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Scientists Using The Web To Help Save Endangered Frogs

first_imgAmphibians are one of the species having the hardest time dealing with climate change, so scientists are looking into ways to make their lives a little easier.Researchers have been brainstorming a variety of solutions to help improve the lives of amphibians, such as frogs. Unfortunately without further testing it’s hard to know which solutions are best. And testing can be expensive.“But so far many of these are poorly tested, and they might be expensive or only work in small areas or under specific situations,” researcher Luke Shoo told the BBC. Some of the proposed solutions include creating small habitats that provide protection for the amphibians, or clearing away some of the canopy from forests to allow more warmth to flow to ground level.As a way to gather more information, a website will be launched that will allow researchers to submit studies on these kinds of solutions, to help determine which ones the researchers should begin testing with.last_img read more

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