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New Measures Further Constrain Iranian Oil Revenues, Target Iran’s Human Rights Abusers

first_imgBy Dialogo February 11, 2013 The United States took a number of actions on January 7 to tighten sanctions on Iran’s access to its oil revenues and further expose the Iranian government’s continued abuse of human rights. Key provisions of the Iran Threat Reduction and Syria Human Rights Act of 2012 (TRA) that went into effect that day, expand the scope of sanctionable transactions with the Central Bank of Iran and designated Iranian financial institutions by restricting Iran’s ability to use oil revenue held in foreign financial institutions as well as preventing repatriation of those funds to Iran. The U.S. Department of the Treasury, in consultation with the U.S. Department of State, also designated one individual and four entities for their involvement in the Iranian government’s censorship activities. These censorship activities restrict the free flow of information in Iran and punish Iranian citizens who are attempting to exercise freedom of assembly and expression. “Our policy is clear – so long as Iran continues to fail to address the concerns of the international community about its nuclear program, the U.S. will impose tighter sanctions and intensify the economic pressure against the Iranian regime,” said Treasury Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence David S. Cohen. “We will also target those in Iran who are responsible for human rights abuses, especially those who deny the Iranian people their basic freedoms of expression, assembly and speech.” January 7 marked 180 days since President Obama signed the TRA. Section 504 of the TRA amends existing sanctions in the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 (NDAA) that target the Central Bank of Iran, designated Iranian financial institutions and Iran’s energy sector. At the 180-day mark, section 504 narrowed the exception for countries that have significantly reduced their purchases of Iranian crude oil so that the exception now only applies to financial transactions that facilitate bilateral trade between the country granted the exception and Iran. For the exception to apply to a financial transaction, funds owed to Iran as a result of such bilateral trade will now have to be credited to an account located in the country granted the exception and may not be repatriated to Iran. This provision will significantly increase economic pressure on Iran by restricting Iran’s repatriation of oil revenue. In addition to effectively “locking up” Iranian oil revenue overseas, this provision sharply restricts Iran’s use of this revenue for bilateral trade and severely limits Iran’s ability to move funds across jurisdictions.last_img read more

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first_imgThe Cincinnati Bengals remain an enigma in pro football.  On any given weekend they can play well enough to beat anybody in pro football, and the next weekend play as if they are still trying to learn the game.  I suppose the funny part of this is that the entire NFL seems to have become a victim of this same malady.  The only team in football this year that has avoided this fate has been the Arizona Cardinals.  Even the loss of Carson Palmer to a knee injury has failed to slow the Cardinals down.  Their fans are hoping their team wins out and plays the Super Bowl on their home field.Going back to the Bengals–they are still a favorite to win their division.  However, their inability to win a game when they are in the national spotlight makes it hard for the average fan to get on their band wagon.  I believe they have lost 4 of their last 5 games on national TV.  No one has been able to come up with a solution to this problem.  Hopefully, if they get all of their players back from the injured list, they will be able to play like they did for the first 3 games.When A.J. Green is available on offense and the Bengals core of starting linebackers are healthy, they are able to play with anybody.  However, if just one of these is missing from the lineup, no one seems to be able to pick up the slack.  For a team that has been in the league as long as they have, and having a head coach for as long as Marvin Lewis has been there, you would think they would have figured the system out by now.last_img read more

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LVG dismisses talk of Giggs rift

first_img Press Association Giggs’ lack of reaction to United’s winner at Newcastle was captured on television – while by contrast van Gaal shouted and gesticulated in celebration. Asked about their relationship, Van Gaal answered sarcastically before saying he was irritated by the questions. Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal has insisted there is no rift with his assistant manager Ryan Giggs and reacted angrily when questioned about their working relationship. center_img He told a news conference: “No. We have a very bad relationship. I cannot answer that. I want to have those rumours.” He then added: I am very irritated at this question because everyone can see we have a very good relationship. We work very hard together. Not only with Ryan but with all the staff and the players. It is a way of suggesting things. I am very irritated. I take my measures against the media. I am not pleased.” Giggs’ friend and former United team-mate Paul Scholes has claimed the Welshman may not have the patience to remain as a number two for long and may leave the club. Scholes told BT Sport: “There’s no doubt, he had that little taste of it for the last three weeks of last year and he definitely wants to be a manager. “You can see that. Over the next two or three years, will he have the patience to be a number two for that long? I’m not sure he will.” Giggs, who took charge of the side for three weeks after David Moyes was sacked last season, has said he enjoyed that four-game spell but is “serving his apprenticeship again”. United face Arsenal in the FA Cup quarter-final at Old Trafford on Monday – the first time since the 2005 final the two clubs have met in the competition. Van Gaal said: “It is a game, 11 v 11 on a high level. Arsenal and Manchester United are placed third and fourth. It is nearly a final I think.” last_img read more

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Teamwork key to JV softball success

first_img Latest posts by Liz Graves (see all) Bio Liz GravesReporter at Mount Desert IslanderFormer Islander reporter and editor Liz Graves grew up in California and came to Maine as a schooner sailor. Luchini named to Maine Running Hall of Fame – August 12, 2020 Keene appeals his 2019 murder conviction – July 30, 2020center_img The 2014 Mount Desert Island High School junior varsity softball team included back, from left, coach Kylie Bragdon, Emma Watras, Caroline McMinimy, Mary Joy, Keely McConomy, Mariah Hamor, TaylorAnne McVicar; middle row, Brittany Corson, Alycia Wilson, Maya Watras, Karlianne Wilson; front, Karli Dyer, Ally Bender, Jordan Seavey, Aubrie Boyce, Alana Duley and Mia Broad.BAR HARBOR — The future of Mount Desert Island High School softball looks bright if the strong 2014 junior varsity season is any indication.“I will remember this team for their incredibly positive attitudes,” coach Kylie Bragdon said.The team finished the season with a 10-6 record. Weather and busy end-of-school-year schedules made a JV tournament too hard to pull off, but the players gained valuable experience in the season.One win in particular stood out, Bragdon said; the game against Brewer. “The girls hit really well. Our pitcher Karli Wilson and catcher Alicia Wilson worked well together, and our fielding was fantastic.”This is placeholder textThis is placeholder textBragdon works with her teams to set individual and team goals for the season and evaluate progress toward them.“Our goal as a team was to work more cohesively as a group,” she said. “After working a lot on communication and fielding, we were able to successfully complete double plays almost every game.”“The most common individual goal on the team was to become a better hitter. Slowly all of the girls developed their skills through soft toss and batting cage drills. All of them had significant hits during at least one game, frequently in the form of a double or a triple. The girls also really worked on their ability to run the bases, so we had a lot of RBIs.”Find in-depth coverage of local news in the Mount Desert Islander. Subscribe digitally or in print. MDI Hospital to begin contact tracing – August 5, 2020 Latest Postslast_img read more

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I demand an apology from Guyana Chronicle, whose reporter maliciously misquoted me

first_imgDear Editor,When I received a phone call from a female Guyana Chronicle reporter last evening, my defenses immediately went up. This is a newspaper that is hostile to the PPP/C and its leadership, and has repeatedly omitted to publish the many letters I have being sending to that editor.And to further compromise their lack of credibility and objectivity, they are willing to publish slanderous statements about me, made by the likes of Rickford Burke in the Wednesday’s letter column of the government’s mouthpiece.The moment the Chronicle reporter introduced herself, I knew I had to be careful of what I say to her for I did not want to be misquoted. I was also aware of the subject she wanted to discuss as many believe that I possess duel-citizenship. I do not, and I made this very clear to her. When I was asked about the status of other PPP/C MPs, I referred her to our Chief Whip, Gail Teixeira. She told me she had tried but was unable to reach her. I then suggested that she attend the press conference being held by the Leader of the Opposition the following day, Thursday, January 17, to get the answers she’s looking for.Editor, in this sensational piece, “Several PPP MPs have dual citizenship”, the reporter wrote, “The MP said he fully agrees with retired judge of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) Duke Pollard that the National Assembly of Members of Parliament should be cleared of all MPs with dual citizenship. Gill said there should be no cherry picking of the laws, and as such, MPs with dual citizenship should do the honourable thing and step down.”I categorically deny agreeing with retired CCJ judge Duke Pollard as reported, as it relates to his belief that “Parliament should be cleared of all MPs with dual citizenship.” And any reference I may have made about “doing the honourable thing” and stepping down, was totally sensationalized to give the wrong impression. I had just brought to her attention a duplicitous remark made by the AFC Chairman, Khemraj Ramjattan during an AFC press conference, in which he was asked, “What are the implications of the other MPs with dual-citizenship?” To which he replied that the case brought against Charrandas in the High Court would only apply to him, and said, “You would probably have to bring another case against the rest.” I reminded her that Ministers Joseph Harmon and Carl Greenidge had both admitted to having dual-citizenship and suggested they should do the honourable thing and step down. This is very different to what is being reported.All journalists should be guided by the professional ethics of that noble profession. But it is evident that the Guyana Chronicle has been been contaminated by government who uses that medium to peddle their propaganda.I hereby demand an apology from Guyana Chronicle, whose reporter maliciously misquoted me.I am a proud citizen of Guyana who remigrated after spending over 23 years in the good ‘ole USA as a permanent resident. After my children’s dependency period had ended, I returned home in 2012 in hopes of making a meaningful contribution to the land of my birth. I have never returned since and have deliberately caused my “Green Card” to expire. I am the holder of one valid passport, issued to me by the Government of Guyana. I will forever be grateful to the People’s Progressive Party for giving me the opportunity to serve my country and her people as a Member of Parliament.My personal views on dual-citizenship are as follows:We live in a democracy where the Constitution is our supreme law. Guyana is but a budding developing country when compared to the industrialized nations of the world. It is estimated that there are more Guyanese living in the diaspora than in Guyana itself. It is also an undisputed fact that Guyanese living abroad are generally more exposed, educated and experienced. As a third-world country, we must find attractive ways to tap-in to those human resources by attracting more and more Guyanese to return home to serve.The re-migrant scheme is one such incentive offered. But the political maturity that Guyanese acquire living abroad cannot be ignored if Guyana is to progress. Perhaps in recognition of this, the laws governing dual-citizenship have not been strictly enforced by all administrations.Since the Charrandass vote, Members of Parliament with known dual-citizenship are being branded as unpatriotic and having allegiance to foreign countries. Hogwash! Once a Guyanese, always a Guyanese! Ministers Greenidge and Harmon may be guilty of contributing to the visionless policies of this government, and Gail Teixeira may be guilty of fearlessly exposing government corruption but that has nothing to do with their patriotism and loyalty to Guyana and her people.Minister Harmon once risked his life serving this nation in the Guyana Defense Force, you can’t be more patriotic than that.Perhaps when we finally get down to constitutional reform, we can find common ground to allow resourceful patriotic Guyanese an opportunity to serve even though they may also have a foreign passport.My concern is the duplicitous action being taken by government to brand Charrandass as a traitor in pursuing charges to nullify his vote because he has dual citizenship.What Charrandass Persaud did was to alleviate the sufferings of the Guyanese people. He did not do it for Canada. In my books Charrandass Persaud is a brave man and a patriot. I hope the Guyana Chronicle will have the decency to publish this letter, unedited, in its next edition. These are my personal views!Sincerely,Harry Gilllast_img read more

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