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Amendments affecting billing and costs sent to the court

first_img Amendments affecting billing and costs sent to the court Two proposed Bar rule amendments, one on billing and the other on costs, have passed the Board of Governors and will be forwarded to the Supreme Court.The board at its December meeting followed the recommendation of the Disciplinary Procedure Committee in approving the changes.The first would alter the comment to Rule 4-1.5 by suggesting that lawyers should discuss with clients, in some circumstances, alternatives to hourly or fixed-fee billing.In response to a question, Bar Counsel Tony Boggs noted that no obligation is created for lawyers by the change because it is in the comment, not the text, of the rule.The added language reads: “Although hourly billing or a fixed fee may be the most common basis for computing fees in an area of practice, these may not be the only bases for computing fees. A lawyer should, where appropriate, discuss alternative billing methods with the client.”The second approved amendment also affects Rule 4-1.5, but pertains to costs. It sets out guidelines that can be used to evaluate, in the event of a dispute, whether costs are reasonable and also includes this provision: “When the parties have a written contract in which the method is established for the charging costs, the costs charged thereunder shall be presumed reasonable.”The changes will go to the Supreme Court later this year as part of the Bar’s annual rule amendment petition. January 1, 2004 Notices Amendments affecting billing and costs sent to the courtlast_img read more

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first_imgThe Cincinnati Bengals remain an enigma in pro football.  On any given weekend they can play well enough to beat anybody in pro football, and the next weekend play as if they are still trying to learn the game.  I suppose the funny part of this is that the entire NFL seems to have become a victim of this same malady.  The only team in football this year that has avoided this fate has been the Arizona Cardinals.  Even the loss of Carson Palmer to a knee injury has failed to slow the Cardinals down.  Their fans are hoping their team wins out and plays the Super Bowl on their home field.Going back to the Bengals–they are still a favorite to win their division.  However, their inability to win a game when they are in the national spotlight makes it hard for the average fan to get on their band wagon.  I believe they have lost 4 of their last 5 games on national TV.  No one has been able to come up with a solution to this problem.  Hopefully, if they get all of their players back from the injured list, they will be able to play like they did for the first 3 games.When A.J. Green is available on offense and the Bengals core of starting linebackers are healthy, they are able to play with anybody.  However, if just one of these is missing from the lineup, no one seems to be able to pick up the slack.  For a team that has been in the league as long as they have, and having a head coach for as long as Marvin Lewis has been there, you would think they would have figured the system out by now.last_img read more

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Top Iowa public safety official resigns after lengthy leave

first_imgDES MOINES (AP) — A top Iowa law enforcement official has resigned after an unexplained 3 1/2-month paid leave that coincided with a state human resources investigation. A state lawyer says assistant Division of Criminal Investigation director Terry Cowman resigned and left the state’s employment on Monday after a 25-year career in public safety. Cowman and a subordinate were removed from duty in October, shortly after an annual training conference for police officers that they helped host. State officials have refused to explain why. Department of Public Safety lawyer Catherine Lucas says Cowman resigned voluntarily and not because he otherwise would have been fired.last_img

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