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Lizard King Ohio is getting the worlds largest animatronic dinosaur

first_imgWhat could be better than an interactive dinosaur exhibit? The answer to this question is in Ohio. It is the world’s largest animatronic dinosaur park, complete with the world’s largest animatronic dinosaur.It really doesn’t matter how old you are, dinosaurs are still cool. It doesn’t matter if you like reading about them in a book, watching a movie about them conquering an island, or going to see an impressive display of robotics bringing these ancient creatures back to life — everyone loves dinosaurs. And, as we now know, Ohio’s Kings Island Theme Park apparently has the best of them. This year’s addition to the park is a life-sized animatronic Sauroposeidon.In an age where Sauropods were thought to be shrinking in size, the Sauroposeidon was a titan. Based on the several incomplete fossils that have been discovered in the US, this massive monster is believed to have grown to about 100 feet in length and to have weighed 60 tons.It was the goal of the park to deliver as accurate a representation of the dinosaur as physically possible. As such, the robo-Sauroposeidon had to be delivered in four separate shipping containers. Representing this massive creature in robotic form will take a crew of twelve over two weeks to assemble in the park, but they will have it ready for this season’s opening.While he may be the biggest, the Sauroposeidon is far from alone. Kings Island plays home to more than 60 life-sized animatronic dinos in the Dinosaurs Alive part of the park. The whole area is focused on entertaining and educating everyone who enters the area, including a special part of their website dedicated to dinosaur facts.If you’re ever in the area, seeing a 60-foot tall Sauroposeidon would be a difficult opportunity to pass up.last_img read more

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