CEMENCO Honors Distributor, Employee

first_imgThe Liberia Cement Corporation (CEMENCO) on Friday, April 25, honored one of its distributors, Vamuyan S. Sheriff as the “Highest Purchaser of Cement” and Torfic Tarnue as employee of the year 2014 to 2015.The event brought together employees and officials as well as other distributors and was held at a local resort in Monrovia.Mr. Sheriff, who runs the MaYanly Business Center Incorporated (MBCI), received the company’s prestigious award for the second time.As a Liberian-owned business, MBCI was established in 2009. Sheriff received his first award in 2012.Presenting the award to Mr. Sheriff, the Comptroller General of CEMENCO Mr. Emmanuel Asante praised the honoree for his dedicated services in promoting the institution to the business community in the country.Mr. Asante used the occasion to call on other entrepreneurs and distributors of cement to emulate the good example of the manager of the MBCI.Receiving the award, Mr. Sheriff acknowledged the company for the honor and promised to do all he could to promote the good image of CEMENCO.Mr. Sheriff noted that he was proud to be selected among thousands of CEMENCO distributors in the country to receive such an award.“I’m proud today to receive CEMENCO award as the highest best purchaser of cement for the second time in Liberia. I must give thanks to my wife and colleagues,” he said.The honoree then thanked the management and employees of the company for their fullest support.CEMENCO is one of the oldest firms operating in the country and it holds monopoly on the manufacture of cement in the country.The factory was opened by the late President William V.S. Tubman in early1968. The company announced plans to in November 2012 to build a new manufacturing plant in Liberia.CEMENCO has operated out of warehouses at the Freeport of Monrovia, but an ownership dispute over the warehouse property resulted in its conveyance to a Chinese firm in late 2012.[5]In the mid-2000s, CEMENCO was privately owned partially with shares divided among international firm Scancem, (which owned 62%, the Liberian government (with 29%) and other stockholders,(who owned 9% of the company).Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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New Ecobank MD Hails Liberia’s Economic Recovery

first_imgThe new Managing Director of ECOBANK – Liberia, Mr. Gilles Guerard, has hailed Liberia for doing so well in its economic recovery in 2015, compared to the challenges faced in 2014 and 2013.In these past two years, he said, the Liberian nation faced two very serious challenges: the fall in commodity prices, notably iron ore and natural rubber, and, of course, the Ebola crisis that within a short period killed over 4,000 people in Liberia alone. It made this country the worst country hit, compared to the other two affected nations in the Mano River basin, Guinea and Sierra Leone.In an exclusive interview with the Daily Observer newspaper on Tuesday, Managing Director Guerard recalled that those two challenges—the fall in commodity prices and Ebola—slowed the Liberian economy and investments in all sectors.“But,” he added, “in 2015, with the help of the international community and the stimulus package they put into place, Liberia is experiencing a positive economic growth of 0.5%.”The international partners he referred to, he said, are the World Bank, European Union, International Monetary Fund, the United States of America, the African Development Bank and the People’s Republic of China.Critical to this economic recovery, said Mr. Guerard, have been the macroeconomic policies of the government of Liberia (GOL) and the crucial role of the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL), which did much to assist in the successful fight against the Ebola epidemic. “Both the GOL and the CBL, helped by the international community, did much to relieve the pressure on business and industrial enterprises,” Mr. Guerard pointed out.As a result, he quickly added, “We expect Liberia, in 2016, to experience 5% to 6% economic growth.” This would be very similar to what was the case in the year immediately prior to the Ebola epidemic. Therefore, investments made this year are bound to reap benefits in 2016, Guerard projected optimistically.The ECOBANK boss told the Daily Observer that “one of the clear indications of the recovery is the 2014-2015 performance of the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA), which surpassed its own projections.” Indeed, in the Daily Observer’s story of Wednesday, October 28, 2015 entitled, “LRA Exceeds Revenue Target,” this publication quoted LRA’s Commissioner General, Madam Elfrieda Stewart Tamba, who applauded her staff for “diligently working to surpass the 2014/2015 fiscal revenue targets mandated by the National Legislature.” In the 2014/2015 Fiscal Budget, she said, the LRA was mandated to raise US$635.23 million. The entity, however, she happily reported, “exceeded that amount by US$8.22 million, netting a total of US$643.46 million.Asked by the Observer Reporter how ECOBANK is doing, Mr. Guerard replied that his bank “remains one of the major players in the market.” “Our focus in 2015 is to restructure and modernize our platform and system to serve our customers better. We have increased our ATM network and the POS (the point of sales). We now print our own ATM cards right here in Liberia. To do that, we have printing machines in all our branches.”ECOBANK, he continued, has re-launched its Internet Banking Platform and the OMNI – an internet bank for corporate customers. “This is to enable our customers to transmit on line more securely, faster and cheaper,” he explained.The bank has also reformed its trade finance to improve its capacity. “We have increased our trade finance line in order to give more credit for trade financing. We have also increased our corresponding network, which means our partnership with other banks, generally.”ECOBANK’s cash management “has also been improved,” he said. “We have been supporting government and international institutions to meet their payment obligations throughout the country. We were the bank that facilitated all the payments in connection with Ebola all over the country, with the aim of enhancing poverty reduction,” said Mr. Guerard.The payments came from such institutions as the Ministry of Health, Education, Agriculture and other sectors. Now with the reinvigorated economic recovery, said Mr. Guerard, “we are focusing on the construction and energy sectors. We expect a lot to take place in these sectors and we expect to be a major player in them.” “We work with the companies doing the job—the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) and foreign companies, including those from Germany, Canada, Britain, and we provide banking services to facilitate the operations.” The Observer asked how Mr. Guerard himself was doing as Liberia’s new ECOBANK MD. “We are very busy,” replied the Benin-born 51 year-old international banker. Mr. Guerard has been in ECOBANK’s employ since 1991, starting at the bank’s Group Office in his native Benin. There he served as Treasurer and Marketing Risk Officer. He came to Liberia from Rwanda, where he served as MD. Before then, he was MD in Guinea Bissau.“We realize that we are working in an entirely new environment—Liberia—and we are aware of the new economic and business challenges. We have to define our own strategies in dealing with the market.“We have had to learn from past mistakes so as not to repeat them. Viewing the bank’s staff in 2015, we see the need for more training and supervision in order to keep the staff focused and enable them to understand the banking policies and procedures. We have sensed the need to enforce the rules and respect the procedures. We have also endeavored to define the importance of customers and customer service, as well as to secure the bank.”“Are you making a profit?” was the Observer’s next question.“Our profit in 2014 was 3.6%–and that is profit before tax (PBT),” Mr. Guerard stated. “We expect it to be higher in 2015. Revenue is growing and liquidity is good,” he added.“The challenge,” he continued, “is with the quality of credit, and we are dealing with it. We are very prudent and will continue to be in our loan policy.“We also have problems with fraud, and we are dealing with these, too. You know we have zero tolerance for fraud.” As for ECOBANK’s relationship with the Central Bank, Mr. Guerard said the CBL has been “very supportive. They are listening to us. The CBL played a key role during the Ebola crisis to support the banks.”“We are working closely as partners to implement reforms in the payment system. First there is the RTGS—the Retreatment Gross System—which means payment between the banks. We are moving from manual to electronic. This is key because it will speed up interbank payments for customers, and facilitate more funds between banks.”Guerard also divulged the coming online of the National Switch. Presently, visa cards used in Liberia have to be reconciled at the VISA headquarters outside the country. But soon all switching will be settled here, instead of abroad.There is also the issue of financial reporting to the Central Bank. “We are currently doing this manually; but we are working on the project right now to report electronically to the CBL.“Finally, there is the issue of Delinquency (Bank Debtor). The list is synchronized at the Central Bank. The purpose here is to keep the bad debtor out of the market.” For example, a bad debtor will be known to all the banks through the Central Bank. So such a debtor cannot leave the bank he is still owing and seek a loan from another bank. The red flag will be automatically raised, and such a debtor will be stuck—unable to seek a loan at any other bank. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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Police Discover Family of 9 Unconscious in New Georgia

first_imgA side view of the house where nine people were found unconscious on Saturday.Two children reported dead, another suffering leg painsForensic police investigators said they were baffled by  Saturday morning’s discovery of nine unconscious family members in a house they shared with another family in New Georgia’s Bassa Town.Neighbor D.K. Wonsaleah J. Marbiah told the Daily Observer on Saturday that police officers were called in when a young man, who was returning a phone belonging to one of the victims in the house, heard muffled sounds.“He said the voice of the owner of the phone resembled someone asleep and not aware of what was happening to him,” Marbiah said.He said the man who reported the incident had peeped into the window of the apartment and what he saw convinced him that either something bad was happening, or had happened to the family.“We immediately called the police who did not waste time and came to find out what was happening to the family,” he said.He said that when police officers forced the door of the house open, they discovered nine persons, including a twin and a 4-month old baby, unconscious.Baffled residents could not explain what was responsible for the strange event because the house does not have electricity or generator.“These are good, God fearing people,” another resident said. “They have devotion every morning and it is their devotion that wakes many of us to get ready for our businesses.”While an official report is yet to come from the Liberia National Police after the investigation, residents told the Daily Observer that “we believe it’s a spiritual attack,” though they could not explain who might be responsible for the ‘attack.’A report reaching this newspaper said two persons, including one of the twins and the 4-month-old baby, had already died; and another, identified as Jomah, complained of pain in his legs.Marbiah said since the incident he has found it difficult to sleep in his room.Incidents of people dying in their sleep have been reported in Monrovia but there has been no official report on these strange happenings from the Ministry of Health or from the local chapter of West African College of Physicians. Without a professional explanation of these incidences, many attribute them to “witchcraft.”It may be recalled that in 2014 four members of a family in ELWA were discovered unconscious, when neighbors checked on them, but survived their ordeal.In December 2016, a man and his wife, who had returned to the country from the US to visit family members, were discovered dead in a house in the Chocolate City community along Somalia Drive. The recriminations that ensued separated family members, some accusing others of being responsible for the tragedy.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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New Day for Daily Talk

first_imgUS Ambassador Christine Elder and Alfred Sirleaf cut the ribbon to the relaunch Daily Talk news booth. United States Ambassador to Liberia, Christine Elder, on Monday, December 17, 2018, relaunched the much attention-driven “Daily Talk News Board” in Sinkor, Monrovia, to the excitement of onlookers. The Daily Talk has been a land mark fixture for citizens traveling along Tubman Boulevard since it first appeared in 2000.Throughout its history, Daily Talk has evolved along with citizens walking and driving past it daily, surviving a civil war, welcoming new governments with feisty dialogue and opening debate through this interactive chalk board.One evening, about two months ago, the Daily Talk news booth was rammed by an unidentified vehicle and, while no one was injured, this lively local hub of information, debate and discussion, suffered the injury.The media and local citizens condemned this damage as an act of vandalism, and speculations about the perpetrator’s motive(s) circulated, suggesting malicious intent.Alfred J. Sirleaf (no relation to former President Sirleaf), founded his blackboard newspaper in 2000, because of his belief that a well-informed citizenry is key to the rebirth of Liberia after decades of civil unrest.This is not the first time this town crier was put out of action. In 2005 “government soldiers” destroyed the blackboard, and this recent act of vandalism is a stark reminder of darker times for Sirleaf and local fans of the Daily Talk.Sirleaf compiles his stories daily from newspaper reports and messages from “volunteer correspondents.”The Daily Talk is free to read, and is funded by occasional gifts of cash and pre-paid phone cards. It has a suggestion box for readers.Sirleaf believes access to information is the key to peace for Liberia.USAID (United States Agency for International Development) and the US government in Liberia also supports a pluralistic, open and free media as a cornerstone of this developing democracy with a thriving  media sector. To this end, USAID in Liberia has funded Internews Network to implement the Liberia Media Development Program.The re-launch of Daily Talk was possible due to support from the Liberia Media Development (LMD) program. LMD supports a raft of media and civil society activities that contribute to strengthening a professional and vibrant media environment.For example, the Daily Talk news update shares information about a national electoral reform dialogue taking shape as a result of government, civil society, media and citizens feedback on the 2017 elections.This national dialogue is supported by USAID, and would not be relevant to ordinary citizens across the nation if it were not for the diversity of media that exists across the entire nation, from local town criers, such as Sirleaf, to national newspapers, radio, TV, online media and local community radio stations.LMD Chief of Party, Jan McArthur, welcomed Ambassador Elder and Mr. Sirleaf to cut the ribbon launching the ceremony of the renovated Daily Talk booth.McArthur commented, “USAID’s research tells us that Freedom of Speech is a value that all Liberian’s hold dear from every corner of the nation.”The gains the Liberian media and citizens have made over recent decades to protect free expression and freedom of association have been hard-fought, and stand out as unique, compared to many other countries in this region, and even globally. These gains should be treasured and not taken for granted,” McArthur said.He added, “the role of the USAID-LMD program is to support and enable the media to play a responsible and constructive role in providing a public forum for open dialogue between citizens, community leaders, and government.”McArthur continued: “It is our hope that the LMD media law work we are doing with Liberian media leaders, the Press Union of Liberia, the Judiciary, the Law School and Bar Association will contribute to constructive dialogue and peaceful resolution of conflicts that arise within, or in relation to what is reported in the media.”Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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John Cole Commends LFA for ‘Employee of the Month’ Award

first_imgMr. John W. Cole says he is glad for the inspirational leadership of Mustapha Raji’s administrationJohn W. Cole, known by friends as TJoe, has worked for the Liberia Football Association for the last 15 years.His title at the LFA is ‘office attendant at the president’s office,’ and while he told the Daily Observer he has enjoyed the job, it was during the administration of Mustapha Raji that he has been rewarded, for at least two months as Employee of the Month.“I earned the employee of the months for the months of December and January,” he said, last Friday, at the headquarters on Benson Street in Monrovia.He said it is the first time that he has been rewarded or that his work at the LFA has been appreciated and he is grateful for President Raji and his team of officers who have placed human development ahead of everything.“I am encouraged to do all I can for the LFA,” Cole said, “As I speak to you I have my bag of rice over there.” Raji’s administration provides a 25kg bag of rice for each employee, along with the selection of an employee of the month, which goes with a cash award.Cole said there is a lot of motivation at the LFA unlike any other administration in the past. “The new leaders make the work here good to do,” Cole, who previously served the Armed Forces of Liberia for 32 years, said.Some of his doings that earned him two consecutive awards as an employee of the month, included being prompt at his job. “As a former soldier I know what it means to be in time on your job,” he stated. “I just want to tell the leadership of the LFA a big thank you for caring for all the employees.”Cole said he has asked God to bless LFA president Mustapha Raji and all his vice presidents for the new love and care that they have introduced at the LFA.He meanwhile called on all the employees of the LFA and their associates to realize the good administration at the LFA and, as a result, they should work as hard as they can to bring success to the many football programs being introduced at the LFA.“For me,” he promised, “I will continue to my best, God’s willing, to assist the LFA administration for success.”Mr. Raji’s administration has instituted progressive reforms with emphasis to benefit players, stakeholders, media, and everyone that is connected with the development of football in Liberia.When he took over the administration of football recently, records revealed that at U$200,000, sent from Confederation of African Football (CAF) to the LFA was diverted to an unknown account in Poland.His office said the money was for the development of football in the country and efforts are being made with Polish FA authorities to uncover whose account the money was sent to.His policy to reward particularly exceptional players has been praised throughout the country, as a step in the right direction. Raji and his group are utilizing the ideas of President George Manneh Weah that say those who benefit from football should be those who sacrifice for it.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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AFC defends poor ministerial performance in coalition

first_img…admits party lost touch with “common issues”After facing heavy criticism for its submissive position towards the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), the Alliance For Change (AFC) said that it remained a strong member of the coalition Government and would continue to work to ensure that its views were taken on board.AFC Leader Raphael TrotmanTrotman also defended the poor performance of AFC Ministers within the coalition Government, asserting that while the party was “not perfect”, it has utilised its 12 seats in Parliament to make a significant impact and continues to do so on a daily basis.“I just mentioned an array of Ministries that the AFC has been blessed with having oversight of…Public Telecommunications – I am in awe at what the Minister (Cathy Hughes) has done. I’m in awe of the work (Agriculture Minister Noel) Holder has done against the odds at GuySuCo (Guyana Sugar Corporation) and with rice…Ministry of Business is doing things, (Public Infrastructure) Minister (David) Patterson I mean nobody could say that he has not performed,” he told the media.However, despite this praise, the performance of most of the AFC Ministers has been generally poor according to critics and independent analysts.Under David Patterson’s leadership, the Public Infrastructure Ministry has seen a slow implementation rate of its projects with the expenditure of millions of dollars without key checks and balances being followed, especially in relation to the questionable D’Urban Park Project.While one of the largest prison riots and fires occurred under Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan’s watch, along with other major scandals. And as stated by the parliamentary opposition most recently, while there has been a decline in some serious crimes, overall crime continues to rise.Critics have also highlighted that Business Minister Dominic Gaskin has not managed to attract any sizeable Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into Guyana since assuming the post. While his Ministry has been pushing for the creation of cottage industries, there have been no business projects launched under the current Government that would help to create employment opportunities.Further, as it relates to Holder, the current Agriculture Minister, several critics have called for his resignation in light of his handling of the downsizing of the sugar industry. Holder was the first to announce plans by the coalition Government to close down sugar estates and fire sugar workers.In Holder’s defence, Trotman said, “We are not saying that we are perfect. We are far from being perfect. But we could say with what we have been given, we have done much. And, of course, there is room for improvement and we will work towards improving ourselves.”Aside from that, the AFC leader admitted that his party has lost touch with the common issues, becoming too involved in governmental matters and hence a little side-tracked from their duties.“In terms of self-analysis, or maybe some self-criticism, we’ve become bogged down with governmental matters and fighting to just get our agendas through…and we have lost touch a bit with the common issues, but no one could say that we haven’t pushed the IT agenda, telecommunications agenda, or business agenda or resources or infrastructure or agriculture or Indigenous affairs,” Trotman said.The fact that the AFC has not been able to successfully push for constitutional reform, a platform on which the party campaigned, some pundits believe, has seriously damaged its credibility and influence within the coalition. Critics said also that the party’s lack of understanding of its support base would ultimately be its downfall and the only way to maintain its credibility would be to resign.last_img read more

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2 Cops to be charged – DPP

first_imgTurkeyen Police Station rapeTwo Policemen who allegedly raped a woman who had gone to the Turkeyen Police Station to report a matter are expected to be formally charged following advice from the Director of Public Prosecutions. The incident is said to have occurred on New Years’ Day when the Sophia, Greater Georgetown, woman made her report and then requested to utilise a restroom to relief herself while at the station. Instead of pointing the woman to the right restroom which is often utilised by members of the public, she was directed to another and more discreet washroom when the Policemen allegedly pounced on her and raped her. The file was returned to the Police containing advice to institute rape charges against the two accused on Wednesday. Following the report of the rape, the ranks were transferred to the Tactical Services Unit (TSU), where they remain under close arrest.last_img read more

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MOPI invites bids for sea defence works in six regions

first_imgAmidst controversy over whether or not Government should be passing new bills in Parliament and inviting new projects, the Public Infrastructure Ministry recently invited bids to upgrade sea and river defence structures in six administrative regions in Guyana.The Ministry, in an advertisement, said that it was accepting invitations for the bid for the upgrading of structures in Regions Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam), Three (Essequibo Islands-West Demerara), Four (Demerara-Mahaica), Five (Mahaica-Berbice), Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) and Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni).The Public Infrastructure Ministry pointed out that works will be done in 25 different lots of which one bid can be submitted for a single lot or for multiple lots of the project.“Bidding will be conducted through the National Competitive Bidding (NCB) procedures, specified in the Procurement Act 2003 and is open to all bidders, subject to provisions of Section III (Eligible Countries) of this document. Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information from the Chief Sea & River Defence Officer, Work Services Group at Fort Street, Kingston, Georgetown and inspect the Bidding Documents at the same address between the normal working hours from January 8, 2019 to January 31, 2019,” the Ministry stated in a release.The major project will come up at the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB) on January 31, 2019.A few of the areas which will be bid on by major contractors include maintenance works to the concrete structures at Charity, Essequibo Coast, Region Two; maintenance works to the earthen embankment from Andrews to Cozier, Essequibo Coast, Region Three; maintenance works to the river embankment along the Lower Pomeroon River, Region Two; maintenance works to the river embankment along the Upper Pomeroon River, Region Two and Timber Revetment River Defence Works along the Supenaam River in Region Two as well.Boulder face protection works will also be conducted in Regions Two and Three along the Essequibo Coast and Wakenaam Island respectively.Maintenance works are also scheduled for the earthen embankment in Wakenaam and Leguan along with Boulder face protection works in Leguan.Meanwhile, gabion mattress river defence works are expected for Region Three along with concrete river defence works.In Region Four, the nation’s most populated region, the Ministry said concrete river defence works at Unity, Mahaica, East Coast Demerara (ECD) as well as concrete repair works to existing structures between Melanie and Paradise, ECD, are expected.During an interview with the Department of Public Information (DPI) last year, Chief Sea and River Defence Officer, Kevin Samad stressed the importance of sea and river defense, as most of Guyana’s population reside in communities that lie below sea level.Samad noted that over the years, it has been a challenge to maintain or preserve the mangrove vegetation. It is especially challenging with the advent of various illegal activities such as cattle rearing and the cutting of mangroves for various reasons.Nevertheless, “we are aware of the impacts of climate change and sea level rise and we have factored in sea level rise in our designs of all coastal and riverine structures,” the Sea and River Defence Officer explained.It has been argued that since the Government collapsed with the recent passage of the no-confidence motion on December 21, 2018, no project should be initiated unless it is of utmost importance.last_img read more

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“Illegal Govt” will have dire consequences on investment – PPP/C

first_imgIn light of the constitutional crisis that Guyana was thrown into with an “illegal Government”, foreign investors have already begun to scrap projects that would have provided jobs and much-needed revenues.PPP/C member, Peter RamsaroopThis was according to former economic adviser to the PPP, Peter Ramsaroop, who told reporters on Friday that Guyana has already suffered a major economic decline over the past four and a half years and with the reluctance of President David Granger in announcing an election date, the situation can worsen.“I have spoken to two British companies this (Friday) morning and they were in the process of getting to some funding from the British Government to fund a few projects, they now have to back off because the British Government will not sign any new agreement with an illegal Government. And that is what is going to impact our nation. Granger’s madness needs to stop. We the people are going to suffer and continue to suffer and it is time for him to call elections and demit office as soon as possible.”He stated that Guyana’s economy became stagnated shortly after the APNU/AFC Government took office in 2015, with at least 20,000 persons fired, and having no means of sustaining their livelihoods but that with the present political uncertainty in the country, more negative effects are expected.“You have the international community starting to put their sanctions against him (Granger), the statements by the Americans, British and European Union are very powerful, and what it entails is that they can’t engage with the Government anymore, they have said that they have to now stop all their investors coming in. No one can sign a contract; if you are representing the American Government in the business or the British Government, their advice to those companies is that you cannot sign any contract with the current Guyana Government.”According to Ramsaroop, with the recent release from the diplomatic community, it will have an economic impact on Guyana.“…and for a man like David Granger, an uncaring man that can look into people’s eyes and allow this economic decline to continue and get worse. We have not even gotten to oil money, could oil money come into Guyana if he continues to stay in that seat, in an unconstitutional environment? So we have got to continue to push, the business community is very upset…. the longer he (Granger) waits for a date for elections impacts the businesses which ultimately impacts our people.”He reminded that since the APNU/AFC Government took office, several new taxes were introduced, and this immediately became burdensome on the populace but noted that coupled with the lack of foreign investment, Guyanese would have a difficult time in progressing.“This decision or indecision by him to postpone elections so long and hide behind the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) will continue to have an impact on us…we are calling on Mr Granger to call elections and demit office.”On Thursday the United States of America’s Ambassador to Guyana, H E Ambassador Sarah-Ann Lynch, United Kingdom High Commissioner to Guyana, H E Greg Quinn and the European Union Ambassador to Guyana, H E Ambassador Fernando Ponz Cantó issued a joint statement on the GECOM proposed elections timeframe.“The United States, United Kingdom and the European Union thank the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) for devising a proposed elections timeframe for conducting General and Regional Elections. However, we deeply regret that, by surpassing September 18, the Government is currently in breach of the Constitution following its failure to adhere to the decisions of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) on 18 June and its subsequent orders. This situation comes at great cost to the people of Guyana.”According to the release, the prevailing political uncertainty undermines Guyanese institutions, compromises economic opportunities and delays development across all areas including infrastructure, education, health, and social services.“It also hinders our ability to support Guyana’s development needs. We therefore call upon the President to set an elections date immediately in full compliance with Guyana’s Constitution,” the statement added.last_img read more

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Bandits invade Berbice Imam’s home

first_imgBandits on Tuesday morning invaded the home of the Imam of the New Amsterdam Central Masjid after he and his wife had left for prayers.The Imam’s security guard is assisting Police with the investigation into the disappearance of cash and other valuables from the Vrymens Ervin, Berbice home.Reports are Imam Mohamed Hanif and his wife left home about 01:00h to participate in prayers at the Masjid. He returned about 05:00h and found the house ransacked and doors broken open. The Imam explained that no one was left at the house except the security guard on duty at the gate.“We have a security we normally leave at home. When we returned, the security told us that four men came into the place and they subdued him, and they broke three doors and got into the upstairs.”The entire upper flat of the building was ransacked, and an undisclosed sum of cash and other valuables missing.According to Imam Hanif, one of his neighbours telephoned Central Police Station in New Amsterdam about 02:30h, but no one responded.“I returned home and met the place ransacked and then after the Police arrived.”Hanif noted that the security guard was hired temporarily to facilitate the Ramadan period and has been employed six days. Police are continuing their investigations.last_img read more

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