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Sunderland boss Sam Allardyce targets Black Cats lift-off

first_img Press Association The Black Cats secured their first Barclays Premier League victory of the season at the 10th time of asking last Sunday, as arch-rivals Newcastle left the Stadium of Light on the wrong end of a 3-0 scoreline. Allardyce was quick to warn his players that was only the start of his recovery mission – they remain inside the bottom three – and that there is still much work to be done. But he does not want them to be bowed down by the pressure of what lies ahead. He said: “It’s a huge task for us all and we have got to meet it head-on, but we have also got to enjoy ourselves. “It’s depressing that a football club of this size with these facilities has only won its first game in 10. But it’s about enjoying yourself and making sure that you look forward to coming in. “Of course, that only gets better if you win football matches, but in the meantime, it cannot be all doom and gloom, it cannot be all depression because we will never get out of the problems we are in.” Sunderland travel to Everton on Sunday hoping to take advantage of the Toffees’ difficulties at Goodison Park – Roberto Martinez’s men have won only one of their five home league games to date this season – by completing a hat-trick of victories on the blue half of Merseyside for the first time in more than a century. They do so with doubts over four key men – central defenders John O’Shea and Younes Kaboul, midfielder Ola Toivonen and striker Fabio Borini – but with confidence having been boosted by their efforts a week earlier. Allardyce said: “Every time you get a result and when you get one as big as this, then the confidence grows in the team. But we have not to overshadow the fact that we have got to start playing better. “As individuals and as a squad, we have got a fantastic result, but I’m sure we can play a lot better and we need to play a lot better to get more consistent results and make sure that we are very difficult to beat and that if we can’t win a game, we make sure we can’t lose it and keep picking points up in as many games as possible.” center_img Sam Allardyce wants to put a smile back on the faces of his Sunderland players as he attempts to mobilise them for a push up the Barclays Premier League table. last_img read more

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Resurrecting Stalin’s Ghost

first_imgMost people feel there are certain historical figures off limits for praise.  Hitler and Stalin are probably two of the most infamous.  Believe it or not, a new Russian textbook is trying to portray Stalin in a more positive light.  The UK Daily Mail reported that the textbook portrays the tyrant’s mass murders as “entirely rational.”    Millions were shot, exiled, starved and imprisoned during Stalin’s reign of terror, especially during the “Great Terror” of the 1930s.  In addition, Stalin carefully controlled a “cult of personality” that deceived the masses into thinking of him as a great savior of Russia.  It took years of “De-Stalinization” under successive premiers to uncover the extent of the terror Stalin had inflicted on the nation.    Apparently the current Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin wants to portray Stalin in a more positive light.  The textbook he approved stresses Stalin’s extensive library and rationalizes his purges as understandable given the historical situation.  Critics, naturally, are up in arms over this attempt to whitewash what they consider one of the most evil dictators in history.    The 08/01/2008 entry contained a recounting in Nature of the rivalry between honorable geneticist Dmitri Vavilov and Stalin’s choice for scientist, the charlatan Trofim Lysenko, which resulted in Vavilov’s murder and the starvation of millions of Russians in the Ukraine.  This week in Nature,1 two Russian scientists wrote in to comment.  The Vavilov affair was just one of many atrocities committed by the Stalin regime.  The two correspondents sounded ready to fight any tinge of whitewash or rationalization:To call Stalin’s agricultural collectivization policy a “consolidation of land and labour” is an awful understatement: an estimated 10 million productive peasants and their families were exiled or imprisoned from 1929�1933.  Stalin was hardly “desperate to feed thousands of citizens dying of starvation” when these were the same people he starved and murdered while sending Russian grain abroad.The correspondents also took issue with Nature’s apparent moral equivalence of Stalin with science policy in Western democracies.  “Saying that ’even now, politics continues to trump good science’ should not be taken as equating murderous dictators with democratic governments.”1.  Victor Fet and Michael D. Golubovsky, “Vavilov’s vision for genetics was among Stalin’s many victims,” Nature 455, 27 (4 September 2008) | doi:10.1038/455027a.Stalin’s regime was so unspeakably horrible, we must never let generations forget.  It makes no sense to focus entirely on Hitler’s six million victims when Stalin murdered at least 20 million, machine-gunned whole towns, forced people into miserable lives of hard labor, starved millions in the Ukraine to death, incarcerated millions more in the Gulag, destroyed churches and murdered tens of thousands of clergymen, and purged rivals almost at random with a coolness and disdain that is fearful to contemplate.     While inflicting this unspeakable harm, Stalin lavished wealth on himself and basked in the worship of masses of peasants duped by his propaganda into thinking he was saving their mother country.  Throughout his career he was actively involved, through the Comintern and propaganda, in spreading communism in the West and East.  Had not a stroke cut him down in 1953, he could have toppled many other governments and instigated a nuclear war against Europe and America.    We remind readers that Stalin was a diehard Darwinist.  Upon finding and reading Darwin’s Origin of Species in seminary, Stalin became an atheist, reversed his career plans for the Russian Orthodox Church, and entered politics, where, through intrigue and crafted relationships, he took the legacy of the intensely radical, murderous Vladimir Lenin (another atheist Darwinist) into his own hands.    Every dictator accomplishes some good things and has some nice moments.  But in light of these atrocities, is that useful or necessary to review?  Saddam Hussein could look pretty handsome and polite in meetings with foreign dignitaries.  So what?  His overall reputation for evil swamped any good traits.  Stalin achieved some impressive modernization and industrialization of the Soviet Union.  He repulsed Hitler’s advances (though late and poorly planned, with horrendous human cost).  He collected art and left some impressive buildings.  When such things were done on the backs and graves of millions of his countrymen, it hardly deserves listing them, especially when a free government under beneficent leaders might have achieved the same or better without such horrible human cost.  There’s no rationalization for evil.    The only one exceeding Stalin in pure evil was Chairman Mao in China, Stalin’s ally, who murdered up to 77 million through state-sponsored terror (11/30/2005).  But after awhile the body count begins to sound academic.  The ideas that resulted in the worst genocides in modern history – in all of human history – came from the poisoned well of Darwin, who led people to think of mankind adrift in a chance universe without God.  In Darwin’s meaningless universe, the individual as a creation of God faded away like a dream.  In its place came The State.  Is anyone surprised that Marx, Lenin and Stalin, all Darwin-lovers, began a genre of cold-blooded despots the likes of which history had never seen?  The despots of Cambodia, Cuba, Rwanda, Vietnam, and North Korea (which remains one of the scariest and most brutal governments in the world) all admired Hitler and Stalin as role models.    With American universities still infiltrated with Marxist-Darwinists, with prominent Darwinists pushing atheism in the name of science (08/28/2008), and with Nature insinuating that there is moral equivalence between Stalinist Russia and President Bush’s policies on science funding, maybe you get a sense of why services like Creation-Evolution Headlines play a vital role in our times to remind us that bad ideas have consequences – real consequences, where it hurts.(Visited 6 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

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Government Agrees With Microsoft: Google Wasn’t Certified [Update]

first_imgTags:#enterprise#news 3 Areas of Your Business that Need Tech Now IT + Project Management: A Love Affair Cognitive Automation is the Immediate Future of… Related Posts center_img Today, the U.S. government agreed with Microsoft’s accusation that Google had provided misleading information about whether or not its Google Apps for Government is certified under the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA).According to Business Insider, a government agent agreed with Microsoft in front of the U.S. Senate, testifying that the product in question was currently going through the recertification process.Update: A Google spokesperson got in touch to say that “The Business Insider story is totally wrong,” and said they would provide further statement. We are still awaiting that statement.Update #2: Google has posted on a blog on the the topic:Microsoft claims we filed a separate FISMA application for Google Apps for Government, then leaps to the conclusion that Google Apps for Government is not FISMA certified. These allegations are false.We take the federal government’s security requirements seriously and have delivered on our promise to meet them. What’s more, we’ve been open and transparent with the government, and it’s irresponsible for Microsoft to suggest otherwise.Google offers a full rebuttal on its blog.Update #3: The U.S. General Services Administration offered the following statement:“GSA certified the Google Apps Premier environment as FISMA compliant in July of 2010. Google Apps for Government uses the Google Apps Premier infrastructure, but adds additional controls in order to meet requirements requested by specific government agencies. The original FISMA certification remains intact while GSA works with Google to review the additional controls to update the existing July 2010 FISMA certification.”David McClure, an associate administrator with the U.S. General Services Administration, testified before a hearing led by U.S. Senator Tom Carper, in which Carper asked if McCure would “comment on these recent reports and discuss how OMB and GSA are addressing the concerns that are raised by them.” His answer, as quoted in Business Insider (with their emphasis):MCCLURE (GSA): Sure, I’d be glad to bring some clarity to it. In July 2010, GSA did a FISMA security accreditation for “Google Apps Premier.” That’s what the Google product was called, and it passed our FISMA accreditation process. We actually did that so other agencies could use the Google product. If we do one accreditation, it’s leveraged across many agencies. Since that time, Google has introduced what they’re calling “Google Apps for Government.” It’s a subset of Google Apps Premier, and as soon as we found out about that, as with all the other agencies, we have what you would normally do when a product changes, you have to re-certify it. So that’s what we’re doing right now, we’re actually going through a re-certification based on those changes that Google has announced with the “Apps for Government” product offering.Google does have FISMA certification for Google Apps Premiere, but not for the Apps for Government, although that claim does appear on its website.When we wrote about this topic earlier this week, Google’s David Mihalchik told us that “we did not mislead the court or our customers. Google Apps received a FISMA security authorization from the General Services Administration in July 2010. Google Apps for Government is the same system with enhanced security controls that go beyond FISMA requirements. As planned we’re working with GSA to continuously update our documentation with these and other additional enhancements.” Massive Non-Desk Workforce is an Opportunity fo… mike melansonlast_img read more

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