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Amendments affecting billing and costs sent to the court

first_img Amendments affecting billing and costs sent to the court Two proposed Bar rule amendments, one on billing and the other on costs, have passed the Board of Governors and will be forwarded to the Supreme Court.The board at its December meeting followed the recommendation of the Disciplinary Procedure Committee in approving the changes.The first would alter the comment to Rule 4-1.5 by suggesting that lawyers should discuss with clients, in some circumstances, alternatives to hourly or fixed-fee billing.In response to a question, Bar Counsel Tony Boggs noted that no obligation is created for lawyers by the change because it is in the comment, not the text, of the rule.The added language reads: “Although hourly billing or a fixed fee may be the most common basis for computing fees in an area of practice, these may not be the only bases for computing fees. A lawyer should, where appropriate, discuss alternative billing methods with the client.”The second approved amendment also affects Rule 4-1.5, but pertains to costs. It sets out guidelines that can be used to evaluate, in the event of a dispute, whether costs are reasonable and also includes this provision: “When the parties have a written contract in which the method is established for the charging costs, the costs charged thereunder shall be presumed reasonable.”The changes will go to the Supreme Court later this year as part of the Bar’s annual rule amendment petition. January 1, 2004 Notices Amendments affecting billing and costs sent to the courtlast_img read more

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Hooker Deer Drag featured on Discovery Channel Tuesday

first_imgHooker Deer Drag owners Steve and Roberta Huster will be featured on a Discovery Channel show Tuesday.SUNMAN, Ind. – Hooker Deer Drag will be a featured on the Discovery Channel’s ‘Billy Bob’s Gags to Riches’ tonight at 10 p.m.Steve Huster invented and received a design patent for the product that allows hunters to drag and load deer with ease.He and his wife, Roberta, were at a trade show in Pennsylvania last February when Discovery Channel producers approached them about the show.“I was very hesitant about it because it was pitched to us as this is a show about Jonah White, who sells the Billy Bob teeth,” Roberta recalled.White is now the CEO of a multi-million dollar gag-gift empire and uses the show to help find new products to add to the Billy Bob line.The couple was concerned about appearing on reality television as other shows may look to humiliate guests.“They said it is nothing like that,” Roberta continued. “We think you have something great we love your slogan and if nothing else you will get great publicity out of it and over one million people will see the show.”Will the Husters make a deal with Jonah White? You’ll have to watch the show to find out.“We had to sign a confidentiality agreement,” Roberta explained.Steve added “and we are not exactly sure what is going to be on there either!”last_img read more

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