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Douglas announces plans for new bayfront project in Portsmouth

first_imgLocalNews Douglas announces plans for new bayfront project in Portsmouth by: – October 17, 2011 Share 13 Views   no discussions Sharing is caring! Sharecenter_img Share Tweet Hon. Ian Douglas. (file photo)Parliamentary Representative for Portsmouth Ian Douglas has announced plans for a project to develop the entire bay front of the northern town while addressing the 15th Inaugural Meeting of the Portsmouth Town Council last week.He said work have already commenced between the governments of Venezuela and Dominica in that aspect.“I have been in constant contact with the Minister Reginald Austrie who is really leading the charge on that to work with the Venezuelan so we can see the removal of the wrecks in short time on the Bayfront. That’s one of the visions that we have for the development of concrete plans for the entire area,” he said.He said money has already been made available for the architectural drawings for a new and improved Bayfront.“We have paid for the architectural drawings of the Bayfront development to be done. We have been speaking for years but those actual drawings have never been done. Even for the marina. Since we have been growing up in Portsmouth we are hearing about a Marina but it’s only this government that has addressed the matter,” he said.According to Douglas government contracted a design and engineering firm to develop the marina in Portsmouth.Dominica Vibes Newslast_img read more

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Tottenham defender reveals how police stopped him over stolen  car

first_img Promoted Content10 Risky Jobs Some Women DoBirds Enjoy Living In A Gallery Space Created For Them8 Things That Will Happen If An Asteroid Hits EarthThe Very Last Bitcoin Will Be Mined Around 2140. Read More8 Weird Facts About Coffee That Will Surprise YouCan Playing Too Many Video Games Hurt Your Body?World’s Most Delicious Foods6 Most Overpowered Live Action Disney CharactersWho Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?8 Things To Expect If An Asteroid Hits Our Planet7 Black Hole Facts That Will Change Your View Of The UniversePlaying Games For Hours Can Do This To Your Body “They ask to see my ticket and I show the lady it and this is no word of a lie, two people, white people, walk on the train after me and she says nothing. “I asked: ‘Are you not going to ask for their tickets?’ and she just said: ‘Ah no, I don’t need to.’ “So people might think it happens but to me that’s racism. These are the things I have to put up with, being stopped all the time and being asked if I know this is first class and to show my ticket. read also: Premier League restarts as players take knee in racism protest “This is everyday life for me but I feel embarrassed to even complain in a way, or bring it up, when you see the incident in America where a man, a black man, lost his life at the hands of people who were supposed to protect and serve. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Loading… center_img England defender Danny Rose has opened up about his experiences of racism in everyday life, revealing he was stopped by police in Doncaster last week. Rose, who has been subjected to racist abuse while playing for the Three Lions, said he cannot return to his hometown without a confrontation with the police while also suffering issues when travelling on public transport. “It’s not just football. I got stopped by the police last week, which is a regular occurrence whenever I go back to Doncaster where I’m from,” he said on the Second Captains podcast. “Each time it’s: ‘Is this car stolen? Where did you get this car from? What are you doing here? Can you prove that you bought this car?’ “You know, for me this has been happening since I was 18, since I was driving and each time it happens I just laugh, because I know what’s coming. “It’s just how it is. Whenever I go on the train. One of the last times I got on the train, I got on with my bags and the attendant said: ‘Do you know this is first class?’ I say: ‘Yeah, so what?’Advertisementlast_img read more

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Iowa’s Secretary of State encourages people to vote today

first_imgMASON CITY — Iowa’s Secretary of State says it’s important for people to vote in today’s city and school board elections. Paul Pate says city government is the most efficient and effective level of government.  He says, “It’s the closest to the voter and is closest to the people who need the services. They’re your neighbors. When you talk about who’s going to decide how to make sure your neighborhood is safe, how many policemen, wherever they be, that’s local government. You’re going to have a fire department that’s going to be there when you need them. When you talk about key things like streets, you make taken for granted today, but I guarantee if you ever have a trash problem, you’re going to call you your city government and want to know where it’s at.”Pate says especially in smaller communities, it only takes a handful of people to decide an election.   He says, “And talk about an impact, I can tell you right now, statistically more local races are impacted by a smaller number of people than you can imagine. 10-to-20 people could push an election one way or the other. So it doesn’t take having thousands, if you spend some time looking just looking at your phone contact list and making some calls, you could be the impacting force that got someone elected to one of these positions.” Pate says every year there’s many elections that are decided by single digits, or in the cases of a tie, a name being drawn out of a hat.   He says, “I can tell you for a fact, we have many elections that are that close where you’re doing that, that are won and lost by 10 and 20 votes more than most candidates ever wanted to have happen. That’s here in Iowa and multiply that across the country. Every vote counts, and we want to make it as simple and easy to vote as we can, and we’re going make it is hard as we can for people to cheat.” Besides winning elections to the Iowa Legislature and to two separate terms as Secretary of State, Pate won municipal elections in November 2001 and 2003 for mayor in Cedar Rapids.last_img read more

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Top Iowa public safety official resigns after lengthy leave

first_imgDES MOINES (AP) — A top Iowa law enforcement official has resigned after an unexplained 3 1/2-month paid leave that coincided with a state human resources investigation. A state lawyer says assistant Division of Criminal Investigation director Terry Cowman resigned and left the state’s employment on Monday after a 25-year career in public safety. Cowman and a subordinate were removed from duty in October, shortly after an annual training conference for police officers that they helped host. State officials have refused to explain why. Department of Public Safety lawyer Catherine Lucas says Cowman resigned voluntarily and not because he otherwise would have been fired.last_img

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