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Most homeowners remain oblivious to what their mortgage is costing them

first_imgMany homeowners just sit and forget once they take out their first mortgage.THE majority of homeowners don’t know what the interest rate is on their mortgage, despite it being the biggest financial transactions many will ever be involved in.New research by UBank found only 17 per cent of Queensland mortgage holders knew exactly what interest rate they were paying.This was despite 58 per cent saying their current financial situation caused them to be stressed or loose sleep.UBank CMO Jo Kelly, said homeowners in particularly should be evaluating their financial situation ever six months, because refinancing cost save them thousands.She said many people didn’t know what their monthly expenses were and many were too scared to know.The survey found about a third of Queenslanders constantly worried about their financial future, while only one in five though they had full control of their finances.Many respondents said it was too hard to work out.More from newsNew apartments released at idyllic retirement community Samford Grove Presented by Parks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus21 hours agoNationally 82 per cent of homeowners didn’t know their exact interest rate – a slight improvement on last year when it was 85 per cent.“While there was a slight improvement on last year, there are still too many Aussies out there who don’t know their mortgage rate,” it said.“We encourage people to do their research and stay on top of their mortgage rate, as thousands of dollars can be saved by simply understanding where the best offers are and refinancing.”Ms Kelly said she was initially surprised the first time they did the annual survey to see so many people didn’t know where their money went and the stress it caused.“Many people get a mortgage and sit and forget about it,’’ she said.“A lot of people just get a mortgage and go “that’s my lot for the rest of my life’’Ms Kelly said while it might be difficult for people to see exactly what they were spending, once they did they could make moves to reduce costs and find extra money in their pocket.More importantly, she said, they would be less stressed.last_img read more

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Increased sponsorship for 10th MACORP Golf Open

first_imgFRESH off action from last weekend’s Digicel Open, Industrial and Mining suppliers MACORP yesterday launched the 10th edition of their Open Golf Tournament, set for this weekend at the Lusginan Golf Course. During a brief ceremony yesterday, Chief Executive Officer of MACORP, Jorge Medinas, contended that the body has seen the need to sponsor tournaments like golf as it is more than just a sport, adding, “It’s a lifestyle.”“For MACORP, we are pleased to have this tournament and we are into the 10th year of sponsoring this event. I remember long ago when we had the previous clubhouse and it was the first tournament that I participated and I said “we need to start sponsoring this”.He has also called on the local stakeholders to sit with those relevant authorities to ensure that development comes at a macro level, with the course in the future being upgraded to an international 18-hole course used for tourism purposes.The CEO cited countries like Barbados which offers golf as part of its tourism package and with the sport gaining traction across the world; clubs like the LGC should seek to move in this direction.Thanking the company for their support, president of the LGC, Oncar Ramroop, contended that the company has moved past being deemed a sponsor, to something entirely new.“I’m extremely proud to say that I don’t view MACORP as a sponsor, we view MACORP as a partner and we are extremely happy to have this relationship and it’s one that I am confident will grow from strength to strength,” he said.He also thanked the company for assisting with works done on the LGC access road prior to the Digicel Open, adding that their contributions to the sport remain invaluable.According to the LGC president, there will be the 0-9 handicap, 10-18, 19-36 male divisions as well as the females where the first three finishers will be rewarded as well as the usual prizes of nearest to the pin, best gross among others.Saturday’s session begins at 12:00hrs and at least 50 golfers are expected.last_img read more

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