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Can’t live without: Impatica for PowerPoint

first_imgWhat is it? A clever piece of software that allows you to compressand send fully featured PowerPoint files via e-mail or to websites, regardlessof whether the recipient has PowerPoint himself. Normally you can’t guaranteethe person receiving the file will have it, so all your hard graft may bewasted. If you’re sending a Powerpoint presentation for delivery across theinternet, the files are generally too big. You’ll end up scaling thepresentation down, perhaps sacrificing several whizzy features and losingimpact. An Impatica file is typically 95 per cent smaller than a regular Power-pointHTML file. It was developed by boffins at US company Impatica. As long as therecipient has a Java-enabled system, the file can be opened and run exactly ascreated. Do I really need one? If you make lots of PowerPoint presentations tosend via e-mail or for intranet and internet delivery, this could be for you. There are also major potential applications for e-learning content. You maysimply think of PowerPoint as a presentation tool, but its ability to incorporatetext, graphics, animations and narration make it appropriate for generatinge-learning material. Siebel Systems in the US recently bought an enterprise license of allImpatica products to produce online courses for around 30,000 customers,channel partners and employees. Impatica also makes a product that does thesame for the multimedia authoring tool Macromedia Director, and it is buildinga big user base in the US among the education sector and corporates. Price: £400, with volume discounts Contact:Impatica’s website has ademo of how it all works www.impatica.com Can’t live without: Impatica for PowerPointOn 25 Jun 2002 in Personnel Today Comments are closed. Previous Article Next Article Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

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