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Notre Dame Trail concludes with commemorative Mass

first_img175 years ago, on a snowy November day in 1842, Fr. Edward F. Sorin traveled more than 300 miles north from Vincennes, Indiana, to Notre Dame, where he developed his vision for the University. Over the course of 13 days, thousands of participants walked anywhere from 15-41 miles each day — some walking the full journey made by Father Sorin — to commemorate the founder’s journey, with the trek concluding Saturday morning.In a Mass following the venture, University President Fr. John Jenkins said Sorin demonstrated resilience and showcased love in his determination to found the University. He said the original dream constantly expands to include more individuals interested in enhancing the mission of Notre Dame. Peter St. John Members of the Notre Dame community gather to celebrate Mass after the conclusion of the Notre Dame Trail.“That’s the way it’s always been with Notre Dame,” Jenkins said. “It began with a small group and a dream. And as they struggled to realize that dream, so many others joined them to be part of the Notre Dame family and to help. We celebrate and thank all those who made this University what it is today.”According to Jenkins, troubling events around the world concern him, particularly recent expressions of white supremacism. He encountered an article arguing that universities should promote openness to debate, rather than offer moral clarity, he said.“Perhaps, we here at Notre Dame, following in the footsteps of Father Sorin, can offer something more,” he said. “We are certainly committed to these epistemic virtues and the pursuit of truth, but at this Catholic university, we add to them other values, such as a commitment to the dignity of each and every person, a willingness to take responsibility for the common good and a special concern for those who are most vulnerable.”One trail participant, Sara Klepper, joined her mother, a ’77 alumna for a five-day pilgrimage north.“For us, it was important just to come out and pay tribute to Father Sorin and the original founding of the University 175 years ago,” she said. “So to get back to our roots, the University’s roots and to celebrate Our Lady with family, friends and classmates was really special.” Some walkers documented their experiences in an online journal that included the geographical trail description as well as the lessons learned throughout their journeys. In an August 27 entry, participant Timothy Deenihan said the trail aided in self-discovery.“To go on this pilgrimage, I had to let go of who I was,” he said. “The same can be said for returning from it. … We mustn’t spend our days, not even our hours, holding on to what we were. We have to let go, we have to choose a direction, left or right, so that we may become what we will be.”Tags: 175th anniversary, Notre Dame Trail, Rev. Edward Sorinlast_img read more

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New Measures Further Constrain Iranian Oil Revenues, Target Iran’s Human Rights Abusers

first_imgBy Dialogo February 11, 2013 The United States took a number of actions on January 7 to tighten sanctions on Iran’s access to its oil revenues and further expose the Iranian government’s continued abuse of human rights. Key provisions of the Iran Threat Reduction and Syria Human Rights Act of 2012 (TRA) that went into effect that day, expand the scope of sanctionable transactions with the Central Bank of Iran and designated Iranian financial institutions by restricting Iran’s ability to use oil revenue held in foreign financial institutions as well as preventing repatriation of those funds to Iran. The U.S. Department of the Treasury, in consultation with the U.S. Department of State, also designated one individual and four entities for their involvement in the Iranian government’s censorship activities. These censorship activities restrict the free flow of information in Iran and punish Iranian citizens who are attempting to exercise freedom of assembly and expression. “Our policy is clear – so long as Iran continues to fail to address the concerns of the international community about its nuclear program, the U.S. will impose tighter sanctions and intensify the economic pressure against the Iranian regime,” said Treasury Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence David S. Cohen. “We will also target those in Iran who are responsible for human rights abuses, especially those who deny the Iranian people their basic freedoms of expression, assembly and speech.” January 7 marked 180 days since President Obama signed the TRA. Section 504 of the TRA amends existing sanctions in the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 (NDAA) that target the Central Bank of Iran, designated Iranian financial institutions and Iran’s energy sector. At the 180-day mark, section 504 narrowed the exception for countries that have significantly reduced their purchases of Iranian crude oil so that the exception now only applies to financial transactions that facilitate bilateral trade between the country granted the exception and Iran. For the exception to apply to a financial transaction, funds owed to Iran as a result of such bilateral trade will now have to be credited to an account located in the country granted the exception and may not be repatriated to Iran. This provision will significantly increase economic pressure on Iran by restricting Iran’s repatriation of oil revenue. In addition to effectively “locking up” Iranian oil revenue overseas, this provision sharply restricts Iran’s use of this revenue for bilateral trade and severely limits Iran’s ability to move funds across jurisdictions.last_img read more

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Why bears are coming out of hibernation early

first_imgAlan said that only happens if the bearsbecome “really desperate” –  which comes from hunger andthe need to feed their young. “They could definitely suffer,” he added.“It means a lot of cubs might not make it through spring.” That might not sound too weird – butbears aren’t normally spotted this early in the year, which makes this prettyunusual. But if there isn’t enough food, they’lllook further afield –  which means getting closerto humans. According to wildlife expert AlanWright, the early emergence from hibernation isn’t good for the bears orhumans. For him, people should be more worriedabout the bears than themselves. He says there will be “a lot of cubs”that will be born with parents who won’t be strong enough to feed them “theright kind of food.” Bears need food quickly after coming outfrom hibernation because soon, it will be breeding season. All of which has caused bears to be onthe prowl a bit earlier than normal. “They’ll be looking for it and therewon’t be a lot around –  because a lot of the plantsand smaller animals might not be there to feed them.” Alan said if humans come into contactwith bears, they should stay away. “They won’t be looking to attack humansunless the humans actually get in the way.” Last year, a Russian region declared a state of emergencyover dozens of polar bears looking for food in areas where humans live andattacking them. A bear and cub at Yellowstone National Park in the US, where bears have come out of hibernation earlier than usual. GETTY IMAGES “Normally a bear will not want to engagewith humanity, they just want to do their own thing,” he said. That could have knock-on effects likegreater bear and human interaction, which would be potentially bad news forhumans too. If adult bears are unable to get hold of food, some cubs may not make it through spring. GETTY IMAGES They usually stay in hibernation –  which is like a deep sleep that helps them tosave energy –  and survive the winterwithout eating much. But Europe has just had its hottest ever winter –  and the US also experienced warmer temperatures in December and January –  which has been linked to climate change. Alan, who works at the Lancashire WildlifeTrust, says the big issue for bears is around the availability of food. FROM Russia and Finland to Canada and the United States, there’s been multiple sightings of bears around the world. What’sthe impact on bears? The bears in the Moscow Zoo emerged fromhibernation early but officials had been expecting it – and hadmeasures in place to make sure they could cope with the early exit. Female bears with cubs usually don’temerge until after April. “I wouldn’t want people to be toofrightened of bears coming out of hibernation. It’s scary but also very sad anddesperate too. “I think what we should do is understandwhy they’re doing that and the kind of situations they face.” (BBC)last_img read more

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Sachin Tendulkar was an all condition batsman: Shane Warne

first_imgSydney: Australian spin great Shane Warne has picked Sachin Tendulkar and Brian Lara as the two greatest batters to have played during his time on the field. During the Instagram Live session with his fans he said, “There were these two guys, then there was daylight and after that, the rest of the batsmen came.” Warne, 50, regarded as the greatest leg-spinner of all time, said while Tendulkar was an all condition batsman, Lara as an aggressive one for chasing big totals. “If I have to choose any batsman to bat in any conditions, it is a real toss-up between Tendulkar and Lara, but I would just choose Tendulkar,” he said.“If we have to chase 400 runs on the last day, I would definitely pick Lara,” he added.Tendulkar played 200 Tests and scored 15,921 runs with an average 53.78 while in 463 ODIs he amassed 18,426 runs with an average 44.83.He holds the record of scoring most runs in both formats. On the other hand, Lara played 131 longest format games and scored 11,953 runs with an average of 52.88. In 299 ODIs he accumulated 10,405 runs including 19 centuries and 63 fifties.Warne also said he believes former skipper Steve Waugh, counted among one of the most successful captains, was more of a match-saver than a match-winner when it came to Test cricket.“Steve was more of a match saver than a match-winner,” Warner said about Waugh whom he included in his all-time Australian Test XI to be led by Allan Border. Waugh played 168 Tests for Australia in which he scored 10927 runs, including 32 centuries and 50 fifties. Announcing his team on Instagram Live, Warne further said: “I am only picking players that I played with that is why David Warner is not going to be a part of the side, he is one of the greatest Australian opener.”Matthew Hayden and Michael Slater were picked as openers, followed by Ricky Ponting, Mark Waugh, Border and Steve. Adam Gilchrist was chosen to don the wicketkeeping gloves. Warne went with Glenn McGrath, Jason Gillespie, Bruce Reid, and Tim May as the fast bowlers. Merv Hughes was named as 12th man. IANSAlso Read: Coronavirus: Sachin Tendulkar joins WHO’s Safe Hands ChallengeAlso watch: CPRO of NFR, Suhanan Chand speaks about Corona Virus to The Sentinel, Watch the full videolast_img read more

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