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Arcata boys soccer scores 20 seconds in, beats Lower Lake in the first round of NCS playoffs

first_imgMcKinleyville >> The Tigers can say that the played virtually the entirety of their postseason opener Wednesday night with the lead.No, seriously.Andy Miranda’s goal all of 19 seconds into 5th-seed Arcata’s 2-0 win over 12th-seeded Lower Lake in the first round of the North Coast Section playoffs proved to be all of the offense the Tigers needed on a chilly night at McKinleyville High School.“Coming into this game, we obviously knew what was at stake and we knew putting in a couple early would take our opponent’s morale down,” Miranda said. “We wanted to do that, right off the touch score the ball and hopefully keep adding and adding more.” Arcata will face No. 4 Roseland University Prep on Saturday with a spot in the D-1 semifinals on the line.Kickoff time and location were not known by the time this paper went to print.If the Tigers start that game like they did on Wednesday, then a second straight trip to the semis — and quite possibly another showdown with rival Fortuna — could very well be in the cards.Miranda’s goal came with barely enough time off the clock to have the center referee catch his breath after sounding the opening whistle.Off a through ball from midfielder Zack Oakland, Miranda collected the pass, fired across the face of goal and into the bottom-left corner of the goal to put the Tigers in front. When asked about the goal, Arcata head coach Tony Ren couldn’t help but crack a smile.“Probably not, probably not,” Ren said in regard to the Tigers having a better start to the game. “That was pretty good.”The early goal set the tone that the Lower Lake defense was in store for a busy night at Panther Field.However, after striking so early, Arcata — which improved to 17-4-1 with the win — wasn’t able to double its lead until midway through the second half.The Tigers created chances — a lot of them.Arcata outshot Lower Lake 11-1 in the first half and 23-6 for the game.It wasn’t for a lack of opportunity to double their lead, that’s for sure.“It was like trick-or-treating when you keep knocking and they wouldn’t open the door for you,” Ren said about the missed chances. “You keep trying until they want to go to sleep. ‘I want candy! I want to score!’ That’s it.”Lower Lake’s lone scoring chance of the first half was arguably its best chance the entire night.A cross from the right wing not only skipped past one potential goal scorner in the box, but two before it connected with the left foot of Octavio Perez. However, his outstretched left leg wasn’t enough to redirect it on goal, as the attempt on goal went just wide at the back post.The second half was much like the first in that the bulk of the scoring chances coming from the boys in orange and black.That’s even with the Trojans starting to throw numbers forward as they looked for the game-tying goal.Within a 10-minute span midfielder Kai Narum sent a pair of shots from outside of the 18-yard box sailing over the Lower Lake goal, the second coming off a one-time effort that went high and to the right.“We had a lot of opportunities, we just didn’t make the most of them,” Miranda said. “It’s a credit to [Lower Lake’s] defense as well. After the first goal in the first 20 seconds, they knew what was coming and they adjusted to it. We obviously knew there were going to be adjustments made, and it was just important for us to realize those adjustments and execute on the following play and keep on going from there.”Just mere moments after Narum’s second long-range effort went high over the crossbar, the Tigers doubled their lead in the 55th minute.Miranda turned from scorer to provider, sending a through ball to Wyatt Rohn, who calmly finished to put his team ahead 2-0.“It was big, it was big,” Miranda said of Rohn’s goal. “Obviously, you take nothing for granted, and putting a second one in gave us a little more confidence to play a little more loose. After the first goal, nothing was going our way. But after getting the second goal it just gave us a little more confidence to get forward.”Tigers goalkeeper Quin Parker, who was the star of Arcata’s shootout loss to Fortuna in the Humboldt-Del Norte League Postseason Tournament title game this past weekend, was once again his usual self in goal. Not only did he command his box and snatch any cross out of the air that came his way, but recorded all six of his saves in the game after halftime.“Defensively, they communicated, they played safe and they came back to defend,” Ren said. “They played very well defensively and I really appreciated how my defenders have been doing.”Contact Danny Penza at 707-441-0528last_img read more

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Resurrecting Stalin’s Ghost

first_imgMost people feel there are certain historical figures off limits for praise.  Hitler and Stalin are probably two of the most infamous.  Believe it or not, a new Russian textbook is trying to portray Stalin in a more positive light.  The UK Daily Mail reported that the textbook portrays the tyrant’s mass murders as “entirely rational.”    Millions were shot, exiled, starved and imprisoned during Stalin’s reign of terror, especially during the “Great Terror” of the 1930s.  In addition, Stalin carefully controlled a “cult of personality” that deceived the masses into thinking of him as a great savior of Russia.  It took years of “De-Stalinization” under successive premiers to uncover the extent of the terror Stalin had inflicted on the nation.    Apparently the current Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin wants to portray Stalin in a more positive light.  The textbook he approved stresses Stalin’s extensive library and rationalizes his purges as understandable given the historical situation.  Critics, naturally, are up in arms over this attempt to whitewash what they consider one of the most evil dictators in history.    The 08/01/2008 entry contained a recounting in Nature of the rivalry between honorable geneticist Dmitri Vavilov and Stalin’s choice for scientist, the charlatan Trofim Lysenko, which resulted in Vavilov’s murder and the starvation of millions of Russians in the Ukraine.  This week in Nature,1 two Russian scientists wrote in to comment.  The Vavilov affair was just one of many atrocities committed by the Stalin regime.  The two correspondents sounded ready to fight any tinge of whitewash or rationalization:To call Stalin’s agricultural collectivization policy a “consolidation of land and labour” is an awful understatement: an estimated 10 million productive peasants and their families were exiled or imprisoned from 1929�1933.  Stalin was hardly “desperate to feed thousands of citizens dying of starvation” when these were the same people he starved and murdered while sending Russian grain abroad.The correspondents also took issue with Nature’s apparent moral equivalence of Stalin with science policy in Western democracies.  “Saying that ’even now, politics continues to trump good science’ should not be taken as equating murderous dictators with democratic governments.”1.  Victor Fet and Michael D. Golubovsky, “Vavilov’s vision for genetics was among Stalin’s many victims,” Nature 455, 27 (4 September 2008) | doi:10.1038/455027a.Stalin’s regime was so unspeakably horrible, we must never let generations forget.  It makes no sense to focus entirely on Hitler’s six million victims when Stalin murdered at least 20 million, machine-gunned whole towns, forced people into miserable lives of hard labor, starved millions in the Ukraine to death, incarcerated millions more in the Gulag, destroyed churches and murdered tens of thousands of clergymen, and purged rivals almost at random with a coolness and disdain that is fearful to contemplate.     While inflicting this unspeakable harm, Stalin lavished wealth on himself and basked in the worship of masses of peasants duped by his propaganda into thinking he was saving their mother country.  Throughout his career he was actively involved, through the Comintern and propaganda, in spreading communism in the West and East.  Had not a stroke cut him down in 1953, he could have toppled many other governments and instigated a nuclear war against Europe and America.    We remind readers that Stalin was a diehard Darwinist.  Upon finding and reading Darwin’s Origin of Species in seminary, Stalin became an atheist, reversed his career plans for the Russian Orthodox Church, and entered politics, where, through intrigue and crafted relationships, he took the legacy of the intensely radical, murderous Vladimir Lenin (another atheist Darwinist) into his own hands.    Every dictator accomplishes some good things and has some nice moments.  But in light of these atrocities, is that useful or necessary to review?  Saddam Hussein could look pretty handsome and polite in meetings with foreign dignitaries.  So what?  His overall reputation for evil swamped any good traits.  Stalin achieved some impressive modernization and industrialization of the Soviet Union.  He repulsed Hitler’s advances (though late and poorly planned, with horrendous human cost).  He collected art and left some impressive buildings.  When such things were done on the backs and graves of millions of his countrymen, it hardly deserves listing them, especially when a free government under beneficent leaders might have achieved the same or better without such horrible human cost.  There’s no rationalization for evil.    The only one exceeding Stalin in pure evil was Chairman Mao in China, Stalin’s ally, who murdered up to 77 million through state-sponsored terror (11/30/2005).  But after awhile the body count begins to sound academic.  The ideas that resulted in the worst genocides in modern history – in all of human history – came from the poisoned well of Darwin, who led people to think of mankind adrift in a chance universe without God.  In Darwin’s meaningless universe, the individual as a creation of God faded away like a dream.  In its place came The State.  Is anyone surprised that Marx, Lenin and Stalin, all Darwin-lovers, began a genre of cold-blooded despots the likes of which history had never seen?  The despots of Cambodia, Cuba, Rwanda, Vietnam, and North Korea (which remains one of the scariest and most brutal governments in the world) all admired Hitler and Stalin as role models.    With American universities still infiltrated with Marxist-Darwinists, with prominent Darwinists pushing atheism in the name of science (08/28/2008), and with Nature insinuating that there is moral equivalence between Stalinist Russia and President Bush’s policies on science funding, maybe you get a sense of why services like Creation-Evolution Headlines play a vital role in our times to remind us that bad ideas have consequences – real consequences, where it hurts.(Visited 6 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

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Big Science Struggling to Regain Credibility

first_img(Visited 408 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 Peer review is under attack with new move to combat fraud and special interest through integrity and transparency. But where do those come from?Big Science remains in crisis. Phys.org reports on a study that found “More than a quarter of biomedical scientific papers may utilise practices that distort the interpretation of results or mislead readers so that results are viewed more favourably.” That has certainly been our experience at CEH, daily watching the press releases emanating from university PR departments, where the name of the game is to make your scientist look good no matter how questionable the findings. Public acceptance of scientific claims tracks political party affiliation to a remarkable degree. Allegations of conflict of interest, peer pressure and funding bias are rife. What has happened to the presumptive authority of the science, seeking objective knowledge for its own sake?The situation recalls the words of Lincoln as he chastised Congress about a union falling apart:The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew and act anew.In science, one of the dogmas is the notion that peer review somehow guarantees objectivity. And yet Phil Hurst, writing at Phys.org, portrays modern peer review as a domain of darkness. These factors are corrupting this pillar of scientific authority:Secrecy corruptsPoliticization of science destroys objectivityJournal paywalls bar stakeholders from access to productResearch misconduct escapes reviewer scrutinyAfter recounting the history of peer review back to the days of the Royal Society in 1832, when members moved from publishing minutes of their meetings to having reviewers write reports about what should be published, Hurst echoes Lincoln that the dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty. We must think anew and act anew.It’s time to disinfect Big Science with sunshine, Hurst argues. Transparency is the new buzzword. Transparency, implying open peer review, opens the windows on secret cabals of reviewers and lets everyone see what is going on in the sausage-making called science.In 2014, the Royal Society launched the journal Royal Society Open Science which offers optional open peer review where reports are published along with articles. This has proved popular with the majority of authors opting for publication of peer review reports and half of reviewers signing their reports. The uptake varies by scientific discipline.Hurst lists four benefits of open peer review:Readers can see the comments by reviewers and reach their own conclusions about the rigour and fairness of the process;Reviewers’ suggestions to improve the paper are available to everyone as examples of what makes a good review.Reviewers tend to write better and more balanced reviews if they know they will be made public.By signing their reports reviewers can get recognition for this vital contribution to the research process.Overall, he says, “the whole peer review process gains more trust and accountability when everything is transparent.” But will open peer review be a passing fad? As we shall see, transparency alone cannot guarantee objectivity.Sheryl P. Denker also calls for transparency in a PLoS Blog entry. She says there is “community and public skepticism regarding the quality, trustworthiness and authenticity of the review process, from the initial stage of evaluation before reviewer assignment to the final editorial decision. Making peer review more transparent, at any stage, has the potential to revitalize the process and restore trust in the system.” She lists practical steps that journals and reviewers can take to increase transparency. Reviewers, for instance, can agree to sign their reviews (a radical change from the secrecy of old). But will this create other problems? Denker and Hurst seem to see transparency through rose-colored glasses, but knowing human nature, every solution breeds new problems.Measures of SignificanceAnother dogma of the quiet past is the P-value, a traditional measure of significance. By habit, scientists seek a P-value of .05, or 5% or lower, to judge a result as statistically significant over the null hypothesis. But why? What is sacred about that tradition? Nothing, it turns out, and scientists have been known to keep testing an experiment until they get the P-value they want to confirm their hunch. Nature writes about an effort to raise the bar, but then says that scientists are fighting back. Some object that the “one-size-fits-all” measure fails to take into account differences between the sciences. At this moment, sacred P-values are falling faster than statues of Confederate generals. A majority of scientists think the bar needs to be more stringent.Politicization of ScienceBy popular misconception, Republicans are the science deniers. Not so, says Phys.org; science denial is not limited to the political right. According to a study at the University of Chicago, people of all political backgrounds are equally tempted:“Not only were both sides equally likely to seek out attitude confirming scientific conclusions, both were also willing to work harder and longer when doing so got them to a conclusion that fit with their existing attitudes,” says Washburn, the lead author of the study. “And when the correct interpretation of the results did not confirm participants’ attitudes, they were more likely to view the researchers involved with the study as less trustworthy, less knowledgeable, and disagreed with their conclusions more.”By extension, this propensity afflicts scientists themselves. This explains why academia, so lopsided toward the Democrat party, produces members of scientific institutions whose own confirmation bias propels them to affirm the consensus of their peers. Their work can be motivated by feelings that have nothing to do with science. “Rather than strictly a conservative phenomenon, science denial may be a result of a more basic desire of people wanting to see the world in ways that fit with their personal preferences, political or otherwise, according to the researchers.” That’s a human foible against which every person must struggle, scientist or not.Drummond and Fischhoff, writing in PNAS, claim that the polarization over science is not a matter of scientific knowledge. In fact, “Individuals with greater science literacy and education have more polarized beliefs on controversial science topics,” they say. Now isn’t that counter-intuitive! “These patterns suggest that scientific knowledge may facilitate defending positions motivated by nonscientific concerns.”Integrity Is Not a Scientific QuestionThree scientists writing in to Science Magazine make the preposterous suggestion of “Addressing scientific integrity scientifically.” Preposterous, we say, because it leads to an infinite regress. What about the integrity of the researchers testing integrity? What about the reviewers checking their work? Who watches the watchers? Who watches the watcher-watchers? etc. Watch it here: “The premise behind this effort is that universities should practice what they preach by supporting the development and adoption of evidence-based policies aimed at improving integrity in research.” Once universities can fake that, they’ve got it made.Escape to RealityScience Magazine printed testimonials of three scientists who searched for “Sunshine outside the ivory tower.” They now call themselves “Recovering Academics” and shared similar emotional challenges. “Over the past few years, all three of us have left academia,” they agree, before describing their individual situations. “It was the right decision for each of us, but we still struggled with uncertainty and a feeling of failure, and we could find little community support.” One felt like “I had lost my tribe” but, after awhile, she acclimated. Their descriptions mirror experiences of ex-cult members and drug rehab patients, suggesting that the culture of science puts a grip on people that controls their minds. Each one struggled with depression, a sense of failure, and a loss of community.Science is not an abstract, objective thing. It is always mediated through humans. People come into science with biases, expectations, and preferences. Hang out with liberal academics, and you will want to be like them. Hang out with superiors who cheat, and you will tend to excuse misconduct. Feel the allure of funding, and you will be tempted to bend your convictions to get that lifeblood of job security. It takes firm self-control and independence of mind to fight those tendencies. There are many good individual scientists who have integrity; we don’t tarnish them with a broad brush. However, it is scientists themselves who are pointing out these issues from the inside. We dare not assume a simplistic, 1950s-era mindset about scientific objectivity, gazing at Big Science like a Disneyland of wonders. Inside that white lab coat is a person with feelings, dreams, biases and a human soul. Maybe the best scientists are those who, like James Joule, are independently wealthy, alone, and experiment for the sure satisfaction of their curiosity about how the world works. Unfortunately, you can’t build a Large Hadron Collider or spacecraft that way. So while admiring good science, we must always be cautious about bad science.The best way to get scientists of integrity is to build the fear of God into them when they are young, teaching them the Ten Commandments. Even better is to mature them into those with the love of God, who, with the law of God written on their hearts, pursue truth and righteousness because they love those virtues. last_img read more

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Join GEM this Mandela Month

first_imgIf you’re not sure what you’ll be doing this Mandela Month, why not join GEM and Brand South Africa in helping those in need. With a wide range of organisations and initiatives to choose from, you can find something that appeals to you.The GEM Project invites you to join its group of volunteers who are going the extra mile to help the needy on Mandela Month. (Image: GEM Project, via Facebook)Not sure how you’ll be spending your 67 minutes this Mandela Month? Download the GEM Project app and find out what opportunities there are to play your part in your area.With a wide range organisations and initiatives in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Howick, you can find the right place for you to help build a better South Africa for all through active citizenship.The GEM Project App is available on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and the Blackberry App Store, ready to get you set on Nelson Mandela International Day and the days that follow.Where to goSome of the opportunities open to volunteers:Cape TownIkamva Youth – grades 10 and 11 tutoringVolunteers are expected to support learners with their homework and tutor them in concepts they find challenging.Subjects include mathematics, physical science, business studies, electrical technology, mechanical technology, engineering graphics and design.Proteus Technical High School, Reygersdal Drive, Atlantis, Cape TownLadles of Love – soup kitchen for the homelessJoin GEM in giving homeless people in Cape town nourishment and love. It’s the @Ladles way and every bit helps.Doppio Zero, St George’s Mall, Cape Town CBDUpcycle and UcookVolunteers help to set up the kitchen and other activities.Claremont Civic Centre, 231 Main Road, ClaremontDomestic Animal Rescue GroupThere are 10 volunteer stations for those who want to meet the animals. There is also a children’s corner and a book sale.Hout Bay Road, Hout BayTears Animal RescueLoads of activities are planned to make rescued tails wag and kittens purr.4 Lekkerwater Road, SunnydaleCart Horse Protection AssociationVolunteer at the Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre at the Firlands Equestrian Estate in Somerset West. Help clean the roofs, stable walls and paddocks.Sir Lowry’s Pass Road, Firlands Park, Helderberg RuralJohannesburgThe Gift of JoyThe organisation is hosting children from a children’s home for a day of fun at Gold Reef City. Spend time with the children by joining them on the rides.Gold Reef City, OrmondeArk Animal CentreThe day is about spoiling the dogs. Walk, brush, play or just love the canines. Or for those who want to spruce up the place, you can paint or garden.17 Howard Avenue, ChartwellSandton Community Policing ForumJoin the Sandton Community Policing Forum as it cleans, fixes and repairs the Sandton Police Station.2 Summit Road, Morningside, SandtonWestbury Youth CentreHelp the Westbury Youth Centre serve senior citizens tea, coffee and lunch. Then help to clean the centre.Westbury Youth Centre, cnr MacMillan and Du Plessis streets, WestburyEthembeni Children’s HomeHelp facilitators at the home with daily chores before spending time with the toddlers.84 Davies Street, DoornfonteinPretoriaNew BeginningzVolunteers wash windows and walls, clean the balcony, plant vegetables and paint classrooms. You can also donate fresh fruit and veggies, non-perishable food, baby formula, wet wipes, nappies and pocket change for the children.558 Bengal Street, Laudium, CenturionHowick, KZNLove Howick & Oasis ChurchThe church calls on individuals, families, churches, businesses and the government to help clean up the Howick CBD. Take black bags, gloves and scrapers to remove illegal posters.70 Main Street, Howick, KwaZulu-NatalBe sure to keep an eye on the GEM Project App for any updates or new additions to their list of volunteering events.Would you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See Using Brand South Africa material.last_img read more

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Tort Brown Barley Twist Long Banana Hair Clip Clamp Comb : Unfortunately the first of the two clips I put in

first_imgThe services was outstanding, i been given this product in two times of. I have long hair and have struggled to locate a banana clip that will keep my hair in situation all working day. The provider was excellent, i been given this product within just two times of the order puchase. I enjoy it that much i have just placed a further purchase.I have pretty long significant hair, but this clip holds my hair quite nicely. Thinking about shopping for yet another color.Tort Brown Barley Twist Long Banana Hair Clip Clamp CombThis fab banana clip is a fun way to style your hair! Perfect for curly or staight dos, this essential clip is easy and simple to use!I have been seriously satisfied with this, i definitely adore how it appears in my hair. I have long straight hair and simply because of this, a ton of clips just slide out after a several hrs at the most, but this will in fact remain in most of the working day. It is a extremely long clip while so if you have a little hair you may possibly obtain it can be it as well big. It truly is not the highest of high quality, but for the cost, i’d recommend seeking it out, specifically if you happen to be looking for a a little diverse fashion for your hair.Excellent banana hair clip they are robust and maintain a large amount of hair devoid of any trouble. I am pretty pleased with this order specially soon after other folks i purchasedturned out to be flimsey and my hair saved falling out. One of my finest buys – five stars.I did test other out allows for this product, but was unable uncover this measurement, my spouse is vety delighted ghat i was equipped to get ghis on line, she suggests she is aware now wherever to purchase a further a person when she wants to.Tort Brown Barley Twist Long Banana Hair Clip Clamp Comb : Been looking for these for ages. . Have just found some in my town though a pound cheaper. However the initial of the two clips i place in. Sadly the first of the two clips i set in snapped at the hinge finish. I do have very assume frizzy hair, so i feel this is a product or service far more appropriate for folks with hair that just isn’t to major or thick.Not so excellent as my other just one. . If i hadn’t acquired the twisted black 15cm banana clip at the very same time i likely would be praising this a person additional very. On the other hand in comparison to the other it just doesn’t cope with my hair or experience as at ease.last_img read more

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3 Easy Tools for Crafting a Great-Looking Personal Webpage

first_imgA Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Need an online portfolio in a hurry? Not all of us have the time, energy, or skill to build something from scratch, or the resources to farm out the job to more capable hands. Happily, some great tools are available that make it a breeze to build a good-looking personal website without actually building much of anything at all. Something simple that looks good can serve as a placeholder – and you might end up liking the it enough to keep it around. Whether you need a basic resume page, a photo portfolio, or a springboard to your (or your brand’s) profiles on sites like Twitter and Facebook, these sites get the job done quickly and easily – and free of charge. Fully Flexible and Socially Promiscuous: FlavorsFlavors has a lot in common with AOL-owned About.me, but the former was first and we’ve always been partial to it. Sign up for a free Flavors account and you’ll get access to a social Swiss army knife’s worth of webpage tools. It’s dead simple to make an attractive site – particularly a sparse, modern one; less is more, after all. Add your essential info to a basic landing page and get to work tweaking the background image, fine-tuning the colors, fonts, and alignment, and you’ll have a great looking result in no time.If you spring for the premium version, you can mask the Flavors.me domain with a custom url and no one will be the wiser. Flavors connects to just about every social network we use (and some we don’t), letting you display content from Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, and many more. Since the content dynamically loads on your new profile page, this is a great way to feature portfolio fodder like writing or photos that you can host externally (and easily). Cherry-pick your best work, publish it on a (less versatile) site like 500px, plug it into Flavors and voilà.Eminently Searchable in a Snap: Google+Google+ is the quick and dirtiest of the quick-and-dirty options. Want to fast-track your name to great SEO? Invest a little time sprucing up your profile page on the social platform crafted by the search king itself. Google tweaks its search secret sauce regularly, but you can bet that putting in the time to flesh out and maintain a Google+ profile page will pay off in search rankings. In our casual testing, we searched for a handful of folks we know, from both within and without our G+ circles, and a Google+ profile popped up in the top five results every time. (If you’re one of the John Smiths of the world, well . . . good luck to you.)Beyond its SEO advantage, Google+ is a pretty solid – if uninspiring – way to funnel people to your links and social accounts. The About section of a Google+ user page includes a tagline, an introduction section (your bio can go here) and a section dedicated to any links you didn’t sneak into your introduction. But be sure to enable the “Profile discovery” option toward the bottom of the Google+ profile edit page (found just above the “Other profiles” link section) to allow search engines to index your G+ profile – that’s how the magic happens. If you’ve got some kind of author page floating around out there on the web, Google+ would be happy to link up your profile with what you publish. You’ll have to jump through a few hoops, but the result is a little pic of you that pops up next to your links in search. Photographers in particular will appreciate Google+’s attractive lightbox view and well-implemented photo sharing and organization features. Related Posts Tags:#Publishing Services#web Social Data Infused with Style: VizifyVizify is the newest tool on this list, the least traditional, and definitely the most fun. If you’re interested in an eye-catching, ultra-modern spin on a traditional landing page, this one will be right up your alley. Vizify is so new on the scene that you’ll need to request an invite. But once you’re in, it couldn’t be simpler to set up. Choose which social networks you’d like Vizify’s engine to cull data from, pick a flattering color scheme and you’ll quickly be met with an elegant array of brightly-colored data nodes arranged into a web of personal info.You can drill down and get as granular as you want, adding individual images from Instagram or highlighting your pithiest moment on Twitter, or just see what Vizify comes up with organically. It’s untraditional, sure, but that’s the point – all of the important stuff is there, from the links you want to highlight to your current position and location . . . it’s just arranged more playfully than you might be used to.Whether you want something flexible, practical or fun, between Flavors, Google+ and Vizify, there’s likely an option here to inspire you to landing page greatness. Got a Web profile creator that didn’t make this list? Let us know and we’ll take it for a spin. Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting taylor hatmakerlast_img read more

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