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$3.15 million Recovery Act grant for Burlington waterfront

first_imgWork can officially begin on the Burlington Waterfront North Project as the result of a signed agreement between the US Department of Transportation and the City of Burlington for $3.15 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act dollars, US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced today.‘Recovery Act dollars are helping make Burlington a better place to live and work,’ said Secretary LaHood. ‘Here in Burlington, as in so many cities and communities across the country, Recovery Act projects are strengthening our infrastructure and creating well-paying jobs.’The project involves the rehabilitation and reconstruction of a section of Lake Street, the principal north-south access roadway servicing the downtown Lake Champlain waterfront, and the realignment and improvement of the Waterfront Bike Path.”Recovery Act funds will help further revitalize and renovate this industrial area in Burlington,’ said Federal Highway Administrator Victor Mendez. ‘The roadway and bike and pedestrian trails will be reconstructed and realigned to provide safer transportation choices at the waterfront.’The Burlington Waterfront North Project reclaims a portion of the formerly industrial downtown waterfront and enhances public access to the Lake Champlain shoreline. The waterfront currently suffers from inadequate transportation infrastructure, which creates significant safety concerns, restricts public access and limits economic development potential.The $3.15 million was awarded under the Recovery Act’s TIGER (Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery) grant program. TIGER funding is intended to promote innovative, multi-modal and multi-jurisdictional transportation projects that provide significant economic and environmental benefits to an entire metropolitan area, region or the nation.The Department announced the selection of $1.5 billion worth of TIGER grants for 51 projects as part of the one-year anniversary of the Recovery Act on February 17.Source: US DOT. 9.28.2010###last_img read more

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Bartram Trail Guide

first_imgThe Trail Less Traveled, A Bartram Trail GuideThere’s a long trail that hits some of the South’s best ridge-top views. Nope, it’s not the A.T. It’s the B.T.The Bartram Trail, a work in progress that runs for 110 miles through some of the loneliest and underrated terrain in North Georgia and Southwest North Carolina. “You’ll get a lot of solitude on this trail,” says Denise Davis, a Franklin-based ultra runner who trains on the Bartram and was the first to run it from end to end. “I can count on one hand the number of hikers I’ve seen on this trail over the years.”start hereMost backpackers choose to hike the trail north, starting on the Chattooga River in Georgia, and tackling the toughest terrain in North Carolina after they have their trail legs under them. Forget the speed record (see below). The terrain is predominantly rocky and steep, so plan on a solid 10 days to take on the entire Bartram. Look for yellow blazes, diamonds in Georgia, rectangles in North Carolina.trail highlightsSouthern Terminus: Russell Bridge, over the Chattooga River, on Hwy. 28. In Georgia, the Bartram runs north through the Chattahoochee National Forest for 37 miles.Ga. 0.9: Dick’s Creek Falls. A 60-foot plunge into the Chattooga River.Ga. 19.8: Martin Creek Falls, a two-tiered 35-foot falls.Ga. 22: Pinnacle Knob side trail. Take the short, but steep side trail to Pinnacle Knob, a rocky outcropping with views stretching into North Carolina.Ga. 33: Rabun Bald is Georgia’s second highest peak at 4,696 feet. A CCC-era observation tower at the top offers 360-degree views. From the top of the bald, it’s four miles to the northern terminus, a hike that crosses 15 bridges on its way to the Ga./N.C. border, where the North Carolina Bartram Trail begins.Ga. 37/N.C. 0: Georgia/North Carolina border.N.C. 3.5: Osage Overlook. After crossing Highway 106, begin the monstrous 1,000-foot ascent of Scaly Mountain (4,804 feet) in 1.4 miles.N.C. 5.5: Scaly Mountain. Peak out on Scaly Mountain and enjoy the long range views of Blue Valley.N.C. 11: Jones Knob. Take the short side trail to Jones Knob, 4,622 feet, with views back toward Scaly Mountain.N.C. 12.6: Whiterock Mountain. Follow the side trail for Whiterock Mountain for a year-round view of the rugged terrain to the south and west. You’ll also bag views as you navigate the ridgeline via the Bartram heading north.N.C. 15: Wolf Rock, elevation 4,450, another big view in the Fishhawk Mountain Range.N.C. 16.3: Random, abandoned school bus.N.C. 20: Begin the 14-mile road walk between Buckeye Branch Road trailhead and Wallace Branch Trailhead.N.C. 44: Wayah Bald. The trail high point, at 5,385 feet. A stone observation tower will get you even higher and provide a view of Franklin. You’ll cross the A.T. for the first time on the bald too (see Loop It).  Enjoy the view, because you’ve got a brutal 7.5-mile descent down to Nantahala Lake with some sections so steep, you’ll need to use your hands for purchase.N.C. 52: Nantahala Lake. You’ll skirt the edge of the highest lake in North Carolina (3,013 feet) during a half-mile road walk. You can also restock on gas-station food at Bateman’s Lakeside store.N.C. 69: Winding Stairs. Begin the tough 3,000-foot climb over 5 miles from the Nantahala River up to the summit of Cheoah Bald.N.C. 72: Bartram Falls. You’ll climb next to and through Ledbetter Creek, passing several small waterfalls on your way, including the two-tiered Bartram Falls.N.C. Northern Terminus: Cheoah Bald, 5,062 feet. The grassy bald has a 360-degree view that includes the deep and dramatic Nantahala Gorge.trail town: franklin, n.c.Cherokee used to call the area of Franklin, “Nikwasi,” or “the center of activity,” thanks to the region’s importance in tribal mythology. Today, most people enjoy Franklin because it is the exact opposite of the center of activity. The Bartram runs through the heart of Franklin, making this small outpost (population 4,000) the perfect basecamp, or restocking point, for this under-appreciated long trail.You can get a large pepperoni at Main Street Pizzeria (828-349-0979) for around $10. Outdoor 76 ( has all the gear you could possibly need to make the second half of your Bartram thru-hike more comfortable than the first half.bartram trail maploop itWe all dream of a major thru-hike like tackling the 110-mile Bartram, but logistical snafu’s, jobs, life…can get in the way. If you’re relegated to weekend-warrior status, have no worry. There are a few shorter loop options that use intersecting trails to give you the Bartram experience in a fraction of the time.Cheoah-Wayah Loop: Heading north, the Bartram Trail meets the Appalachian Trail at Wayah Bald and again 30 miles later on top of Cheoah Bald. You can park at Wayah Bald and do a 50-mile loop by hiking north on the Bartram to Cheoah and heading south on the A.T. back to Wayah. You’ll bag big views from the tops of both balds, see Bartram Falls on the steep climb up Cheoah, and cruise along a series of 5,000-foot peaks while ridgehopping the A.T. back to your car. Bonus: You’ll pass through Wesser, home to the Nantahala Outdoor Center on the A.T. leg of the day hikeJones Gap to Whiterock Mountain, 4.5 miles, round tripYou’ll hike through the heart of the Fishhawk Mountains and bag the best vista in the Southern Appalachians, according to guide Burt Kornegay. “The overlook from Whiterock Mountain sits on top of a sheer rock wall. It’s like being on the prow of the Titanic, but you’re 2,000 feet above the ground,” Kornegay says.fastest on the bartram 31:55 – Time (hours: minutes) that Matt Kirk ran the 110-mile Bartram in 2011.3,000 – Number of calories Kirk consumed in the first 30 miles of trail between Cheoah and Wayah Balds, arguably the toughest portion of the trail.Dozens – Estimated number of “naps” Kirk succumbed to while pushing through the Georgia portion of the trail.the last piece of the puzzle The Bartram Trail Society is currently building trail that will cut the current 14-mile road walk in half. A privately owned inholding within the Nantahala National Forest had kept the trail club from building the trail decades ago, but Burt Kornegay discovered that no owner had claimed the 13-acre parcel of land in 150 years. Twenty years ago, Kornegay filed a quick claim on the deed, then sold the land to the Bartram Trail Society for $1. The club recently handed the land over to the Forest Service and is now building trail.“There are probably other parcels of land in the South that have gone unclaimed and nobody knows about them,” Kornegay says.william who? William Bartram was a botanist and explorer best known for walking approximately 2,400 miles over eight southern states between 1773 and 1776. He was looking for plants and probably discovered more new species in the biologically diverse Southeast than anyone else of his time. He also managed to document the Cherokee and wild landscape of the Southern Appalachians with a sense of respect and humanity that was unheard of for his time. Bartram may not be a household name today, but in the late 1700s, he enjoyed celebrity status, thanks in large part to his book, Travels, which documented his five-year exploration of the Southeast.“This is one of the great American adventures,” says Burt Kornegay. “His book was one of the most widely published and most popular travel narratives of its time.”last_img read more

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In 2019, two new TUI Airways flights from Rijeka to the UK

first_imgFrom next year, Rijeka Airport with the United Kingdom will be connected to two new airlines of the British airline, TUI Airways.TUI Airways from Rijeka to Manchester and London Gatwick will fly in the summer season of 2019, from May 23 to October 17, or from 147 to 154 days a year.The introduction of two air charter routes from Rijeka to the UK, after almost 20 years, is the result of an agreement and a meeting held on July 24 this year at the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure (MPPI) with representatives of the TUI Group. , which was attended by the Minister of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure Oleg Butković, Director of Rijeka Airport Tomislav Palalić and representatives of the TUI Group, discussed the need to introduce these lines and enter the English market and agreed on all preconditions for the introduction of two new lines. To connect Croatia with Great Britain.TUI Airways will connect Rijeka with London and Manchester once a week, every Thursday in the period from May 23 to October 17, 2019. Tickets for the announced TUI Airways flights to Rijeka are already on sale, and a Boeing aircraft should fly on the routes. 737-800 with a capacity of 189 seats.last_img read more

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BPW President Defends Gender Equality Statement

first_imgFor further updates on this topic 28 Views   no discussions (Statistical evidence by Dr. Baksh Country Gender Assessment 2014) – PUBLIC DISCLOSURE AUTHORISED Share Tweet In layman terms, Gender Equality is equal opportunity, responsibility and rights whereas Gender Equity is how these people are treated according to their individual needs. We have many women Chief Executive Officers, women in parliament, women in government, and women in many jobs which society depicts as a male ‘job’. By Oxford definition, the word ‘JOB’ has seven meanings, it is not exclusive to ‘work that someone does regularly to earn a living.’ This means that, Dominica in comparison to other countries in the world, even in our region, is doing quite an exemplary job at pushing and breaking the boundaries of Gender Equality. Our precious country is prolific in creating successful women and offering equal opportunities to both males and females.“Even in our schools, once efficiently qualified, anyone regardless of age, gender, socio-economic bracket etc can be appointed. For instance, at one of our Secondary Schools on the island, the head of the Technical Department is a woman and the head of the English Department is a man. Our society, sadly to say is one that is based on, in colloquial terms ‘pull-string’ rather than of patriarchy. There are many women who drive tractors, operate backhoes, climbs electrical poles and do the same jobs that are usually male-dominated. We have a lot of women in different sectors in society and it is time that we give them a platform where they can develop their skills, abilities and show off the qualities”, said St. John. President of the Dominica Chapter of Business and Professional Women, Rhoda St John said recently that “Dominica does not have an issue with gender equality…”She issued the following statement on Thursday supporting her argument.GENDER EQUITY VERSUS GENDER EQUALITY January 23, 2020“GENDER EQUALITY – equality between men and women does not mean that women and men have to become the same, but that their rights, responsibilities and opportunities will not depend on whether they were born male or female.GENDER EQUITY – fairness of treatment for men and women according to their respective needs. These may include equal treatment or treatment that is different but which is considered equivalent in terms of rights, benefits, obligations, and opportunities.” – United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESDOC). Sharing is caring!center_img Share “This puts Dominica at the forefront of national gender policy initiative in the Caribbean … being way ahead of many other Caribbean countries, some larger than Dominica for example my own country Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Suriname, and others,” she stated while at a one-day consultation hosted at the Fort Young Hotel. In 2013, Dr. Rawwida Baksh, who is a Regional Gender Specialist Consultant commended Dominica on its commitment to advance and develop our gender policy. Gender Equity is quantifiable. Without up-to-date statistical evidence it not logical to make a comment on a topic that can be so easily kept quiet. Yes, it is easy to see both genders receiving equal opportunity, but how easy is it to see the unfair treatment that happens mostly behind closed doors? In a recent Meet and Greet Event, organized by the Business and Professional Women – Dominica Chapter, the association’s President; Rhoda St John quoted: “In Dominica, we do not have an issue where gender equality is concerned”.In accordance to the aforementioned statement by the UN, who is a partner to BPW International, Dominica does not have an issue where gender equality is concerned. BusinessLifestyleLocalNews BPW President Defends Gender Equality Statement by: – January 23, 2020 Sharelast_img read more

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Man found dead

first_imgPolice identified him as 22-year-old John Mark Villarosa of Manapla town, an employee of a freight company.Villarosa was found lifeless lying on his bed around 6 a.m. on May 7, a police report showed.His body was brought to a local mortuary for a “post-mortem” examination.As of this writing, officers of the Pulupandan municipal police station have yet to rule out foul play in the incident./PN BACOLOD City – He was found dead inside the sleeping quarters of a building where he was working in Barangay Ubay, Pulupandan, Negros Occidental.last_img

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Batesville Approves Six Longer School Days In April

first_imgStudent Neal Nobbe, coach Chris Steele and student Will Amberger at the school board meeting Monday.Students at Batesville Community School Corporation will be in class longer for a week in April.The accumulated snow days forced local school administrators to adjust the calendar to meet the states mandated 180 days of instruction. Without adjustments to the calendar, the last three school days would have been Monday, June 2, 3 and 4.Batesville Superintendent Dr. Jim Roberts revealed his recommendation for a calendar change to the School Board of Trustees at the school board meeting Monday night.Students will make up the latest snow day, Monday, March 3, by going to school for an extra hour a day for a week.The longer school days will be Monday, April 14 to Friday, April 18, and also on Monday, April 21. Roberts explained that longer school days that week can benefit students preparing for the next round of ISTEP testing.The extra hour will be added to the end of the day, school officials confirmed.Batesville will also utilize a two day waiver granted from the Indiana Department of Education for missed days on Jan. 6 and Jan. 7. This will allow the school year to conclude on Friday, May 30.School board members approved the measure, as board member Steve Stein cited, “I believe this makes sense. I believe that one day in June is always a wasted day.”The decision comes one week after Franklin County Schools implemented an additional 40 minutes to school days from Monday, March 17 to April 16. The last day of instruction for Franklin County students is May 30.More news from the Monday’s Batesville School Board Meeting >>Only three school board members were present, as members Wanita Linkel and Ray Call were absent.Batesville Primary School UpgradesA proposal to renovate and make repairs to Batesville Primary School was approved by the school board. The 25-year-old building is in need of maintenance upgrades such as a boiler replacement, new cooling system, roof repairs and up-to-date building controls.The school will seek construction bids with the goal of not exceeding $2 million. The upgrades cost a taxpayer $32.10 that resides in median home value in the school district of $172,000.School Board President Chris Lowery said the maintenance upgrades can position the school to become more energy efficient.Lunch PricesSuperintendent Dr. Jim Roberts will travel to Washington D.C. on March 30 and 31, and will speak with legislators about the school lunch program. On Monday, school board members were informed that the USDA Food and Nutrition Service will require the school to raise lunch prices.The current average weighted price at Batesville is $1.54, school officials will be forced to raise that to at least a $1.60 next school year. A decision will not be made until Roberts returns from the nation’s capital.Students Ally Ritter, Zach Hall, Graham Hunter, Matt Weiler and swimming coach T.J. Greene.Recognizing Top Student-AthletesBatesville student Will Amberger received a Wrestling Jr. Academic All-State award. Fellow wrestler, Neal Nobbe, received an honorable mention.Even without a pool, Batesville swimmers continue to succeed in the water and in the classroom. Students Zach Hall, Graham Hunter, Ally Ritter and Matt Weiler are Academic All-State award winners.Board President Chris Lowery said the nominations continue to show Batesville as a school of student hyphens; student-athletes, students-performers, “But their students first, and it is good to see their family supporting that and coaches helping with that.”last_img read more

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Hamilton to push F1 bosses for better anti-racism effort

first_imgLewis Hamilton intends to write to Formula One’s bosses in a bid to create a more co-ordinated anti-racism stance and improve the sport’s pre-race ‘taking a knee’ ceremony. Speaking at the Hungaroring after his classic drive to a hat-trick of victories at Sunday’s Hungarian Grand Prix, the six-time champion said he will write an email to urge them to improve communications and do a better job. “I think they can give us more time,” he said, referring to Sunday’s shambolic and rushed pre-race gesture by a group of drivers. “So, I’ll probably send an email over the next couple of days – and try and co-ordinate with them to create a better way. “They do want to do it…. I guess there’s not good enough communication.” Hamilton revealed that there were clear rifts among the drivers and a lack of planning for the ceremony that is now a part of many other major sports events. He said that the shambolic and rushed ceremony that took place ahead of Sunday’s race was not mentioned in the official drivers’ briefing meeting and said the chairman of the Grand Prix Drivers Association (GPDA) Romain Grosjean did not believe it was necessary. He is expected to make contact with Formula One’s chief executive Chase Carey, who has donated one million dollars of his own money to the sport’s battle for diversity and against racism, and the president of the ruling body, the International Motoring Federation (FIA). Hamilton made clear his disappointment and frustration at F1’s failings in presenting a united front by the drivers in the anti-racism drive. On Sunday, a cluster of drivers took the knee in parc fermee in the pit-lane, but several arrived late, some stood and some did not turn up at all. Hamilton unhappy at rushed anti-racism ceremony Hamilton said: “He (Grosjean) doesn’t think it’s important to do it – he’s one of them that thinks it was done once and that’s all we need to do…. – Leadership lacking – “So I tried to speak to him about what the problem is, that it’s not going away and we have to continue to fight for it. I think this time he didn’t mention anything in the drivers’ briefing and neither did Sebastian (Vettel, also a director of the GPDA). “Sebastian and I messaged each other and he stressed, as did I, the importance that we continue to do it.” He added that the sport lacked leadership on the issues. “From the top, they need to come out with ‘hey, this is what we’re going to do guys and we want you all to be a part of it’. Currently there is none of that. “I try not to lean so much on the drivers because I don’t want them to feel it’s me that’s doing it – and because, in some places, that might be why some are not doing it … because it’s why I’m doing it. “But I don’t think it’s being taken seriously. I think there are perhaps people who have not grown up around it so they don’t understand it. “And there are those that say ‘because of that it doesn’t affect me’. I have heard those comments – ‘It doesn’t do anything for me, so why should I do it?’ “It’s not about me, it’s not about you. There are people out there who are experiencing discrimination, that’s what we’re fighting for – we’re trying to change in organisations. “I’ll get in touch with Formula 1 this week. I will speak to Jean (Todt) because no-one else is going to do it.” Hamilton hopes that all 19 drivers will agree to kneel with him by the end of the season. Promoted Content7 Netflix Shows Cancelled Because They Don’t Get The RatingsBest & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever MadeThe Very Last Bitcoin Will Be Mined Around 2140. Read MoreThese Are The Best Stargazing Locations You Can Find On Earth2020 Tattoo Trends: Here’s What You’ll See This YearYou’ve Only Seen Such Colorful Hairdos In A Handful Of Anime5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme ParksWho Earns More Than Ronaldo?11 Most Immersive Game To Play On Your Table TopThe Models Of Paintings Whom The Artists Were Madly In Love WithAmazing Bridal Looks From Around The WorldA Hurricane Can Be As Powerful As 10 Atomic Bombs Loading… Read Also: Solskjaer takes blame for team selection in Chelsea defeat “I gave a lot of energy in Austria to try and convince a couple of the drivers, and it’s a battle, but I think what’s important is the ones that are doing it, the understanding, it’s fantastic. “My dream is that one day the other drivers come around to it, and if we get to the last race and we’re all kneeling down and showing that we are united, I think that would be beautiful.” FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 last_img read more

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Deery Series headlines Memorial Day show at Boone Speedway

first_imgBOONE, Iowa – A Memorial Day tradition continues at Boone Speedway when the Deery Brothers Summer Series headlines the holiday race program.Touring IMCA Late Models race for $2,000 to win and a minimum of $300 to start the Monday, May 29 main event.Pit gates open at 2 p.m. and the grandstand opens at 3 p.m. Hot laps are at 4 p.m. and racing starts at 5 p.m. Grandstand admission is $20 for adults, $7 for students ages 13-17 and free for kids 12 and under attending with a paid adult. Pit passes are $30.Thirteen of the previous 45 Deery Series events held at Boone Speedway were Memorial Day specials. Jeff Aikey of Cedar Falls leads all drivers with seven tour victories there, including a string of four straight IMCA Speedway Motors Super Nationals fueled by Casey’s wins through last September.Gary Webb of Blue Grass and Ray Guss Jr. of Milan each own four career Deery wins at Boone.Completing the Monday card are IMCA Sunoco Stock Cars, Karl Chevrolet Northern SportMods and IMCA Sunoco Hobby Stocks. IMCA Speedway Motors Weekly Racing National, regional, Allstar Performance State and track points will be awarded in all three divisions.More information about the seventh event of the 31st annual series is available from Boone Speedway promoter Robert Lawton at 515 987-1220 and at the website.The tour returns to Boone for the Super Nationals show on Thursday, Sept. 7.Deery Brothers Summer Series top 20 point standings – 1. Jake Neal, Omaha, Neb., 211; 2. Jesse Sobbing, Malvern, 208; 3. Matt Ryan, Davenport, 201; 4. Cayden Carter, Os­kaloosa, and Luke Goedert, Guttenberg, both 198; 6. Chad Holladay, Muscatine, 192; 7. Jeremiah Hurst, Dubuque, 191; 8. Darrel DeFrance, Marshalltown, 186; 9. Curt Martin, Independence, 184; 10. Jeff Tharp, Sherrill, 177; 11. Richie Gustin, Gilman, 148; 12. Joel Callahan, Dubuque, 140; 13. Paul Conrad, Colo, 131; 14. Jus­tin Kay, Wheatland, 117; 15. Tyler Bruening, Decorah, 110; 16. Jeff Aikey, Cedar Falls, 109; 17. Curt Schroeder, Newton, 101; 18. Travis Denning, Sterling, Ill., 99; 19. Luke Merfeld, Dubuque, 97; 20. John Emerson, Waterloo, 91.last_img read more

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EPL: Gunners, Spurs clash in London derby

first_imgRelatedPosts Runarsson joins Arsenal on four-year deal Arsenal, Wolves want Michael Olise EPL: Son fires four past Southampton Arsenal vs. Tottenham Venue: Emirates Stadium Kick off: 4:30PMArsenal play host to Tottenham Hotspur in the north London derby looking to establish a five-point advantage over their fierce rivals in the Premier League standings. While the Gunners lost out to Liverpool at Anfield last weekend, Spurs head into Sunday’s fixture having suffered a surprise home defeat at the hands of Newcastle United. Losing out in a relatively high-scoring game against Liverpool produced comments of “same old Arsenal”, something which is arguably justified by the questionable defending of David Luiz for one of Mohamed Salah’s two goals. However, having previously ground out wins against Newcastle United and Burnley, it is far too early for the Gunners to be written off at the top of the table. Unlike some of the other contenders, Unai Emery has had to contend with easing his new arrivals into action, with the encounter on Merseyside representing the first time that each of Luiz, Dani Ceballos and Nicolas Pepe had all started in the same team. Although there were as many negatives as there were positives, time will be required for each of the trio to fully bed into life at the Emirates Stadium. Nevertheless, a home derby showdown with the club’s biggest enemies is the perfect occasion for them to show why they have been brought to the club, especially in the case of Pepe given the investment which has been made in the Ivory Coast international. Emery finds himself in a position where he needs to find the right balance with regards to the winger, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette, aware that the supporters will want to see all three playing in tandem. Whether that is possible in the long term remains to be seen, although few would criticise the Spaniard if he opted to go with a gung-ho style against opponents who have issues at the back. There will be caution at the other end, despite none of Spurs’ attacking players showing much form in the final third, but Emery and his players have the opportunity to deliver a statement performance early in the title race, and this is the perfect platform to do just that. After reaching the Champions League final and significantly improving his squad over the summer, life at Spurs was supposed to get easier for Mauricio Pochettino as he looks to close the gap on Manchester City and Liverpool. However, the Argentine will rightly be worried about the current performances of his team, who are fortunate to have four points on the board from matches against Aston Villa, City and Newcastle. Having come through what would have been perceived to be the tougher two fixtures having avoided defeat, Pochettino would have expected his side to deliver another win against a Newcastle outfit who had offered very little in meetings against Arsenal and Norwich City. Spurs continued to look devoid of ideas in the final third, however, and it highlighted the importance of keeping Christian Eriksen at the club at least until the end of his contract. Arsenal possible XI: Leno, Maitland-Niles, Sokratis, Luiz, Kolasinac, Guendouzi, Xhaka, Pepe, Ceballos, Aubameyang, Lacazette. Tottenham Hotspur possible XI: Lloris, Alderweireld, Sanchez, Vertonghen, Sissoko, Dier, Winks, Eriksen, Rose, Son, Kane.Tags: ArsenalDavid LuizMohamed SalahNewcastle UnitedTottenham HotspurUnai Emerylast_img read more

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NHC Tracking Three Areas of Concern as Tropics Heat Up

first_imgA disturbance north of Hispaniola continues to move slowly northwest and currently has a 50 percent chance for tropical development in the next five days.Computer models indicate the system could become a tropical depression by Friday and then perhaps Tropical Storm Humberto by Sunday.It’s moving towards us, and while it likely won’t develop until it moves into the Gulf of Mexico, it will bring us an increased chance of rainfall this weekendOn and off rain, with partly to mostly cloudy skies is expected. Could see 1 to 2 inches of rain, locally heavier amounts possible in isolated areas.last_img

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