Marcos Llorente: “If I thought that with Cavani it would have been different, it would be an advantage …”

first_imgForgive Madrid: “As they do not forgive you … We had a little bug there and that’s why they go leaders, because you fail and they kill you. In these games, if you forgive, this ends up happening to you. Soccer goes through streaks and happens to all clubs. Now we are in one where we don’t score goals but we create occasions. We don’t have to despair, we have to continue with this attitude, working, and together we will get it out. “Morata spoke of double arbitral standards: “If you say it for the penalty, I have not seen the play, it was far away. I hope and I think that the referees do not do that kind of thing that you say, and that they ask based on what they see.”Without Morata, the striker against Granada: “I don’t know, we will have to tell the coach, who is the one who takes the players to the field. I am sure that whoever goes out will give everything and will do well.”The mood of the costumes: “It’s not touched. It’s true that we have to do each of us self-criticism and see if we can give something else to the team.”If with Cavani or another forward of that profile it would have been different: “If I think so, it would be an advantageous opinion. We have to focus on what we have and what we have to do our best. They are assumptions that may or may have come another forward and we would have made a worse game.” Cerezo said that there was no justice in the penalty: “I was far from being able to comment on that. I have seen a penalty, but I was far away, that’s what the referee and the VAR are for and they have decided, for whatever reason, not to whistle.”Is it harder to get a penalty here ?: “I think it should be just as difficult to beep as in any other field and I hope it is.”The VAR did not enter the play: “He was very far away, that’s what the referee and the VAR are for and we have nothing left but to accept his decision.”They are 13 points from Madrid, do they give up the League?: “Until it is mathematically lost, we will continue to fight.”Does the first part mark the line to follow?: “We had a good first part, we knew what we were playing at all times, we have created a couple of occasions that we have not known how to fit them, it has been a good first part and we have to collect everything good.”They lack the goal: “We have a lack of goal, but no lack of chances. We create occasions to create goals and in the end they are streaks.”last_img

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