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Claremont Access closure

The down bound lanes of Hamilton’s Claremont Access have been closed for two weeks now, putting added congestion on the other mountain accesses. As city staff try to come up with a temporary fix, some councillors are fed up with the band-aid solutions.The Claremont Access borders Councillor Donna Skelly’s Ward 7 and every day that it’s closed, means 16,000 cars have to find another way down the mountain.Freezing and thawing of the rock face over the years has made it unstable. Today crews continued to work, prepping the cliff for whatever solution “slope stabilization” experts come up with. One of the temporary solutions the city is looking at is to move this middle barrier over one lane to allow cars down the access, but the hitch in that plan is the light standards in the middle would have to move as well.Skelly is fed up with the band-aid solutions and wants the city to invest in a permanent fix which could cost as much as 40 million dollars over 10 years.City staff isn’t looking long term right now, they’re hoping to have a plan by monday to fix the current issue. read more

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