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Govt expands social aid for poor to prevent Idul Fitri ‘mudik’

first_imgIn the past several weeks, the government has expanded several social assistance programs for low-income citizens across the country affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo said on Thursday that the government had made it a top priority to ensure citizens’ basic needs were met. He also expressed confidence the government could maintain the purchasing power of low-income people during the crisis.From cash transfers for Jakarta residents to financial aid for bus drivers, these are the programs the government has launched to help low-income citizens during the outbreak: Indonesia’s poor and underprivileged are at risk of slipping into destitution as the government struggles to balance the economy and adressing the public health crisis.“We are providing social assistance, especially within Greater Jakarta, so residents will refrain from going home,” said Jokowi.The government issued regulation in lieu of law (Perppu) No. 1/2020 on state financial policy and financial system stability, which stipulates a reallocation of Rp 405.1 trillion in state funds to the health sector, social safety net programs and tax incentives.The President also asked businesspeople and employers to instruct their workers not to return to their respective hometowns and called on members of the community to support underprivileged citizens.Health experts have urged the government to prevent people from returning to their hometowns for the upcoming Idul Fitri holidays to help flatten the COVID-19 curve. However, the government has only advised people not to participate in mudik, stopping short of imposing a restriction.Many regions have reported that thousands of people have been arriving from Jakarta for the past few months.Around 20 million people from around the country travel to their hometowns annually to celebrate Idul Fitri.As of Friday, the Health Ministry had recorded 1,753 confirmed cases in the capital with 154 fatalities. Nationwide, 3,512 cases and 306 deaths have been recorded.Topics : The President said he hoped the social aid would help dissuade people from participating in the annual Idul Fitri mudik (exodus), which is feared will increase the spread of the disease.Other than being an annual tradition, Jokowi said people were seeking to return to their hometowns because their businesses had been struggling or because they had lost their jobs due to the crisis.Read also: COVID-19: Jakarta begins distributing door-to-door social aidlast_img read more

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The face of Brisbane’s housing market has started to change in line with adult children living with their parents longer

first_imgThe views from 179 Ninth Ave, St Lucia“Where people have a big enough yard, the secondary dwelling is a good option, not costing much more than an extension.“It can generally be developed without town planning approval and the costs of a subdivision don’t apply. The secondary dwelling is simply added to the title of the existing dwelling. This is a fully independent living space, without the cost of buying a separate parcel of land.’’Ms Johnson said councils once required that only grandparents could occupy a second dwelling, but this had changed. 179 Ninth Ave, St Lucia“Now the second dwelling is being occupied by a range of family members including teenage and adult children and other extended family members.’’Ms Johnson said in Brisbane, a secondary dwelling could be up to 80sq m, as long as it was within 20m of the main house – bigger than many new one-bedroom units.Archicentre director Peter Georgiev said it was a bit of “back to the future’’ as for many years European and Asian families had lived multi-generationally.“In the 21st century we are seeking to “design” this idea,’’ he said.Mr Georgiev said it was not so much about adding value in terms of increasing the sale price but it added value to the lives of people developing these homes, so the property often remained in the same family for a long time.More from newsMould, age, not enough to stop 17 bidders fighting for this home2 hours agoBuyers ‘crazy’ not to take govt freebies, says 28-yr-old investor2 hours ago179 Ninth Ave, St Lucia“If – when – they come onto the real estate market and another family finds a “goodness of fit”, this will be a fortuitous occurrence rather than a deliberate aim.’’When Annette and Warren Denny built their St Lucia home five years ago, front of mind was to allow their three adult children to remain there and to accommodate them comfortably.“We purposely built this house to have our adult children at home,” Mrs Denny said. “It’s close to UQ where they went to university. We wanted to help them as they finished their degrees and then searched for their first jobs, which don’t often pay very well. “We went from a family of five to eight as our children’s partners came along too. The house worked perfectly and we honestly loved having them here. The bedrooms are completely separate, each has an ensuite and study area.The home at 179 Ninth Ave, St Lucia, is for sale through Judy Goodger of Place.Mr Denny said they had always considered the stage in life of their children in designing and building their homes. They believed young people needed a degree to enhance employment chances and many could not afford to do this and live out of home at the same time.“We gave our architect a brief to design the largest house he could fit on the site.“They (the children) were rarely seen, preferring to study and watch movies in the comfort of their bedroom chambers.’’They couple have bought a renovated Queenslander at New Farm which is half the size of the St Lucia home. Annette and Warren Denny have downsized after accommodating their adult children for many years.THE  face of Brisbane’s housing market has started to change in line with adult children living with their parents longer.Architects are being called more often to adapt housing to suit the needs of dual living, and families have found inventive ways to alter their homes to accommodate numerous adults under one roof.University of Queensland urban and social planner Laurel Johnson said there were more secondary dwelling developments now as more children stayed at home longer.“Also known as granny flats, the secondary dwelling appears to be making a comeback in our metropolitan area,’’ Ms Johnson said.center_img 179 Ninth Ave, St Lucia was built with accommodating adult children front of mind.“On signing the contract, the child eviction program became a reality for our children,’’ Mr Denny said. “Our house is officially on the market to be sold with no residual child issues.’’Ms Goodger said now more than ever, new build homes often had a separate bathroom and bedroom to cater for families with older children. Lachlan Walker of Place Advisory said there was a lot of work going on in Brisbane with people “future proofing’’ their homes.“Particularly in those inner city regions within the first five kms, there is a lot of renovation happening to add value and to accommodate all family types,” he said.Mr Walker said one of those family types was parents living with adult children.Accommodating them was not as simple as just adding another bedroom, there needed to be separate living areas so everyone felt they had their own space. “I think it is adding value and increasing the marketability.’’last_img read more

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Upon this rock I will build my Church

first_imgFaithLifestyleLocalNews Upon this rock I will build my Church by: – August 20, 2011 Share 44 Views   no discussions Tweet Sharing is caring!center_img Share Share Photo credit: Myspace.comThere are two interpretations of this famous text. We are more familiar with one rather than the other, though the second is the more theologically accurate of the two.Both interpretations are St. Augustine’s, and what he underlines in the first is the ironic word play Jesus uses to describe Peter. This comes across best in Latin, I’m afraid. The Latin for Peter is Petrus, and for rock it’s petra. Jesus is saying in effect: ‘Petrus, you are petra, and on you I will build my church.’ Jesus says this ironically, Augustine observes, because rock is not the metaphor you think of primarily when you think of Peter.  Peter had a big heart; he meant well; but he was weaker than he thought, and he couldn’t help putting his foot in his mouth.  He would go on to betray Jesus, after saying he loved him greatly, “whatever about these others.” We will see irony again after the resurrection, when Jesus says to him: Simon Peter, do you love me “more than these others do?” The irony is gentle. Jesus doesn’t rub Peter’s nose in it.So Jesus chose an unrock-like person to do important things with. St. Paul would himself say later on, looking at the hodge-podge that comprised the first communities, that God chose the weak things of the world to be instruments of his message. This is always true, of course. There’s further irony in Jesus’ choice. The soon-to-be head of the Church was the first apostate, Augustine noted — an observation one hardly sees anywhere, though it shows the mind of Jesus as much any of his more famously quoted positions.Augustine’s second interpretation focuses on the fact that the rock is Peter’s faith in Yahweh, not Peter himself. It is Yahweh who reveals Jesus’ identity to Peter; and the foundation of the Church will be Peter’s faith in that source.In the traditional interpretation of the passage we looked entirely to the future, forgetting the past. We forgot that the only Bible the early Church had was the Old Testament, what we call today the Hebrew Scriptures. Peter did not hear in the words of Jesus what we have traditionally heard, namely, support for papal primacy. That doctrine was more than nineteen hundred years away. What he heard were all the traditional associations of Yahweh as the rock of his peopleOn the lips of Jesus, ‘upon this rock’ therefore means ‘upon the rock you have faith in’ – that will be the foundation of my Church. The rock was the great Old Testament symbol of Yahweh’s durability and strength. It is from the rock that living water flowed in the wilderness, and rock-likeness is what came to symbolize Yahweh’s very nature.  He was, as the famous song put it, the rock of ages.  Those are the association in the mind of Jesus regarding the foundation of the Church.Faithfulness is still a prized quality in our morally uncertain times. It is also a quality we think reserved for marriage. But whether married or not, we all have to be faithful – to our promises, commitments, loved ones, and to God.The word itself derives its meaning from faith.  To be faithful is to keep faith with someone.  At a basic level that means keeping faith over something.  People, for instance, borrow books or money from you, and promise faithfully to return what they borrowed, and very often that’s the last time you see them.  Even at that ordinary level, though it’s not so ordinary sometimes, you can see that unfaithfulness does not in the first place mean sleeping around.  It means not being true to one’s word.One can also speak of being faithful in terms of a way of life.  It was said of Immanuel Kant, the German philosopher, that he was so faithful to his constitutional at four in the afternoon, that people set their watches and clocks by him. A basic meaning of faithfulness is thus dependability.  But the idea contains much more than this.  You can take a walk every day at four in the afternoon because the doctor says to you, if you don’t, you won’t live for more than five years. We find you dependable, but you’re really not being faithful to a way of life. You’re just being prudential; you want to live longer.By comparison we can say of someone like Mandela, and I think of the time especially before he became famous – we can say that he was faithful; and you’re in another realm altogether.  Or of Mother Teresa that she was faithful to her vision regarding the poor, and the same thing applies.Faithfulness here means being true to a vision, not to something given to you with lightning and trumpets, but to some deep call in the recesses of your being.  Faithfulness means that you hand yourself over to that.  Faithfulness essentially means self-surrender.  That’s why in persons who are faithful, what resonates from them is not so much their particular individuality, but the vision they have surrendered or given themselves to.Jesus himself was faithful – to a way of obedience, which is what all faithfulness is ultimately about, and he let his faithfulness take him where it wherever it would.In our text then, Jesus guarantees that the Church will stand, not because of Peter the individual but because of Peter’s faith in the faithfulness of Yahweh, the rock. It is for that reason that nothing untoward can ultimately prevail against the Church.  The key to understanding what Jesus declares is his trust in Yahweh’s faithfulness – the model for our very fallible efforts at being the same.By: Father Henry Charles, Ph. dlast_img read more

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French athletics chief joins calls for Olympic postponement

first_img Loading… The president of the French Athletics Federation on Sunday said he did not understand why the International Olympic Committee (IOC) was refusing to postpone the Tokyo Olympics in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. The International Olympic Committee in Lausanne was under increasing pressure on Sunday Andre Giraud joined a swelling chorus of objections when he told AFP that the French National Olympic Committee (CNOSF) must “take a stand”. He said that the IOC should already be thinking of what he called “Plan C”, a postponement to 2021. “It cannot be accepted that the IOC is not listening to the number one Olympic sport,” Giraud said. “Everyone agrees that the Games cannot be held on the dates planned.” “If the crisis is contained by the end of May, we can envisage a postponement of the Games to the autumn. But Plan C would be a six-month or one-year postponement. “How can we bring together 11,000 athletes in less than four months in the Olympic village? The athletes are in a stressful situation and we need to reassure them. We can’t wait any longer. Giraud also called CNOSF President Denis Masseglie to act. “I appeal to the CNOSF to take action with the IOC. We need a national position of solidarity,” he said. Read Also: French swim federation joins US counterpart in Olympics delay call The US and Spanish athletics federations have also asked for a postponement. Sebastian Coe, the head of World Track and Field, hinted that he was leaning that way. “I don’t think we should have the Olympic Games at all costs,” said Coe, who ran the 2012 London Games. “A decision on the Olympic Games may become very obvious very quickly.” FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 “At the Games, the French team is under the CNOSF banner. The responsibility at national level therefore lies with the CNOSF President to listen to his federations and take a stand.” IOC president Thomas Bach has signalled his determination to press ahead with the Games in Tokyo from July 29 to August 9, telling the New York Times that postponement “would not be responsible now” as “we are four-and-a-half months away from the Games”. On Friday USA Swimming said they wanted the Games postponed. They were soon joined by France’s swimming federation and the Norwegian Olympic Committee as well as likely competitors. Promoted ContentBirds Enjoy Living In A Gallery Space Created For Them10 Risky Jobs Some Women DoBest & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever MadeYou’ve Only Seen Such Colorful Hairdos In A Handful Of AnimeCouples Who Celebrated Their Union In A Unique, Unforgettable Way7 Theories About The Death Of Our UniverseTop 7 Best Car Manufacturers Of All Time5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme Parks6 Interesting Ways To Make Money With A DroneThe Very Last Bitcoin Will Be Mined Around 2140. Read MoreHere Are The Top 10 Tiniest Mobile Phones On The Planet!Who Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?last_img read more

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The Latest: Cuba puts sports on hold until at least April 30

first_imgThe Latest: Cuba puts sports on hold until at least April 30 More AP sports: and,Tampa Bay Lightning advance to face Dallas Stars in Stanley Cup finals, beating New York Islanders 2-1 in OT in Game 6 Associated Press There are no known MLB players who have tested positive for coronavirus. Two minor league players with the Yankees have tested positive.___2:15 p.m.All men’s and women’s professional tennis tournaments through June 7 are being called off because of the new coronavirus pandemic.The ATP and WTA announced Wednesday that the entire clay-court circuit “will not be held as scheduled” — a day after the start of the French Open, also played on that surface, was postponed from May to September. ___2:05 p.m.Another Atlanta sports star is following the lead of Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan.Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman says he’ll match Ryan’s donation of $50,000 to the Atlanta Community Food Bank, which distributes food to the needy, and $50,000 to the Giving Kitchen, which aides food service workers who are financially hit by the coronavirus outbreak.In addition, Freeman says he’ll donate another $25,000 to the Salvation Army. ___4:55 p.m.The 24 Hours Le Mans endurance race has been postponed for three months because of the coronavirus outbreak and will now run from Sept. 19-20.The race was initially set for June 13-14.The new date will also impact other races on the World Endurance Championship’s calendar. Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditThe Latest on the coronavirus pandemic’s effect on sports around the world (all times local):3:30 p.m.Cuba has joined countries around the world in suspending its sports calendar due to the new coronavirus pandemic. The Austrian soccer league is making plans to extend its suspension until May and take advantage of UEFA’s decision to postpone the European Championship.The Austrian Bundesliga says its clubs agreed they could restart in early May and play until the end of June.The league says “should the situation in general ease and make a resumption of play possible, the clubs will immediately consult about concrete start dates and draw up an alternative schedule.”UEFA moved the European Championship to 2021, freeing up space for European leagues to finish seasons disrupted by the coronavirus outbreak before many players’ contracts expire on June 30.___ Infantino’s offer for FIFA to donate $10 million to the World Health Organization was approved.Soccer’s stalled season could be delayed beyond its traditional June 30 finish so FIFA will look to amend or have temporary rules relating to player contracts and trading windows.___12:36 p.m.Southeastern Conference Commissioner Greg Sankey hasn’t ruled out the prospect of holding some spring football practices, but he’s not all that optimistic. Ticket holders can either receive a credit that will apply to the same level of admission for next year or receive a full refund.___2:25 p.m.An Arizona-based employee of the Cincinnati Reds has tested positive for the new coronavirus.The employee worked inside the team’s spring training complex in Goodyear, Arizona, from Feb. 29 to March 14. The team said in a statement it was sending a precautionary notice to those who were inside the building and that those who were in close contact with the employee are being tested and have self-quarantined. The tours had said last week they would suspend play until late April or early May.The tournaments affected by the tours’ suspensions include combined men’s and women’s events in Madrid and Rome.Also being scrapped are upcoming WTA tournaments in Strasbourg, France, and Rabat, Morocco, along with ATP events in Munich; Estoril, Portugal; Geneva; and Lyon, France.Both tours also said that their rankings will be frozen “until further notice.”The International Tennis Federation also put a halt to its lower-tier events until June 7. Sankey says on a conference call with reporters that “practically that window’s pretty narrow.” The SEC and other conferences have canceled championships for spring sports and spring football games, and suspended athletic activities until at least April 15.“That doesn’t mean we’ll be back to normal practice activities April 16,” Sankey said.He also cited federal recommendations limiting the size of gatherings.___4:20 p.m. March 18, 2020 ___3 p.m.All training sessions at Belgian professional soccer clubs have been suspended until at least April 5 because of the coronavirus outbreak.Belgium’s national security council earlier said all gatherings, cultural, social, festive and sporting activities have been prohibited until the same date.The league says it will decide which matches can be rescheduled once training has resumed.center_img Gravina also says “a salary cut for soccer players can not be a taboo in this period of emergency.”___3:35 p.m.Clubs in the top two soccer leagues in Sweden say they do not want to start the new season until the beginning of June because of the coronavirus outbreak.The Swedish soccer association must now decide whether to accept the clubs’ request. 11:35 a.m.The IndyCar race in Long Beach, California, won’t be held this year.Officials with the Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach said Wednesday they pursued the possibility of rescheduling the popular race to a later date, but “trying to reassemble all the elements that have made the Long Beach event such a success does not appear feasible for 2020.”The race had been scheduled for April 19.Next year’s date will be April 18. The season was due to start on the weekend of April 3-4.The clubs say in a statement that their decision is supported by broadcasters, fans and the country’s main supporters’ union.The clubs say “work remains on establishing a new plan for the year and sorting out the exact dates for the start and other rounds.”___3:30 p.m. 1 a.m.Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and pop star wife Ciara have announced they are donating 1 million meals through Seattle’s Food Lifeline to help provide meals for those in need during the coronavirus outbreak in the region.“Everything we do together makes a difference,” Ciara said in a video posted to her Twitter account. “And together we will conquer this tough time that we’re going through.”According to Food Lifeline’s website, the organization provides the equivalent of 134,000 meals daily and had 58 million pounds of food sourced last year.___ Premier League team Chelsea is making a hotel located on the grounds of its Stamford Bridge stadium available free of charge for London’s medical workers during the coronavirus outbreak.The club says Russian owner Roman Abramovich will cover the costs of providing the accommodation for staff of the National Health Service who “will be working long shifts and may not be able to travel home or would otherwise have to make long commutes.”Chelsea says the offer is initially for a two-month period and will be reconsidered depending on circumstances.The entire hotel will be given up for medical workers if necessary.___ 3:40 p.m.Italian sports minister Vincenzo Spadafora says the country’s top soccer league is likely to resume on May 3.Spadafora says “then we will evaluate whether it’s open to the public or not.”Italy was one of the first countries to suspend its soccer leagues because of the coronavirus outbreak.Italian soccer federation president Gabriele Gravina says starting on May 3 should allow the league to finish by June 30 but if that’s not possible “there must be a change in format.” The site states that all the money raised will be “directly donated to Humanitas to help strengthen the intensive care and emergency units of Milano, Bergamo, Castellanza and Torino’s hospitals.”Italy has been the second hardest hit country with more than 31,000 cases of the virus.The 38-year-old Ibrahimović rejoined Milan in January from the Los Anegles Galaxy. He has also played for Italian clubs Inter Milan and Juventus.___1:20 p.m. The league also says it will pay the second instalment of an 800,000 euro ($862,000) solidarity fund to amateur clubs to help them cushion the economic weight of the pandemic.___1:35 p.m.AC Milan forward Zlatan Ibrahimović has set up a fundraiser to help Italian hospitals in the center of the coronavirus outbreak.According to the website accepting donations, Ibrahimović has donated 100,000 euros ($109,000) to the fund. It quickly raised a further 10,300 euros ($11,300). 8:50 a.m.The Western Athletic Conference has canceled all competition and championships for the remainder of the academic year.The WAC had previously suspended all competition, but the conference’s board of directors voted Tuesday to cancel all spring sports. The decision falls in line with the NCAA’s cancellation of its winter and spring championships.The WAC’s decision affects men’s and women’s golf, men’s and women’s outdoor track and field, men’s and women’s tennis, softball and baseball.___ The national sports institute announced Wednesday that events would be put off at least until April 30.The official Prensa Latina news agency said that will push back the baseball season, which had been scheduled to start on April 11, as well as this month’s Cuba Cup of track and field.The institute also said that Cuban delegations won’t travel abroad — potentially affecting qualification for the Olympic and Paralympic games.Cuba has reported 10 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and one death, that of an Italian tourist.___ ___4:50 p.m.FIFA is looking to set up a hardship fund to help soccer stakeholders affected by the coronavirus outbreak.FIFA says it will “analyze if a support fund at global level will be required” and how it might operate.A conference call with the presidents of FIFA and the six continental governing bodies agreed to proposals made Tuesday by Gianni Infantino. Spanish soccer team Alavés says 15 people in its club have become infected with the coronavirus: three players, seven members of its coaching staff and five other employees.The club had already reported that two members of its staff were infected.Valencia and Espanyol said earlier this week that their clubs have also been hit by the virus.Valencia said Monday that 35% of its squad and coaching staff are infected, while Espanyol said on Tuesday that six members of its squad and staff have it.All three clubs say their infected members are in good health.last_img read more

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Students make push for coal-free energy

first_imgEco-conscious students are calling upon USC to be a model of sustainability and to stop using coal in favor of greener energy sources.Under the umbrella of the Sierra Club — a national organization — students launched the “Beyond Coal” campaign last week, which aims to reduce USC’s use of coal, thereby setting a precedent for other universities.Eco-friendly · Students and members of the Sierra Club demonstrated last week in hopes of getting USC to end its reliance on coal for power. – Mike Lee | Daily TrojanAccording to the Los Angeles Times, the Sierra Club reported that USC gets 43% of its energy from coal.Matthew Oden, director of USC’s sustainability program, said USC has little control over its energy sources, as the school’s energy is contracted through the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.“A lot of people in our energy department at USC want sustainable energy and solar panels in this university,” Oden said. “The challenge is we’ve been in a contract with DWP where we can’t do that by law. It’s not that we don’t want to, we legally can’t.”USC’s contract with DWP has been in place for 10 years. That contract, however, expires at the end of this year.“A lot of people are working on this in our energy department, a lot of work is done to try and make this happen, but it has just never been an option until the end of this year,” Oden said.William Sealy, a recent USC graduate and an organizer for the California Public Interest Research Group, said the group hopes USC will engage in serious talks with DWP about moving away from coal as they look to renegotiate their energy contract.“The school can actively talk with the DWP about ways they can change their sources of energy, and move away from coal towards something more sustainable,” Sealy said.Oden said that many people in the school’s energy department are working to try to move toward more sustainable energy sources and they hope to work with DWP at the end of the year, once the option is available.“We are in the process of creating a new memorandum of understanding with DWP and that will determine our terms with them,” Oden said. “We are hopeful in working towards this and are looking forward towards a good financial arrangement.”Mark Bernstein, managing director of USC’s Energy Institute, said he supports the students’ efforts to pressure DWP on using clean energy.“DWP continues to need to be pushed, no question about it, but they are moving towards using less coal,” he said. “I don’t think USC has done enough, but we don’t have much choice — we have to buy their power. But we are exploring options to use solar panels and lower our energy consumption.”According to Sealy, USC lags behind other universities that have taken more proactive steps in using clean energy.“We can definitely increase our renewable energy sources here on campus — like the University of Pennsylvania that receives part of their energy from wind turbines, or Georgetown University which has a whole new building covered head to toe in solar panels,” Sealy said.The Sierra Club’s “Beyond Coal” campaign is a nationwide movement, involving more than 60 campuses. The Sierra Club argues that universities have the potential to lead the nation into clean energy use.“I think USC’s purchasing power and influence has the enormous potential to not only change its own campus but to also get the entire city of LA off of coal-generated electricity,” said Trieste Lockwood, the campaign coordinator for USC’s branch of the Sierra Club.Locally, the “Beyond Coal” campaign also hopes to put pressure on Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who vowed in his second inaugural address to go coal-free by 2020.“It was a really bold and ambitious announcement,” Lockwood said. “We’re here to hold him accountable and make sure he follows through.”last_img read more

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Despite strong D, Blue Devils too much for Badgers

first_imgTaylor Wurtz led the Badgers in scoring, but even though the Badgers pulled to within one, weren’t able to prevail in a game that was close the whole way through.[/media-credit]Facing the best backcourt and probably the most explosive team it has faced this year, the Wisconsin women’s basketball team (2-6) fell to Duke (8-0) 59-51 Thursday. However, the loss proved the Badgers’ defensive intensity can keep them in games against even the best teams.Down nine at halftime, UW’s defense was able to come out of the locker room strong and decrease Duke’s lead to just three early in the second half. Keeping the Blue Devils scoreless for over three minutes to start the half, the strong defensive effort kept the Badgers in the game all night.Perhaps most impressive, the Badgers were able to limit the Blue Devils to 18 points in the paint, a sign that they were able to keep their talented lineup of guards from getting a lot of easy drives through the lane.“They’re a very gifted, very talented, very loaded with McDonald’s All-Americans, and we shut that lane down,” UW head coach Lisa Stone said. “Shut it down good, but we gave them too many second chance opportunities. But our defense did keep us in the game…that’s who we are.”When the ACC squad did try to take it through the lane, the task was rarely easy. Wisconsin was very physical, often forcing fouls and sending the message that they would not allow uncontested layups.A team that has averaged 75 points per game this year, Wisconsin was able to hold Duke to just 27 points in the first half and 59 points on the game. Never allowing the Blue Devils’ high-scoring backcourt to find a strong rhythm, Duke went 20-for-60 in the game, shooting just 33 percent from the field.Wisconsin’s defense also limited Duke’s success from behind the arc, as the Blue Devils converted just 25 percent of their three-point shots in the game.“It all started from the gameplan of no lane, and I mean our defense is team defense so obviously it comes from my teammates,” sophomore guard Taylor Wurtz said. “We’re just in the gap for one another and it worked out.”Making a statement early on by forcing the Blue Devils to throw up an airball on their first possession, the Badgers maintained the defensive intensity throughout the game. Showing great effort on every play, Wisconsin was able to force 14 turnovers against a fundamentally strong Duke team.Defense was an issue UW struggled with during its recent six-game losing skid, allowing four opponents to score more than 65 points. Not only did the Badgers hold a team to less than 60 points for the second time in six games tonight, but they did so against a loaded ACC opponent.“When you play like that against such a good team, it gives you so much confidence knowing that, the rest of the teams we’re going to play, we have the capability to beat every team,” senior guard Alyssa Karel said.A major part of the confidence the Badgers gained tonight undoubtedly came from their impressive defense against the Blue Devils. Holding the team’s leading scorer, senior guard Jasmine Thomas, to 4-of-14 shooting and 14 points, below her season average. Another member of Duke’s highly touted backcourt, senior guard Karima Christmas was held to 2-of-9 shooting and finished with nine points. A solid portion of the scoring for these players came from the charity stripe, a promising defensive sign for Wisconsin.A team that often talks about themselves as a defense-first squad, they proved just how much that approach can do for this team against the Blue Devils.“It’s another loss, but I tell you what, this team turned the page today,” Stone said. “We played very, very good defense, we just didn’t box out.”There is little doubt after Thursday’s ACC/Big Ten Challenge that the UW women’s basketball team gained some important momentum as the conference season approaches.For a defensive-minded team, limiting the success of Duke’s prolific backcourt and displaying a tenacious intensity on the defensive end, this was an important game for the team. Against the Blue Devils, the Wisconsin women’s basketball team finally regained the defensive foundation of their program.“There’s so many great things to take away from this game. I was so proud of my entire time, the fact that Duke came in here and we weren’t intimidated at all,” Karel said. “We know now we’re a good team and we can compete with anyone.”last_img read more

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Miranda Ramirez hopes latest win sparks a turnaround heading into postseason

first_img Published on April 17, 2018 at 9:56 pm Contact Anthony: Facebook Twitter Google+ Everyone gathered around Miranda Ramirez’s court during a match against Wake Forest on March 18. Ramirez had lost before in the same situation: a final set tiebreaker against Virginia on Feb. 3. When Ramirez’s forehand had clipped the tape and floated wide to end the match, Wake Forest’s team swarmed Eliza Omirou to celebrate WFU’s victory.That loss sent Ramirez into a singles tailspin. From March 16, an SU win against Clemson, until April 13 against Duke, Ramirez didn’t record a singles win. But on Friday against the Blue Devils, head coach Younes Limam said Ramirez was “back.”Despite a No. 11 ranking in doubles this season with partner Gabriela Knutson, Ramirez has struggled individually in-conference. But on Friday in singles, Ramirez battled former doubles partner and childhood friend Duke’s Meible Chi, playing through a nagging left thigh injury to close out the singles win, 6-4, 6-4.Ramirez hopes that the win — one of her best performances of the season — sparks a return to form in singles in time for the postseason. While Syracuse (15-6, 7-6 Atlantic Coast) is having its best season yet under Limam, Ramirez’s individual results (10-9) have lagged behind last season’s impressive resume.“It’s a matter of time before she gets over the hump,” Limam said before the Duke match. “Keep believing and keep doing the things that make a difference.”AdvertisementThis is placeholder textThe constant losses are unprecedented in Ramirez’s SU career. Last season, the then-freshman dominated the ACC. She won second team all-conference honors, and earned rookie of the year for SU women’s athletics. Playing first singles for the majority of the season, Ramirez finished 18-3 individually.A month after the Virginia loss, the SU sophomore lost a first set tiebreaker 14-12 against Virginia Tech. She went on to lose that match, 7-6, 6-1. Then came the Wake Forest match two weeks later. Since winning the first set against Omirou, Ramirez was not the same player.The losing streak continued against No. 48 Louisville, Pittsburgh, No. 3 Georgia Tech, No. 18 Miami, and No. 19 Florida State. Ramirez, a typically reserved player on the court, showed plenty of emotion. Limam boiled down her close match struggles to indecision and quality of opponents.“Playing those big points with commitment is important,” Limam said. “Making a decision, whatever decision she’s making and to commit to it fully.”Ramirez played Louisville’s Mariana Humberg, who frequently used drop serves and slices from all over the court while Ramirez is a power baseliner. She quickly grew frustrated, losing 6-2, 7-6. On multiple occasions, Ramirez smashed balls into the back curtain of Drumlins to let out steam.In the three matches leading up to Duke, Ramirez faced nationally ranked opponents. She lost six consecutive sets, none closer than 6-3. Following her loss in Syracuse’s win over GT, Ramirez said she was getting back to 100 percent. But for her last three matches, Ramirez has worn heavy tape, wrapped around her upper left thigh.“It’s really frustrating, I just have to focus on my game,” Ramirez said after the Georgia Tech loss.But on Friday, Ramirez looked more in control. She moved well, took control of the points and dictated with her forehand. Besides stretching out and treating her thigh in between points, her injury was unnoticeable.After she confidently served out the match against Chi, Ramirez turned and looked directly at teammate Libi Mesh. Their eyes locked for an extended moment — a look of relief in the midst of a tough season. Commentslast_img read more

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Kwazsi Gaddis leads Indian River to Class A Section III championship

first_img Facebook Twitter Google+ Comments Kwazsi Gaddis is in a new uniform and has six more, a 10 yard score. 12-0 Indian River early in the second.— Billy Heyen (@Wheyen3) November 3, 2018 Back came Carthage with a touchdown of its own to cut the deficit to five. But Gaddis didn’t let the answer get too strong, as he ran for another 10-yard touchdown to break the game back open.The Comets had the first half’s final tally, to go into the break down just 18-14. The third quarter was scoreless. But that set up Gaddis for the biggest 12 minutes of his high school career.Two minutes into the fourth, Gaddis broke around the left edge and down the Indian River sideline. He tip-toed to stay inbounds, and nearly made it to the pylon before being dragged down at the one-yard line after 37 yards. He pounded it in from the one-yard line on the very next play.“Every game he works that hard,” Marsell said. “He just puts it all on the line, and all the kids do. And to come up short just wasn’t an option.”Then, Carthage responded again with a 67-yard passing touchdown. The game had just a four-point margin for the second time.But Indian River put together one more drive. Third-and-goal at the six-yard line. A sweep to the right for Gaddis, and an opening around the edge, and a jog to the pylon for his fourth rushing touchdown and fifth total score of the night. Once again, for the second time on the evening, a lineman lifted Gaddis into the air.Gaddis, though, did the heavy lifting on Friday night. Adding in a two-point conversion, he accounted for 32 of the 33 Warriors’ points, and he carried the ball 23 times, nine above his season per-game average.“I’ve always wanted to be the top team in our league, and just dreaming of it, losing back to back seasons, it hurts, it really hurts,” Gaddis said. “So this season, we came in and we worked each and every week to get better for this day right here, and it came true.”As the clock wound down to zeros, Gaddis hopped toward midfield. And then, he waited as his team came to him. The first hug came from behind. Then another, from in front. Gaddis sought out his head coach, Marsell, for a third.And after the handshake line with Carthage, there was only one voice to be heard on the field. It had to be Gaddis. “It’s home,” Gaddis screamed. “We brought it home.”center_img Kwazsi Gaddis broke down and cried.The tears came after his pick-six and four ensuing rushing touchdowns. They came after he received an MVP plaque for his performance. They came after he and his Indian River teammates, whose seasons ended on the Carrier Dome turf two years in a row, celebrated on the block “S” at midfield.The stage, which hadn’t been too big for Gaddis through all of that, had finally hit him.“We work so hard,” Gaddis said, explaining the tears. “Those hot weather conditions, those cold weather conditions, fighting through it. Telling yourself, one day this is gonna pay off. And just believing that this can come true if we really work our tails off. And it did.”The work was fulfilled for the Warriors on Friday night, as Indian River (10-0) beat Carthage (7-3), 33-21, to claim the Class A Section III crown. It came on the back of a monster performance from Gaddis, who rushed for 189 yards, ran for four touchdowns, and returned an interception to the house. Gaddis entered the night as Section III’s leading rusher, and he didn’t disappoint.AdvertisementThis is placeholder text“Athletically he’s very gifted, but it’s hard to measure a man until you look at his heart,” Indian River head coach Cory Marsell said. “And Kwazsi’s heart is as big as anybody’s we have.”On Carthage’s second drive of the game, Nick Cavellier looked toward the right flat. But his pass found the chest of Gaddis, who sprinted unimpeded for 34 yards and a touchdown.“He came hard out of his cut, so I knew I had to play on him,” Gaddis said. “I saw the ball and I just went with my instincts and I took it home.”Each of the last two seasons, Indian River made it to the Class A Section III final. Each time, Whitesboro knocked the Warriors out. But Carthage upset Whitesboro in the semifinals, meaning Indian River had daylight it didn’t the past two years.And in the second quarter, Gaddis found daylight himself. A Carthage defender threatened to stop him at the goal line, but the senior ran him over. It was the first of his four rushing touchdowns.After the score, Indian River lineman Garret Decker lifted Gaddis toward the Dome roof. The Warriors were up two scores early. Published on November 3, 2018 at 12:14 am Contact Billy: | @Wheyen3last_img read more

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Tipp Camogie team reach first Munster final since 2011

first_imgTipp manager Brian Boyle spoke to Tipp FM Sport after the game and he had this to say. The Premier County took on their near neighbours in the Munster Senior Camogie Semi-Final in The Ragg which saw Tipp win their first game of the season. The full-time score was Limerick 0-7 to Tipperary’s 0-14.The Premier County will take on the winners of Cork versus Clare in today’s second semi-final.last_img

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