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Does your member want a car loan or a car?

first_imgEveryone wants a piece of your member’s money and relationships.   Apple Pay, Mint, GreenDot, the bank down the street all are vying to take a slice of wallet share, be top of wallet, or to get the next dollar of spend.  In my experience, every year we would survey our members and hear that they want more convenient services.  Management would then focus on more ATMs, more branches, more products, 24/7 call centers, etc.  Strangely, with each attempt to match the services of our competitors we further commoditize our offerings and make us less differentiated.  Through this race to convenience and trying to be all things to all members – we further dilute our brands and hence our value proposition with our members.  At the same time, we seem to all be faced with growing and improving our credit unions (or CUSO’s).    In my experience, it is often through our attempts to measure success and compete that we ultimately make ourselves less competitive and perform worse.  If we can simply step back, and get to the real value drivers we can find easy ways to differentiate, gain market share, and create unique value that members will happily pay a premium for.Early in my entrepreneurial career I focused lots of attention on the financials.  I would study them each month for trends and business mistakes that I could learn from and fix.  Strangely the more I studied and fixated on the results, the less they improved.  Finally, I met a fellow entrepreneur who pointed out that financials are simply the sums of our prior business decisions (short and long term) and have very little bearing on what the future holds.   Essentially, focusing on the results is kind of like driving your car by looking in the rear view mirror.    Probably not such a great idea for obvious reasons.  Here are three ways to look ahead at what your members want that will enhance your brand, enable you to charge a premium for commoditized services, and create long-term unique value for your members. 15SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Kirk Drake Kirk Drake is founder and CEO of Ongoing Operations, LLC, a rapidly growing CUSO that provides complete business continuity and technology solutions. With its recent acquisition of Cloudworks, Ongoing Operations … Web: www.ongoingoperations.com Details Credit Unions are poised better than most small businesses to leverage their relationships, brands, and capital to deliver exceptional value.  In order for us to compete with the huge financial service providers we must put ourselves in our members shoes and think about the real problems we solve and how to inject value into them to differentiate, enhance and deliver premium products and services t our members.center_img    Since we are in the business of making car loans this is easy to focus on a metric for making more loans.  In reality, the metric that creates more value for your member is the number of members that love their car.   By changing this focus – we start to look at how a member actually makes decisions about purchasing a car, registering the car, maintaining the car and driving the car.   I don’t know about you, but if you start making the rest of that more efficient and easier for me as a member – I will happily pay a premium for the loan.  Sure it won’t work for all members, but if you could get 30-40% to pay a higher rate by bundling in services that make the car buying, owning, maintaining and driving experience better – it would sure rev up your loan portfolio. –  This won’t be very credit union like of me but – ALL of your time and creative energy should be focused on creating unique value, services, and products for your best members.  Why? Well, why do you want to spend any time helping people who don’t value your help, don’t understand it, and just don’t get it.  Sure you are owned by all of your members, but helping the people who want the help is certainly a lot easier and more fulfilling then helping people who don’t want it…Your members who really value the credit union, understand the value of the cooperative movement, are far more likely to do more business with you then your cherry pickers.–  We spend a ton of time as leaders trying to get new members.  Often times though new members walk in and back out within the first 90 days.  Take the time in great detail to understand the member experience during their first 90 days as member.  This is where you can really shine and create wow moments that shape the members perception of your brand forever. I switched credit unions several years ago – I started by opening a savings account, then a few weeks later a checking, then I had to change my direct deposit, then I moved a few bills over to bill payment, eventually it was my car loan, mortgage, and credit cards.  If the credit union had even asked for the business, or acknowledged my potential they could have moved it all ten times faster and I would have been forever loyal.    Instead, I got as far as the car loans and the services were hit or miss…so I stopped moving things over.  Now I have an unintended bench mark of what the Credit Union is capable of that will take the credit union years to overcome.  By focusing on the first 90 day experience , you can eliminate, streamline, incent, and develop an immediate experience for your new members.last_img read more

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Croatia award for the most attractive new destination on the Indian market

first_imgThe Croatian National Tourist Board presented itself at the business fair for the first time OTM in the Indian city of Mumbai, otherwise the largest tourism fair in the Asia-Pacific region.And as they point out from the CNTB, the organizer of the fair recognized the positive marketing step of Croatia in the large Indian market by awarding Croatia an award in the category “Most promising new destination”, ie recognition for the most attractive new destination. In addition to business people and representatives of tour operators working on the Indian subcontinent, the Croatian stand was also visited by the Minister of Tourism of India. Jaykumar Rawal, who spoke with representatives of the Croatian tourism sector at the fair.The OTM fair is a great opportunity to meet and build long-term business relationships. The fair was attended by 1.300 exhibitors from 60 countries, and in addition to the Croatian Tourist Board, the tourist boards of the City of Zagreb, Dubrovnik-Neretva and Zadar counties also presented their offer. From the Indian market in 2017, more than 56.000 arrivals and 128.000 overnight stays were realized, which compared to 2016 represents a high double-digit increase of 65% in arrivals and 60% in overnight stays.Promotion of the Croatian Tourist Board at the BOOT nautical fair in DusseldorfThe Croatian National Tourist Board is once again participating in an important nautical fair this year BOOT, which takes place in Düsseldorf from 20 to 28 January. The fair was also visited by the director of the CNTB Head Office Kristjan Staničić, who met with representatives of the German Sailors’ Association and influential representatives of the German media specializing in nautical, which further explained the increase in sojourn tax for boaters for 2018.The importance of nautical, as an integral part of the overall Croatian tourist offer, was emphasized by director Staničić. “Appearance at the BOOT fair in Düsseldorf represents an excellent opportunity for additional positioning of the Croatian nautical offer in this, for us, very important market. Namely, in 2017, more than 470.000 arrivals and more than 3 million overnight stays were realized in the nautical charter in Croatia, which represents an increase in arrivals and overnight stays of 15 percent. It was from the German market that the largest tourist turnover was achieved in this segment, ie 76.000 arrivals and 569.000 overnight stays, which also represents an increase of 15 percent compared to 2016.” said director Staničić and added that this year he expects the continuation of positive trends from the German market and even better positioning of Croatia as an attractive nautical destination.The Croatian National Tourist Board, in cooperation with the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and ACI, organized a business gathering for partners with the Croatian eno gastro offer as part of the Croatian stand. In addition to the Croatian National Tourist Board as the main exhibitor, as part of the Croatian stand, five co-exhibitors presented their offer at the BOOT fair: Angelina Yachtcharter, Burin Yacht Charter, Croatia Yachting, Marina Muroskva and The Yachting Club.last_img read more

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Term limits will curb special interests

first_imgBoth Democrats and Republicans are at fault. Neither side wants to lose face or blink first during tough negotiations. Their base would punish them if they failed. The progressive wing of the Democratic Party is already calling Sen. Charles Schumer ugly names. It’s a game for politicians. One political side will always win, while the American people always lose.One set of elite power brokers that never loses is the lobbyists — the special interests. These deep-pocketed enterprises play both sides of the aisle, ensuring success no matter which party is in power. The longer politicians stay in power, the deeper the special interests’ control over a politician is cemented.Congressman and senators should have no more than 12 years is Congress. This is enough time for them to represent their constituents and for the people to have a safeguard against deep special interest roots, a sort of insurance policy against lobbyists.The swamp is full of bad actors and politicians. Let’s limit their time in Washington, D.C., now.Rafael PoloNorthvilleMore from The Daily Gazette:Foss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesEDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsCuomo calls for clarity on administering vaccineGov. Andrew Cuomo’s press conference for Sunday, Oct. 18 Categories: Letters to the Editor, Opinion Today more than ever, the country needs term limits for our congressmen and senators. A government shutdown is proof that the time has come to prevent professional politicians from growing deep nourishing roots (money) that keep them in power. Yes, the shutdown is over. But will we go through another painful political fight in February?last_img read more

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Wellington Fire/EMS incident report: Feb. 20- March 2, 2014

first_imgWellington Fire/EMS incident report for Feb. 20 to March 2, 20142/20   6:45 AM        Transfer to Wichita2/20   11:47 AM      Transfer to Wichita2/20   2:45 PM        Transfer to Wichita2/20   4:18 PM        Diesel Spill                            Kansas Turnpike2/20   11:00 PM      Medical Trauma                 400 N. West Road2/21   12:50 AM      Lift Assist                               1500 block N. Poplar2/21   4:34 AM        Medical Trauma                 200 block E. 15th2/21   6:33 PM        Vehicle Accident                 200 block N. Hoover2/22   9:04 AM        Grass Fire                              700 block N. West Road2/22   10:05 AM      Medical Emergency           300 block E. 17th2/22   12:44 PM      Medical Trauma                 600 block N. Washington2/22   3:15 PM        Grass Fire                              900 block E. 10th Ave.2/22   5:06 PM        Medical Emergency           1500 block N. Poplar2/22   5:29 PM        Lift Assist                               300 block E. 12th2/22   7:56 PM        Transfer to Wichita2/23   4:44 AM        Vehicle Accident                 1700 block E. US 1602/23   8:02 AM        Medical Trauma                 1000 block N. Washington2/24   8:25 AM        Medical Emergency           200 block North C2/24   10:47 AM      Medical Trauma                 200 block E. Lincoln2/24   1:58 PM        Natural Gas Leak                1300 block E. Lincoln2/24   2:45 PM        Transfer to Wichita2/24   6:07 PM        Transfer to Wichita2/24   6:12 PM        Lift Assist                               500 block W. Harvey2/24   9:02 PM        Investigate propane odor 800 block E. 16th2/24   9:38 PM        Transfer to Wichita2/25   3:33 AM        Medical Trauma                 500 block N. Plum2/25   4:54 AM        Medical Emergency           1300 block N. Stewart2/25   6:44 AM        Medical Emergency           200 block E. 70th Street2/25   10:12 AM      Medical Emergency           500 block W. Harvey2/25   8:18 PM        Medical Emergency           500 block N. Plum2/26   1:22 PM        Medical Emergency           200 block North B2/26   4:46 PM        Medical Emergency           Perth2/26   3:54 PM        Grass Fire                              Hargis Creek Dam2/27   12:54 AM      Medical Trauma                 1400 block Michigan2/27   10:54 AM      Transfer to Wichita2/27   2:04 PM        Medical Emergency           500 block South H2/27   4:51 PM        Transfer to Wichita2/27   10:21 PM      Medical Emergency           200 block W. 17th2/27   10:51 PM      Transfer to Wichita2/27   11:38 PM      Medical Emergency           Kansas Turnpike2/28   9:21 AM        Medical Trauma                 400 block South C2/28   4:11 PM        Medical Emergency           Kansas Turnpike2/28   6:51 PM        Medical Emergency           Kansas Turnpike2/28   10:40 PM      Transfer to Wichita3/1      3:25 AM        Medical Emergency           1200 block North C3/1      6:30 AM        Standby for SWAT               400 block E. Harvey3/1      7:34 AM        Medical Emergency           Kansas Turnpike3/1      8:41 AM        Injury Accident                    900 block E. 10th Avenue3/1      10:35 AM      Medical Emergency           2000 block E. 16th3/1      12:20 PM      Medical Trauma                 400 block South C3/1      3:00 PM        Medical Alarm                     1400 block N. Jefferson3/1      5:05 PM        Vehicle Accident                 Kansas Turnpike3/1      5:18 PM        Vehicle Accident                 300 block N. US 813/1      6:10 PM        Injury Accident                    Kansas Turnpike3/1      6:14 PM        Injury Accident                    Kansas Turnpike3/1      8:22 PM        Injury Accident                    Kansas Turnpike3/1      9:37 PM        Transfer to Wichita3/2      12:21 AM      Medical Emergency           1000 block ShadyLane3/2      8:43 AM        Transfer to Wichita3/2      4:19 PM        Medical Emergency           200 block North F3/2      6:29 PM        Alarm Activation                 1300 block N. Cherry3/2      7:23 PM        Medical Emergency           Kansas Turnpike3/2      8:00 PM        Transfer to Wichita3/2      8:07 PM        Medical Emergency           1300 block N. Stewart3/2      9:38 PM        Medical Emergency           800 block South Hlast_img read more

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