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Narine grabs two wickets with new action in comeback

first_imgPORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad (CMC):West Indies off-spinner Sunil Narine made his highly anticipated return to competitive cricket in Trinidad Saturday, as he continued his comeback from a career-threatening international ban.Boasting a remodelled action, the 27-year-old captured two for 37 in a 10-over spell as his domestic club Queen’s Park beat Clarke Road by 32 runs at Wilson Road in the opening round of the 50-overs championship.He was watched by Trinidad and Tobago Red Force head coach, Gus Logie, along with national coach Kelvin Williams.”They were very happy with the fact that during his last few overs he got back his pace on the deliveries, so all in all it was a good day for him,” Queen’s Park coach David Furlonge told The Guardian newspaper here.Narine had not bowled competitively since being forced out of the Bangladesh Premier League last November, with the announcement of the International Cricket Council (ICC) ban.He was reported during West Indies’ series against Sri Lanka and subsequent tests showed that his action was exceeding the 15-degree level of tolerance permitted under ICC regulations.The Trinidadian has since undergone rehabilitation on his action and is scheduled to be tested at the Loughborough University in England next month, to determine if he is fit to return to international cricket.Narine was last week named in a West Indies 15-man squad for the Twenty20 World Cup starting in India in March.However, his place will only be confirmed once his action is deemed legal following the Loughborough test.- CMClast_img read more

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Deafening silence by British, American diplomates on Cyber Crimes Bill

first_imgDear Editor,Please allow me to share my thoughts while I am still free to do so! There is no reason for me to outline objections to the monstrous Cyber Crimes Bill of 2106 as presented for passage by the current Administration of Guyana; I think any intelligent person knows that it is intended to suppress any criticism of the Government and its actions as statements in any form that cause “disaffection” will not be allowed. This presumes an ‘affection’ existed which in itself must be legally problematic.We, the people, must be thankful to the vigilant actions of those who exposed the regressive clause in the Bill and we must also be wary of the disinformation campaign waged immediately after this expose. Ruel Johnson’s missive suggested that the offending clauses had no place in a “modern liberal democracy” when in fact it has no place in civilised society, was the tip of the stick to stir waters and cloud this very clear issue. This is a Government bill brought by the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) Administration and is not a “bipartisan” effort – it saddens me how easily many are misled, no doubt many also believe that Mr Johnson is no longer a member of the Chronicle Board, given his announcement of an April 1 resignation.Make no mistake, this is the work of a paid propagandist masquerading as a concerned citizen; Mr Johnson should simply follow the example of others in Government employ and have an opinion piece in the Guyana Chronicle, that taxpayer’s burden that keeps on giving.Editor, the truth of the matter is that it is not statements of others that cause my disaffection with the APNU/AFC Government. It is the maladministration of every aspect of our national life that causes my disaffection. It is the refusal to accept advice from a competent International Monetary Fund (IMF) paid adviser on oil that led to them being hoodwinked. It is the unchecked spending spree that continues to drain the Treasury. It is unilateral appointments contrary to the spirit of agreements between the Administration and Opposition.  It is suggesting that the Chief Justice is entitled to her opinion and the President to his, as if she were a private citizen. This dictatorship is not creeping; it is in full flow. Clause 18.1 is simply a revelation of the real intent and purpose of His Excellency David Granger; no Minister would dare insert such a heinous provision without approval at the highest level. I have held my peace for a number of days, hoping that our newly self-appointed overlords at the British High Commission and United States Embassy would put in their “two cents”, but the silence is deafening! Editor, even if the Administration was demonstrating good governance and prudent financial management, I would be disaffected in the extreme by a Government that wanted to muzzle my mouth, one that demands my affection regardless of its actions. Not for me the goosestep or Sieg Heils. I was born in an independent and non-tyrannical Guyana. I will not cooperate in any way with that which legitimises the current Administration, for there is much truth in these words from Mahatma Gandhi : “The moment there is suspicion about a person’s motives, everything he does becomes tainted.”Sincerely,Robin Singhlast_img read more

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Gmail going worldwide as Google grows

first_img160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Although it will no longer require invitations to sign up, Gmail is retaining its “beta,” or test, status, signaling that Google still considers the service to be a work in progress. Making Gmail more widely available is important to Google because other key products like instant messaging and calendar management are tied into the e-mail service, company co-founder Sergey Brin said an interview. “It has become a real cornerstone for us.” Because Gmail users often remain logged into Google’s Web site while they conduct online searches, the service also helps the company’s engineers learn more about individual preferences – knowledge that can help deliver more relevant search results and foster more loyalty. The decision to lift all invitation requirements on Gmail signals Google finally believes it has adequate computing capacity to accommodate the generous amount of free storage provided by the e-mail service after investing heavily in additional data centers. Gmail offers each account at least 2.8 gigabytes of storage – enough to fill about 1.4 million pages. In 2006 alone, Google’s capital expenditures totaled $1.9 billion, with much of the money going toward additional computing capacity. It’s an investment that Google could easily afford, having earned $3.1 billion on revenue of $10.6 billion last year. SAN FRANCISCO – Google Inc.’s free e-mail service will shed the final remnants of its invitation-only restrictions Wednesday, extending the reach of an increasingly popular product that has emerged as a vital cog in the online search leader’s expansion efforts. Invitations will no longer be required to join the nearly 3-year-old “Gmail” service in the United States, Canada, Mexico and a swath of Asian and South American countries where the Mountain View-based company previously limited the number of users. With those restrictions now lifted, Gmail will be open to all comers worldwide for the first time since Google unveiled the service on April Fool’s Day in 2004. “It’s a pretty momentous time for Gmail,” said Keith Coleman, Google’s product manager for the service. last_img read more

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Gonzales can’t sway skeptical senators

first_imgEven with the White House offering fresh support, it was a long day for the attorney general. Seventy-one times he fell back on faulty memory, saying he could not recall or remember conversations or events surrounding the firings. During breaks in the hearing, sign-waving protesters rose from the audience calling for him to resign. Digging in as the day wore on, Gonzales defended his decision last year to oust the U.S. attorneys. Congress is investigating whether the firings were politically motivated, which the Bush administration vehemently denies. “The notion that there was something that was improper that happened here is simply not supported,” Gonzales said, adding that he would make the same decisions again. Late Thursday, Sen. Jeff Sessions said in a telephone interview that the Justice Department might be better served with new leadership. “I think it’s going to be difficult for him to be an effective leader,” said Sessions, a Republican member of the Judiciary Committee and former federal prosecutor. “At this point, I think \ should be given a chance to think it through and talk to the president about what his future should be,” Sessions said, adding that he was most troubled by Gonzales’ inability to recall attending a meeting at which the firings were discussed. Documents provided by the Justice Department show he was present at the Nov. 27, 2006, meeting. Gonzales has provided differing versions of the events surrounding the dismissals, first saying he had almost no involvement and later acknowledging that his role was larger – but only after e-mails about meetings he attended were released by the Justice Department to House and Senate committees. There was no doubt about the stakes involved for a member of President Bush’s inner circle, and support from fellow Republicans was critical to his attempt to hold his job. Calling most of Gonzales’ explanations for the firings “a stretch,” Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham asked whether the dismissals simply came down to personality disagreements the Justice Department and White House had with the former prosecutors. “You said something that struck me – that sometimes it just came down to these were not the right people at the right time,” said Graham, R-S.C. “If I applied that standard to you, what would you say?” Ignoring hoots of laughter from the protesters, Gonzales responded: “I believe that I continue to be effective as the attorney general of the United States. We’ve done some great things.” A number of Democrats have called for Gonzales to resign or be fired, but until Thursday John Sununu of New Hampshire was the only Republican senator to say so. Bush spokesman Tony Fratto said at the White House that Gonzales “can be effective going forward.” “It’s understandable that the senators have been frustrated by the way this decision was communicated and we fully expected that they would take this opportunity to express this frustration,” Fratto said. Gonzales also scrapped with Democrats, most notably committee chairman Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont and Charles E. Schumer of New York. Even soft-spoken Sen. Herb Kohl of Wisconsin chastised Gonzales for having “severely shaken the confidence of the American people.” Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, top Republican on the panel, stopped short of calling for Gonzales to resign – a modest lifeline for the attorney general – even while questioning his credibility. Specter said the attorney general’s answers “did not stick together.” Senators ticked off evidence – based on department documents and testimony from two former senior Justice officials – that Gonzales participated in discussions about at least three of the fired prosecutors: Carol Lam in San Diego, Bud Cummins in Little Rock, Ark., and David Iglesias in New Mexico. In Iglesias’ case, Gonzales recalled an Oct. 11 conversation with Bush and White House political adviser Karl Rove about voter fraud concerns during which the prosecutor’s name came up. “I now understand that there was a conversation between myself and the president,” Gonzales said. In an interview Thursday, Iglesias said Gonzales has yet to point out a performance-related reason that justifies the firing. The reasons Gonzales has given “are political issues,” Iglesias said. “I wish he would shoot straight with the American people.” Gonzales faced GOP as well as Democratic challenges to his credibility throughout the day. Later, Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa criticized Gonzales for now accepting responsibility for the firings after initially saying he had played only a minor role. “Why is your story changing?” Grassley asked. In response, Gonzales replied that his earlier answers had been “overbroad,” the result of inadequate preparation. He said he made a “mistake I freely acknowledge” for taking a largely hands-off approach to the firings. But “at the end of the day I know I did not do anything improper.” Gonzales marched out of the hearing at its conclusion, shortly before 5 p.m., as protesters began singing “Hey, hey, goodbye” from the 1970s hit song by Steam. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! WASHINGTON – Attorney General Alberto Gonzales struggled Thursday to convince skeptical senators he did nothing improper in firing eight federal prosecutors, losing ground as a second senator from his own party joined the calls for his resignation. Republican as well as Democratic lawmakers challenged the embattled attorney general during an often-bitter five-hour hearing before the Judiciary Committee. Lawmakers confronted Gonzales with documents and sworn testimony they said showed he was more involved in the dismissals than he contended. “The best way to put this behind us is your resignation,” Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma bluntly told Gonzales, one GOP conservative to another. Gonzales disagreed, rejecting the idea that his departure would put the controversy to rest. last_img read more

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Full text: Cho family statement

first_img 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Statement issued to The Associated Press by Sun-Kyung Cho, sister of Seung-Hui Cho: On behalf of our family, we are so deeply sorry for the devastation my brother has caused. No words can express our sadness that 32 innocent people lost their lives this week in such a terrible, senseless tragedy. We are heartbroken. We grieve alongside the families, the Virginia Tech community, our State of Virginia, and the rest of the nation. And, the world. Every day since April 16, my father, mother and I pray for students Ross Abdallah Alameddine, Brian Roy Bluhm, Ryan Christopher Clark, Austin Michelle Cloyd, Matthew Gregory Gwaltney, Caitlin Millar Hammaren, Jeremy Michael Herbstritt, Rachael Elizabeth Hill, Emily Jane Hilscher, Jarrett Lee Lane, Matthew Joseph La Porte, Henry J. Lee, Partahi Mamora Halomoan Lumbantoruan, Lauren Ashley McCain, Daniel Patrick O’Neil, J. Ortiz-Ortiz, Minal Hiralal Panchal, Daniel Alejandro Perez, Erin Nicole Peterson, Michael Steven Pohle Jr., Julia Kathleen Pryde, Mary Karen Read, Reema Joseph Samaha, Waleed Mohamed Shaalan, Leslie Geraldine Sherman, Maxine Shelly Turner, Nicole White, Instructor Christopher James Bishop, and Professors Jocelyne Couture-Nowak, Kevin P. Granata, Liviu Librescu and G.V. Loganathan. We pray for their families and loved ones who are experiencing so much excruciating grief. And we pray for those who were injured and for those whose lives are changed forever because of what they witnessed and experienced. Each of these people had so much love, talent and gifts to offer, and their lives were cut short by a horrible and senseless act. We are humbled by this darkness. We feel hopeless, helpless and lost. This is someone that I grew up with and loved. Now I feel like I didn’t know this person. We have always been a close, peaceful and loving family. My brother was quiet and reserved, yet struggled to fit in. We never could have envisioned that he was capable of so much violence. He has made the world weep. We are living a nightmare. There is much justified anger and disbelief at what my brother did, and a lot of questions are left unanswered. Our family will continue to cooperate fully and do whatever we can to help authorities understand why these senseless acts happened. We have many unanswered questions as well. Our family is so very sorry for my brother’s unspeakable actions. It is a terrible tragedy for all of us. Source: North Carolina attorney Wade Smith, who provided the statement on behalf of the Cho familylast_img read more

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BC Government unveils Climate Leadership Plan

first_imgFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The BC Government today unveiled the Climate Leadership Plan.Christy Clark along with Environment Minister Mary Polak have outlined BC’s goals when it comes to Climate Change.They say it will create 66,000 jobs over the next 10 years as well as reduce net annual greenhouse gas emissions by up to 25 million tonnes below the current forecasts of 2050.- Advertisement -Of note, the BC Government will not be increasing its Carbon Tax rate.“We are continuing to lead the way in reducing emissions and creating jobs with the release of our new Climate Leadership Plan,” said Premier Christy Clark. “We are taking action with an approach that balances environmental responsibility with economic opportunity.”When it comes to Natural Gas, this is what the Government has planned:Advertisement “As immediate actions within the plan, B.C. is launching a strategy to reduce methane emissions, regulating carbon capture and storage projects, and using electricity to power natural gas production and processing. These action items will create 4,043 jobs, $527 million in economic activity and will reduce GHG emissions by five million tonnes CO2e by 2050.”“B.C. is making the province’s electricity 100% renewable or clean and fuelling marine vessels with cleaner burning LNG. Creating new, energy efficiency standards for gas fired boilers and expanding incentives to promote adoption of efficient gas equipment are all parts of the plan. These actions will create 554 jobs, $53 million in economic activity and will reduce GHG emissions by two million tonnes CO2e by 2050.”The Government says the plan reflects opinions made by the Climate Leadership Team and feedback that came through two rounds of public talks with stakeholders and citizens, and consultations with sector-specific industry groups.last_img read more

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DD Motoring: End of the line

first_imgI am not surprised that Bus Eireann Expressways are in the crisis they are in.For years I have had an interest in public transport, and our national bus service provider. They have never listened to their customer’s needs. It is sad to think that a national bus service will no longer exist in Ireland, especially with Britain about to depart from Europe. Advertisement It saddens me to say as a person born in Co. Donegal that the British provided a better transport service in Donegal over one hundred years ago. A network of railways and companies built a structured network to most parts of our remote county.The only positive thing that anyone seems to say about Bus Eireann Expressway as we head into this strike, is that it provided a great service to the Airport in Dublin and that it is also cheaper than driving your car to Dublin and parking there.Losses are not new to transport services. We only need to look at the early days of the Lough Swilly railway when it was extending the line from Burnfoot or Tobin Junction to Letterkenny. The company was in difficultly before it even got the rail line section finished as far as Letterkenny. The government at the time stepped in to support the completion of the line.A friend and neighbour of mine Mick Gallen in Glencar who drove the CDR railcar told me of the re-laying of the line between Ballindrait and Lifford in the late 50s. At the time it looked so good for the future of the Letterkenny to Strabane railway line which in turn at that time could take you on to Dublin. In less than a year the railways were closed for good in Co. Donegal, and the new line was lifted less than a year after it was put down. Advertisement So since then you had to be in Letterkenny or Donegal Town or any connecting town in between them to be able to get an express bus to Dublin and that was it. Lough Swilly Bus Company were the service provider for the less profitable routes in the north west of the county.Lough Swilly was in the transport business for 164 years in Co Donegal. A similar time as Co.Donegal Railway, CIE started in 1945 and Bus Eireann was formed in 1987. With the Lough Swilly Bus Company closing in 2014 and the chiefs in Bus Eireann saying that the National Service is about to go if the workers don’t reconsider their demands. Donegal and the rest of rural Ireland is about to be left with out a national bus network.There are positives from this outcome in Donegal. Because of the demand in and out of Donegal over the years which Bus Eireann eitherover looked or didn’t think mattered private bus companies all local in our county have covered millions of miles in and out of Donegal to Dublin, Galway, Belfast and even Glasgow since the time Bus Eireann was set up in 1987. These companies, some of which started off in taxis then progressed to mini busses. These were the poor relations on the roads for the last 30 years, these were the ones that were listening to its passengers, went that extra mile.For years they were look down on by the national service provider, they lifted their passengers along the road side and stopped short of the big transport hubs in the cities they provided service to. Over the years paying passengers have made the slow move across to the private bus service in and out of Co. Donegal.Donegal people look back in sadness at the demise of the railway in Donegal, the sad truth about the railway in Donegal was that it wasn’t supported by the people of the county. It could be simply that they couldn’t afford it or had their own way of getting from A to B that the might have considered the train a luxury to travel by in those years.Donegal, never in its history had a better private bus service up and running than it has at the moment. For all these companies that built up these service over the years which have provided work in Co Donegal, now is the time to support them, now is the time to look for support for these local companies. Proper bus stops to accommodate the numbers of passengers that use these services. Proper Time tables for Co.Donegal that include and recognise all these route service providers. Proper online booking providers that these companies can avail of. The Single Bus stop in Letterkenny that caters for all the private bus companies that operate in Co Donegal that is located near Michael Murphy Sports. Photo Brian McDaidWhat we don’t want to see in Donegal now is negativity to these bus services. If a strike goes ahead with Bus Eireann which looks very likely to happen, there will be loads of bus companies looking to long hall routes like Dublin and Galway to Donegal to come in with a view of tendering for these route if Bus Eireann is to fail.If you were a student studying in Galway or Dublin over recent years, you know your local Donegal bus company was the one most students use to get home.And finallyIt was about a month ago two Japanese tourists stopped me outside O’Boyce’s at the Station Roundabout. They were obviously on google maps or something but were looking for the bus station, I pointed them in the direction of the Bus Eireann Bus station.Photo Brian McDaidThey then showed me their map on the phone which was showing a second bus station. What was shown was the bus stop for private busses in Letterkenny, just out side Michael Murphy’s Sports Shop. I pointed to the small Bus Stop along the road side and had bother convincing them that this is one of the main stops for every bus in Donegal that is not Bus Eireann. DD Motoring: End of the line was last modified: January 26th, 2017 by Brian McDaidShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:brian mc daidbus eireanndonegalmotoringstrikelast_img read more

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Huddersfield, Leeds, Villa and other EFL clubs that used to dominate football

first_img 8 8 8 Preston North End – When the Football League was created in 1888, Preston were already one of the best teams in England. They had lost the FA Cup final that year – winners West Brom aided by some questionable refereeing from one Major Francis Marindin – but made up for their heartbreak by doing the ‘Double’ the following season. They won the FA Cup without conceding a single goal in any one of their five games, and did not lose a match on the way to winning the inaugural Football League. They were the original ‘Invincibles’, and won a second league title the following year. The Lilywhites’ only major honour since then is the 1938 FA Cup, having been unable to turn their impressive performances in the 1950s into silverware. Aston Villa – Aston Villa have won more league titles than Chelsea. That is a statistic which remains true despite the Villans not claiming the First Division since 1981. They won six championships between 1893/84 and 1909/10, and also added the same number of FA Cups to their trophy haul between 1887 and 1920. A true powerhouse of Victorian football, Villa have never managed to replicate their wonder years – despite winning the First Division in 1981 and the European Cup in 1982. Their last FA Cup win came in 1957, while they won the League Cup in 1961, 1975, 1977, 1994 and 1996. 8 Huddersfield Town – click the right arrow to see which other EFL clubs have dominated English football – The Terriers are just one game from reaching the Premier League for the first time in their history. However, looking at football pre-1992, Huddersfield have experienced one of the most successful periods in English football. They were the first team to win three successive First Division titles (in 1923/24, ‘24/25 and ‘25/26), and kick-started that run of silverware with victory in the 1922 FA Cup. Legendary manager Herbert Chapman led them to the first three of those honours, and even though they clinched another league title in the year after he left, the Terriers started a slow decline and haven’t been in the top flight since 1972. Leeds United – Generally regarded as the biggest club outside the Premier League, Leeds missed out on a play-off place this season despite sitting in the top six for much of the campaign. Their glory years were the late 1960s and early 1970s, though they finished runners up in 12 major competitions, despite winning six trophies. The Whites won two First Division titles (1968/69 and 1973/74), one FA Cup (1971/72) and one League Cup (1967/68), plus two Fairs Cups (the forerunner of the modern Europa League). However, they were league runners up on five separate occasions, and lost in the FA Cup final three times. They also lost the 1975 European Cup final to Bayern Munich, the 1967 Fairs Cup final to Dinamo Zagreb, the 1973 Cup Winners’ Cup final to AC Milan, as well as a play-off final against Barcelona to keep the Fairs Cup. Leeds did manage another title in 1992, but 25 years on they would settle for a place among the elite once more. Blackburn Rovers – After Wanderers, who won five of the first seven FA Cups, Blackburn were the team to beat in the world’s oldest cup competition. They lost the 1882 final, then went on to become only the second club to date to win three in a row (1884, 1885 and 1886), following the Wanderers in achieving that feat. Rovers also won a further two FA Cups in 1890 and 1891, before claiming their first First Division title in 1911/12. They added a second in 1913/14, but have only enjoyed rare success since then; they won the 1928 FA Cup, the Premier League in 1994/95, and the 2002 League Cup. Having been relegated from the Championship this season, Rovers will play next season in League One. 8 Wolverhampton Wanderers – Wolves were such a powerful team in the 1950s that they can lay claim to being the reason we have the Champions League. It was their December 1954 match against highly rated Hungarian club side Honved, featuring Puskas and many of the Hungarian team considered to be the best in the world, which directly inspired the creation of the European Cup. Wolves beat Honved 3-2 and were declared by the British press to be ‘Champions of the World’, which led to the formation of the European Cup to formally decide Europe’s best team. Wolves won the First Division three times in the decade (1953/54, ’57/58 and ‘58/59), and bookended that success with two FA Cup wins (1949 and 1960). Stan Cullis’ side were the only team to seriously compete with the Busby Babes of Manchester United, prior to the tragedy of the Munich air disaster, but since the 1960s they have struggled to recapture their glory years. A solitary League Cup in 1980 is their only piece of major silverware since. 8 8 Portsmouth – Pompey won League Two this season as they plot their return to Premier League football having been relegated in 2010. Even if they get back to the top flight, the south coast club have a long way to go to emulate their glory days. Unfortunately for Portsmouth, those years coincided with World War II. They won the 1939 FA Cup – holding onto it for the longest period of any club, as the next final didn’t take place until seven years later – then picked up the First Division crown when football was reinstated after the war. The Pompey chimes rang out as they finished top of the pile in both 1948/49 and 1949/50. Sheffield Wednesday – Huddersfield beat Sheffield Wednesday in the Championship play-off semi-finals, meaning it is another year in the second division for the Owls. They were one of England’s dominant teams in pre-war football, but have claimed just one major honour since 1935 – the 1991 League Cup. In the years prior to World War II, the Owls won consecutive league titles on two occasions (1902/03, ‘03/04 and 1928/29, ‘29/30) and won the FA Cup three times (1896, 1907 and 1935). They were in the Premier League until 2000, but are still stuck on the journey trying to find their way back to the top flight. Huddersfield Town are just one game away from returning to the top division of English football for the first time since 1972.They beat Sheffield Wednesday on penalties in the Championship play-off semi-finals to set up a Wembley clash against Reading in the play-off final.That match will decide who joins Newcastle and Brighton in next season’s Premier League, and a win for the Terriers will take them back to the top table in English football.It was a table the Yorkshire club used to dominate.They were the first team to win three succesive First Division titles, doing so in the 1920s, and were one of the most dominant sides in pre-war football.Wednesday, who have now failed in the play-offs two years in a row, were also a powerful force in the English game pre-1939, and will be hoping to make it back to the first division in the near future.So, which other EFL clubs used to dominate English football in the way Huddersfield and Sheffield Wednesday once did? Click the right arrow, above, to find out… 8last_img read more

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Man attacked Go Safe speed van and then threatened to kill Gardai

first_imgA man has admitted attacking a Go Safe speed van and smashing two windows in the vehicle.Mark Fair, aged 26, appeared at Letterkenny Circuit Court where he pleaded guilty to a number of offences. Fair, from Balinahone, Fahan, has been in custody for the past four months.He pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage to the vehicle, the property of Road Safety Ireland, at Lisfannon on August 15th, 2013.He also pleaded guilty to a range of other charges to Garda Lorraine Crawford as well as a range of various dangerous driving charges.He further pleaded guilty to making threats to kill a second Garda and burning down the house of a third Garda.The case has been adjourned until next week for sentence.Man attacked Go Safe speed van and then threatened to kill Gardai was last modified: June 14th, 2017 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:courtdonegalGO SAFEInishowenMark Fairspeed vanlast_img read more

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Manchester City receive good news over Kevin De Bruyne injury

first_img The matches Kevin De Bruyne could miss August 19 – Huddersfield (home)August 25 – Wolves (away)September 1 – Newcastle (home)September 15 – Fulham (home)September 18/19 – Champions League group stage (TBC)September 22 – Cardiff (away)September 29 – Brighton (home)October 2/3 – Champions League group stage (TBC)October 7 – Liverpool (away) 1 De Bruyne flew to Barcelona on Thursday to be assessed by Ramon Cugat, the doctor highly regarded by Pep Guardiola.And it is understood that the Belgian was informed he will NOT have to undergo surgery.De Bruyne is still facing around two months on the sidelines, but City had initially feared he would be out for double that amount of time. De Bruyne was City’s best player last season as they stormed to the Premier League title, featuring in all but one of their matches.Having helped Belgium to the semi-finals of the 2018 World Cup, De Bruyne only returned to training with City at the start of last week.He was named on the bench for the opening game of the season, against Arsenal on Sunday, and played the final 30 minutes of the 2-0 win.He is now set to miss a number of games, including the crunch clash with title rivals Liverpool at Anfield in early October. Manchester City have handed a major boost after discovering Kevin De Bruyne’s injury is not as bad as first feared.The midfielder suffered an injury to his right knee during a training session on Wednesday and was pictured on crutches that night at the premiere of City’s ‘All or Nothing’ documentary. De Bruyne should be back in October last_img read more

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