, one lot of measles, mumps and rubella vaccine while Health Canada investigates five suspected cases of anaphaylaxsis in Alberta patients who received vaccinations from a similar lot. Health Canada has advised provincial authorities to temporarily suspend use of Lot 1529U of the MMR-II vaccine associated with the cases of suspected anaphaylaxsis in young adults with a previous history of allergy. All the individuals recovered after treatment. It has also requested that provincial authorities suspend use of two other lots of MMR vaccine (Lots 1528U and 1680U) that were made with the same materials as lot 1529U. Nova Scotia received no Lot 1529U vaccine, but did receive 4,000 doses of Lot 1528U in late November. No doses from that lot have been used for vaccinations. The vaccine had been distributed to some public health sub offices in the province, but had not been distributed to doctors and will be withdrawn until Health Canada completes its investigation. “The MMR vaccine lot number associated with the suspected cases of anaphylactic shock in Alberta has not been used in Nova Scotia,” said Dr. Robert Strang, Nova Scotia’s Chief Public Health Officer. “We remain certain that our MMR vaccination program in Nova Scotia is safe and encourage parents to have their infants immunized and for post-secondary students to be immunized.” The decision to suspend use of Lot 1528U of the MMR vaccine is not expected to impact Nova Scotia’s immunization program for one-year-old infants, four to six year olds, Grade 12s or post-secondary students. Nova Scotia has a sufficient supply of other lots of vaccine. Nova Scotia has had no reported cases of anaphylactic shock in response to MMR vaccinations. Serious adverse reactions to MMR vaccination are rare. Despite millions of doses of MMR vaccine administered in Canada in the last 30 years, there have been only 23 reports of anaphylaxis after immunization.last_img read more

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