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Colombia Seizes 2.5 Tons of Cocaine in Colombian Pacific

first_imgBy Dialogo June 06, 2012 Colombian authorities seized around 2.5 tons of cocaine on June 4, in an operation that had U.S. collaboration, President Juan Manuel Santos announced. The president did not offer further details about the operation, although he noted that drug trafficking “is a good part of what nourishes criminal gangs, crime” in the country. A Colombian Navy spokesperson indicated that information about this case would be provided later and added only that arrests were probably made. Santos also congratulated the Navy and the Police for the arrest of 16 alleged members of the ‘Los Urabeños’ criminal drug-trafficking group, in Santa Marta (in northeastern Colombia), and for another seizure of more than 300,000 dollars on a speedboat found 10 km off the island of San Andrés (in the Caribbean). Colombia is the largest producer of cocaine, with a potential of around 350 tons in 2010, almost equal to Peru, according to UN figures.last_img read more

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Excerpts from Justice Shaw’s opinions

first_imgExcerpts from Justice Shaw’s opinions E xcerpts from Justice Shaw’s opinions Special vigilance is required where the fundamental rights of Florida citizens sus-pected of wrongdoing are concerned, for here society has a strong natural in-clination to relinquish incrementally the hard-won and stoutly defended freedoms enumerated in our Declaration of Rights in its effort to preserve public order. The framers of our Constitution, however, deliberately rejected the short-term solution in favor of a fairer, more structured system of criminal justice. Thus, even here—especially here—where the rights of those suspected of wrongdoing are concerned, the framers drew a bright line and said to government, “Thus far shall Thou come, but no farther.” Traytor v. State, 596 So. Id 957. 963-64 (Fla. 1992) The execution of a condemned man or woman is an extraordinarily solemn un-dertaking reluctantly assumed by the state at the behest of the people—no task is more somber or weighty for the State than the purposeful killing of one of its own. Execution by electrocution is a spectacle whose time has passed—like the guillotine or public stoning or burning at the stake. Florida’s electric chair, by its own track record, has proven itself to be a dinosaur more befitting the laboratory of Baron Frankenstein than the death chamber of Florida State Prison. Jones v. State, 701 So. 2d 76. 87 (Fla. 1997) (Shaw, J., dissenting) While the First Amendment confers on each citizen a powerful right to express oneself, it gives the picketer no boon to jeopardize the health, safety, and rights of others. No citizen has a right to insert a foot in a hospital or clinic door and insist on being heard—while purposefully blocking the door to those in genuine need of medical services. No picketer can force speech into the captive ear of the unwilling and disabled. Operation Rescue v. Women’s Health Center, 626 So. 2d 664, 675 (Fla. 1993) Florida has a compelling interest in protecting the right of each of its citizens to live at peace in the sanctity of his or her home, free from violence and the threat of violence. The [banning of terrorist cross-burning] ensures that those who exercise freedom of association or who join in robust debate on controversial issues need not fear this particular threat of violence. Although the First Amendment confers on each citizen a powerful right of self-expression, it gives no citizen a boon to launch terrorist raids against his or her neighbor. Few things can chill free expression and association to the bone like night-riders outside the door and a fiery cross in the yard. State v. T.B.D., 656 So. 2d 479. 482 (Fla. 1995) Admittedly, the present scenario is surreal: All the king’s horses and all the king’s men could not get a few thousand ballots counted. The explanation, however, is timeless. We are a nation of men and women and, although we aspire to lofty principles, our methods at times are imperfect. Our nation has been through an ordeal, but we have learned from the experience. At this point, I know one thing for certain: the basic principles of our democracy are intact. Gore v. Harris, 773 So. 2d 524, 529-30 (Fla. 2000) (Shaw. J., concurring) December 1, 2002 Regular Newslast_img read more

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Mourinho hails McTominay after leaving out Pogba for Sevilla draw

first_imgSeville, Spain | AFP | Jose Mourinho described Scott McTominay as “fantastic” in response to his decision to select the young midfielder ahead of Paul Pogba for Wednesday’s Champions League last 16, first-leg draw with Sevilla.Pogba had been left out of the starting line-up for the goalless draw with Mourinho apparently unhappy after the French star withdrew from last weekend’s FA Cup win at Huddersfield Town citing illness.That followed criticism from Mourinho of Pogba’s recent performances, with the Portuguese making a statement by selecting McTominay, 21, alongside Ander Herrera and Nemanja Matic in midfield.Mourinho later complained that there had been too much focus on Pogba before and after the match, and not enough on a player making his second Champions League start.“In my pre-match interview I had four questions and three were about Paul, and Paul was not even playing. That’s a bit strange,” he said.“If I was one of you (journalists), I would ask if the Manchester United manager agrees that Scott McTominay had a fantastic performance, and my answer would be that yes, he had a fantastic performance. “He looked a senior player, a player with great maturity. Scott probably looked like a man with dozens and dozens of matches in the Champions League when this is only the second (start).”Pogba played most of the game anyway, being sent on after just 17 minutes when injury forced Herrera off.The French star played his part in a typically cautious, backs-to-the-wall away European performance from Mourinho’s side. But, tellingly, he later refused to stop for journalists in the mixed zone of the Sanchez Pizjuan.“Paul made a big effort to try to give the team what I asked of them,” insisted Mourinho.“He gave us stability. For a match away to Sevilla we had a good percentage of the ball, and I think Paul had responsibility for that.”Share on: WhatsApp Pages: 1 2last_img read more

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